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printstream class in java


Fill a text file from java code

Hello, I've written a java code to insert some informations in a database and I also want to save the same informations in text files (.txt). Thanks you for your suggestions or your advice of a tutorial that can help me to perform successfully this t

Insert/flag data to PV9 (db) with CVP script (Call Studio) and create java class

Hi all, i already created workflow with CVP script using Call studio, i have a problem how to insert call entered digit to PV9 and check the bill customerID with java class. The workFlow design: 1. Customer enter the customerID (sessionID from ICM) 2

How does method calling  in java take place?

consider JTextField object is created as MyJTextFeild .If i had set a text for it as Sam. If we write a statement as string st = MyJtextFeild.getText( ); then st while retain as sam. int  st = MyJtextFeild.getText( ).length( ); How does about statema

Fixed tab position in Java

Hi. I wonder if it is possible to make a fixed tab (tabulator) in Java in order to print text in straight columns. In the example below I sometimes need to use one Java-tab and sometimes two in order to make two straight columns. But if a new animal

A quick querstion about java..

Hi, In java there is an applet and an application... i have a code that is written in application format but i need it in terms of applet.. I was wondering if there is a way to quickly put thee application into the applet..for example..    System.out

Printstream/Properties truncation error!

My program is LAZY! :) Check this out. I have a simple file that gets created to store the entries of my addressbook. I'm going to show my code, but understand, the syntax is correct (it compiles). try {             java.io.PrintStream ps= new java.i

Database acceslerator

Hi all, I'm not sure if my question is relevant for this forum, but I realy need some help. We've been trying to use the C compiler for accelerating the java classes loading process which is at least 3 times longer with the JVM than it would be if th

Character Sets - socketchannel read error

I have made an FTPserver which i have just noticed is having trouble when the file name being requested/send has non-ASCII characters in it such as '�'. Since i am using nio i thought it would just be an simple task of just changing the character set

Backspace character

Hi, i have problems to print backspace character in the text file.It always print rectangular type box. just try this code... import java.util.Vector; public class Test Test test = new Test(); public Test() public static void main(String[] args) Syst

Spaces in file names

Hi all, I was wondering if any of you have run into this problem before. I am using java on an as400 system and there is a space in the file name. When I got to read/write from this file it comes up with a java.io error and says the file doesn't exis

I feel stupid just asking this, but...

I'm trying to write a class to extend PrintStream, but no matter what I do my constructor is flagged with the error: Cannot resolve symbol Symbol: Constructor PrintStream () Location: class java.io.PrintStream Here's the code: import java.io.PrintStr

Deprecated API error??`

hi! i m getting this error : Note: FileInputDemo.java uses or overrides a deprecated API. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details. for the code: /* * * FileOutputDemo * * Demonstration of FileOutputStream and * PrintStream classes import

How can i know in which method i am?

I would like to know ( for debugging reasons ) in which Method the execution code is! Like the printStackTrace() which indicates: - package - class - method - line at mypackage.myclass.mymethod4(MyClass.java:40) at mypackage.myclass.mymethod3(MyClass

Need to hide System.out.println output in console

class Hide{ public void test(){ System.out.println("hai"); public static void main(String[] args){ Hide obj=new Hide(); obj.test(); Output is : hai But I don't want to display hai. How i can hide this kindly help me on this........class Hide {  

Problems with inner classes in JasminXT

I hava problems with inner classes in JasminXT. I wrote: ;This is outer class .source Outer.j .class Outer .super SomeSuperClass .method public createrInnerClass()V      .limit stack 10      .limit locals 10      ;create a Inner object      new Outer

Rounding up currency

Hi all, I am new to java and I was writing my assignment. i hope somebody can help me. I am writing a program which basically calculate what change of dollars you should give to someone. The program works fine when I put figure in integer. but when i

System.out.printf problem

I keep getting an error message when I type in System.out.printf(celsius / 5 = (fahrenheit - 32 ) / 9); the error keeps pointing at the first /, stating that its an unexpected type? How do i fix this?RizwanMportal wrote: There is System.out.print() a

Seconds to minute and seconds conversion

Say I have an int: int time = 1500 which means that there are 1500 seconds in time and I would like to convert that to the format of 25:00 which is 25 minutes and 0 seconds what I did so far is System.out.println(time/60 + time%60);and it always give

Redirecting stdOut to a JTextArea - Help!

I want to redirect stdOut via System.setOut to a JTextArea - I'm most of the way there but I keep getting some strange errors. I'd really appreciate some help! I have a class called MainDebug which in its constructor calls System.setOut(new DebugStre

Is  it possible  to get  column and rows in the output

i reading a file and writing toa nother file.i want output as column and rows as given in the following format is it possible in java Ticket| System | order 456 | machine |678 457 | machine1 |690 correspondoing ticket no comes only in corresponding h