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SAP Pricing Condition Tables

Hello All, Kindly look at this situation and recommend a possible Solution. There is a SAP Standard Table XXX with combination Sales Org/ Dist Chan/Division/ Material and the description as Sales Org/ Dist Chan/Division/Material.. With Validity Perio

Creation of Customized field for  Pricing Condition tables

Hi Friends I have a requirement to create a  Pricing condition table with Customized field starts with 'Z'  and Field length should be more than 80. After creating New Customized Field, system  is not allowing to create Pricing Condition table and gi

SD Pricing condition tables.

Hi, I have 3 SD pricing condition tables in ECC that starts with name Axxx. I need to extract the data from these 3 tables thru a generic extractor. Anybody has an idea on how to get the delta from these tables? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Changing the pricing condition table

Hi Gurus, As there is a shortage free tables I want to change the existing condtion table and to add new field to fulfill the requirement.Currently we have the table sales area/PH1-PH6 and I need to change it to sales area/PH1-PH6/material group2.Whi

Pricing condition table and condition type question

hi guys, We can use same condition table in pricing for multiple condition types.I am wondering how system knows which condition records should be applicable for which condition type in the same table. I know the structure KOMV has those details,but

Automatic PO adjustment for pricing condition changes sap

Hello SAP users, How to prevent automatic PO adjustment for pricing condition changes to purchase order items that are marked for deletion. Please respond. ThanksHi, Check the settings in below configuration: SPRO>MM>Purchasings>Conditions>Aut

Pricing conditions table

I need urgently to know the TABLE where pricing conditions (Store Price Adjstmnt) are captured on a Sales Order. The structure is KOMV. Thanks!!!Hi, Get KNUMV from sales order i.e. VBAK Then from KONV table, put the condition type in KSCHL and then K

Pricing condition tables for Sales Order

Hi experts, please can you tell me the code I have to write into a query's field to retrive the value of a specific header pricing condition saved into a Sales Order? Thank you very much Kind Regards Andrea1) From sale order header table VBAK fetch t

Problem with pricing condition table - Urgent

Hello, I have created a new condition table ' 627 ' in ECC, and i want to transfer the condition table to CRM. I did initial download for objects "DNL_CUST_CND" , "DNL_CUST_PRC". how can i transfer the condition table. Full points will

Vendor field not updated in CRM pricing condition table

Hi, We have maintained condition table with Material and Vendor fields in ECC and table is active After replicating this table from ECC to CRM, vendor field not updated in table and it is inactive. There is any mapping settings required to update ven

Problem in Creating Pricing Condition Table...

Friends, I am creating a condition table. i selected perticular fields (S.org, D.ch, Div, So-to-Party,Mat) When i click on Generate Icon I Got error message: Customer Object VKOS A505 cannot be assigned to packageHello, Which is the number you have g

Pricing condition table.

Hi, If i will create a condition table then generaly from which condition table number I have to copy.Can u give me some standard table number. Thanks, RAJDear Raj It differs from company to company.  In general, we can choose 079 (Sales Organization

Vilidity Dates different between KONH and A004 Pricing Conditions Tables

During the price increase project we loaded new prices for each material via a load program that imitates VK11. That created a new condition record for each material with new validity dates, the previous one expired and the new condition record for a

LSMW Pricing Condition changes

Hi, I need to create a LSMW to change pricing condiitons in condition type PR00 for access sequence table 006 (Price List Type/Currency/Material). I did the following: 1. Defined Object attributes Standard/Batch Direct Input 0070 (Condition record) P

SD-Pricing Conditions: Allowed Fields

Hi Guys basic functions > pricing> condition table> conditions:allowed fields > new fields when I try to add a new field: VOLEH ( selected using F4), system throwing following warning message: "Choose the key from the allowed namespace&qu

Activate Release Status in condition table

HI, Some has created a pricing condition table and it is being used since 5 years. Now client had a requirement where he wants release mechanism for any new condition records created. For this SAP provided a standard functionality of release status.

How can we change Pricing condition price date

Hi SAP Gurus, I have requirement as following. When we create a sales order if any contract is available it should be populated in a diaglog box, and when user select a one , we keep this as a z-field in the sales order header level, so far fine. And

Error while creating a pricing condition record.

Hi I am trying to use the Material Group 1 (MVGR1) field from the field catalog to create a pricing condition table(9 series). I was able to create the table with MVGR1 as one of the columns but when I try to maintain condition records in the table,

Return item (RETPO) as a key field in condition table

Hi, I would like to know how we can utilize return item indicator as one of the key fields in the PO pricing condition table. [Requirement] Condition record Use Retrun item as a key e.g.) Table A999: POrg | Vendor | Return item | condition rate #1: 1

Selecting a document field for a field in a condition table/access

Hello I created a pricing condition table using field WGHIE from the standard field catalog. Img/SD/Basic Functions/Pricing/Pricing Control/Define Access Seq I can assign the table to a access, but when I try to do the field assigment it give's me th