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Print or Submit Depending on if PDF has digital signature

hello everyone!! i have a quick question and please let me know if i am posting this in the wrong area. i have a pdf form created in Acrobat 7 but we need to reader rights enabled so I have since them downloaded acrobat pro 9 and revamped it.  it wor

Print MS Access report to PDF with digital signatures.

I know it is possible to print a Microsoft Access report to a PDF file.  However, we need to be able to add digital signatures to the resulting PDF.  Is it possible to predefine the PDF signature fields in the Access database so that when the report

PDF with Digital Signatures

I am currently using classic asp and I need to fill out an existing pdf with data from the database.  The form also contains two signatures.  I just need to fill in the form, save it so I can email it to the  the customer.  I tried using the fdf tool

Print pages with digital signatures

My printer refuses to print any page that contains a digital signature.  This is true of MS .doc as well as  .pdf.  Anybody know why?Google is your friend. You could also make your frame on a master page.Read other 2 answers

Purchase Order Print out with Digital Signature

Dear Gurus, 1) we are going to implement release strategy, but still business requirement to have a digital signature, Meaning, if only upto Supervisor release, then PO print should come with Supervisor digital signature, if PR value upto Supervisor

Dynamic PDFs with Digital Signatures?

LCD 9 – Acrobat 9 standard/Pro Looking for the definitive answer on this one.  My PDFs have a need to be both dynamic and use multiple digital signatures.  For now I design as static with multi dig sig and deal with break-out forms and such via a por

Save as PDF, allow digital signatures in Reader

After saving the pdf from Pages, security permissions do not allow for digital signatures in Adobe Reader.  How do I change this without having to use the full version of Adobe Acrobat? ...Bruce...Hi Bruce, Although you are creating the pdf from Page

Adobe PDF/Acroforms & Digital signatures/Integrity/Authentication/Non repudiation

Hi folks, I have been investigation the feasibility of using PDF as a customer-facing data collection mechanism, starting with Acroforms for a pilot, initially at least (we may consider XFA/Livecycle in a later phase). I've got a demo application up

Adobe slow to open PDF with digital signature

Hi, We have recently added a digital signature to our PDF reports for security. Adobe takes an age to open the PDF on some PC's but instant on others. Can anyone offer any assistance to this problem. Thanks.You may be correct. Just opened up a PDF on

Export to pdf w digital signature

<p>Hi, folks.</p><p>Does CR have an api for adding a digital signature to a report that is exported to a pdf? I will be using VS.NET 2005 w/ CR to programmatically populate the reports. After some research and searching on the web, I hav

PDF Template Digital Signature Error

BI Pub -- Just wondering if anyone has found a workaround to the error below ... In order for end users to digitally sign a pdf temple field in adobe reader, adobe pro has to "Extend features to Adobe Reader" on the template but that

Adobe Acrobat Pro X - Pages options grayed out on PDFs with digital signatures

When we apply a signature to a PDF in Acrobat Pro X, it disables all the options (e.g., rotate, delete, replace, etc.) except for "Extract". This was not an issue with Acrobat v8. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?That's because all of

Export Page as PDF after Digital Signature

Hi there! I'm looking for a script that will export the page that is being signed (Page 2 of an 85 page document) after it is digitally signed. Thanks!Oh really? That's so odd! I can set up a button that extracts the page with an inputted signature,

How to Print Digital Signature in Smart forms.

Hi Experts, Any one please help me how to use digital signatures in SMARTFORMS.? Which are the tables used to store digital signatures and please any one have any demo program which prints the the digital signature using smartforms kindly let me know

PDF by email in 46C with digital signature

Hi all, can anyone tell me if it is possible to send a PDF with digital signature from SAP in 4.6C? I'm converting a spool order into PDF document, and send it by email using FM SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1.. Best Regards, PedroThanks for the refere

Doc size with digital signature

i've got 2 questions, please help: 1) why do .pdfs with digital signatures have such large file size? how can i reduce the size? 2) why do .pdfs with digital signature become text non-searchable? thnx brgactually the same signature size isn't such a

Digital Signatures in Adobe 8 Professional

I have 2 questions regarding digital signatures in Adobe Acrobat Professional 1.) Is it possible to digitally sign a document multiple times without having to resave the document each time you sign?  This would be really helpful in dealing with contr

How do I retain digital signatures when merging documents?

We digitallty sign invoices, but when we merge them with the copies of the checks, the digital signatures are removed.  Is there any way to retain those signatures in the merging process?One really crucial thing to "get" right at the start of wo

Getting the digital signature in the form-16

Hi All , by using the t-code pc00_m40_f16 we are generating  employee form-16. form-16 is printing properly but digital signature is not appearing in the form . can any one please help me on this . Thanks & Regards , pramodh.Kindly check SAP note: 15

To print Digital signature on the Purchase Order

How to print Digital Signature, on the PO Print copy (PDF). It will be based on release strategy. Whoever is approving the PO, his signature should be printed automatically on the Purchase Order. How to achieve this ?? Please let me know in detail th