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El borrado que presenta el App de BUSCAR MI IPHONE elimina las fotos que tengo en mi equipo.

El borrado que presenta el App de BUSCAR MI IPHONE elimina las fotos que tengo en mi equipo?porsupuesto instala la aplicacion Remote en tu ipad o iphone y controlaras tu ATV o Itunes facilmente sldsRead other 2 answers

Slideshow presentations, best app for control

HI I am trying to switch to using my Ipad for presentations. However, I need to be able to start and stop, when members of the audience ask questions- I downloaded a few apps, but none have been successful in giving me that control- any help is appre

IPad for presentations and apps to do it.

We are planning to buy 10 mini iPads for promoting services. iPads will be located in client hall where they could get to know all the information about our services. The reason why I am asking for your help is, we need an app where we could open spe

How can I launch an external app from a keynote presentation?

I'm trying to launch a Prezi presentation ("Prezi.app") from a keynote presentation, but don't know how to do it. Links in keynote can only refer to websites or slides within the presentation, but not to start another App, like in - I hate to sa

Looking for an app lock for iOS 8

I am looking for an app lock for iOS8, which lock all apps on my phone. Previously, Iwas using Android in which I used smart app protector app, which help me to lock all app I have on my phone and also provide facility of fake lock. Apps present in A

I'm getting the "App Activate" error when I try to download my bundles from the DPS App Builder.

I have a Single-App subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. According to this FAQ (link: http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud/faq.html#single-app) I should be able to publish unlimited single .folios with DPS with my Single-App subscription

Using Presenter Mobile to access a presentation saved on a web server

I have Presenter 8 and want to pubish to my website server and then specify the correct URL to use with the Presenter Mobile App.  The help documentation does not explain clearly how to do this. So far I can publish to my computer and then assemble t

IOS App Store purchase buttons greyed out

So, we have two iphones and two iPads.  Today, I upated one of the iPads to 6.0.1 and now, in the APP STORE, all the purchase buttons are screwed up.  First, they are no longer rectangle - they are square and only showing the first few letters.  Seco

URGENT: Can't publish app after November update - Project Siena

Hi, I have several apps that I want to publish, but am unsuccessful. After update in November came out my Siena refused to publish so I reinstalled it from the App Store just now. Even though I did this, in the new version, the same message keeps app

I've just purchased the photographer's package, but the download for Lr doesn't show in my app list?

I've just purchased the photographer's package, but the download button for Lightroom doesn't show in my app list. How come? I've checked everything and my computer system should be able to run it perfectly.From what I can tell you won't be presented

Playing Presenter 9 recordings on an iPad

I have published a presentation using Presenter 9 to Adobe Connect and I have the Presenter app installed on my iPad.  When I tap on the Connect link on the iPad, it starts Safari and says that Flash needs to be installed.  However according to Adobe

OVD best practices for app-specific views?

I have a requirement to create app-specific views of joined (OID+AD) ldap directory data. It occurs to me that logically I could take 2 approaches to this as laid out below as option1 & 2. Although I'm not sure how to actually create option 2. I've l

Adobe Presenter Mobile

I'm pleased with Adobe Presenter Mobile in how it works with published PowerPoint presentations on my iPad. Most features work great. However, I noticed that recorded Adobe Connect meetings in the FLV format don't play via the Presenter Mobile applic

How to view presentation in portrait mode?

I just bought Keynote for iOS, to present some of my app mockups, but was sadly surprised to learn that I can't rotate a presentation from landscape to portrait mode. My canvas is 640x960. Anyone know if Apple is aware of this, or if there is a worka

APP CS5 - missing Video Transitions

I have been using APP 2.0 for several years and am now beginning to use APP CS5. I noticed that the GPU Video Transitions are no longer in CS5, which included Card Flip and Center Peel and Page Curl and Page Roll and Sphere.  Can anyone confirm that

Downloadin​g Apps that may support different OS's

When downloading a new app from BB App World, is it common to have the very same app, but 2 seperate versions to download? Example: one version supports my Storm2 v5.5.0, and another version supporting the 8300's v4.5.0.  How is this generally handle

How are your app sales and download numbers?

Does anyone want to share their app sales and download numbers?  Perhaps with knowledge of which apps are doing well and which are not doing so well we can all better understand how to present our apps on the marketplace. I'm yet to release a Windows

Presenter 9 - iOS and iPad

I'm looking for a current list of supported and not supported features for Presenter 9 on the iPad. This way I can tell instructors what features to not include in their presentations if they think students might be using iPads to view them. I know t

App submission

Hi Pals, I have a doubt regarding app Submission/Regection. At Present my app supports only Portrait mode. It does not support landscape mode. Now according to new  App Store Review Guidelines. will it accept or reject??If you can show a case for hol

Problem with Presenter Mobile (with an LMS)

I'm trying to view a Presenter presentation using the Adobe Presenter Mobile app. The presentation has been loaded into a Learning Management System (Desire2Learn) and it works fine on a computer. It won't load on the iPad. It just shows the introduc