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Cannot print due to error message--printer working with Internet Explorer--How do I correct?

Last week printer worked fine with Firefox. This week a message comes back "an error occurred while printing". Printer works fine with Internet Explorer.To test how Firefox runs "uncustomized" on your system, could you do a two-minute

HP Smart Web Printing interfering with Internet Explorer

Hello - I have a new dv7-4183cl notebook and I just added a new Photosmart C310 wireless printer. When I added the printer, I installed all of the programs included on the installation disc. Since then, I'm having a very annoying problem with the mou

I can not print from a website I get using Foxfire although I can print from an Internet Explorer website.

When I try to print I get a window that asks me to "Save file as downloads" - xps. I try and it says that an unknown error occurred while printing. Epson says it is not my printer as I can print from Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Micros

When I try to print from web page I get "printer not activated - error code 30", printer works on Internet Explorer

When I try to print from web page I get a dialogue box "Printer not activated - error code 30" followed by a dialogue box "An unknown error occurred while printing". The printer works on websites when I use Internet Explorer. Also, if

I am unable to print (any website) from the latest Firefox, but print fine from Internet Explorer. Using Windows Vista on a desktop machine.

printer advances page and spits it out with either nothing or a single garbled line printed on it instead of a whole web page. This is independent of which web site and even happens with web sites that have a specific PRINT or PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSIO

Plug-in PDF, Internet Explorer, unable to open a pdf file from web site. Question mark

Hello, A computer where Acrobat 9 Standard and Acrobat Reader 9 have been installed. When I try to read a pdf file from a web site and read it in IE, I get a popup whith a question mark and no text. The pdf file is not open. I have try to reinstall t

Firefox does not print in full web pages. It prints at best the left half of the page. This has only happened recently. It is not my printer as I get full page printing from from Internet explorer and other applications. Help!

Firefox has started printibg only the left side of a web page . I have tried adjusting the settings without any success in fact it made the print area even smaller. I have adjusted all the settings on the print menu but cannot overcome this. How can