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Do you know any web pages that has java problem-solving questions??

hi i just wanna practice my problem solving skills....... buy i ve already solved all the questions that i have...................... so i m looking for new questions,,,looking for new problems.. do you know any web site that provides java questions

I can not write in Hebrew And create effects It shows all distorted  When This problem solved?

I can not write in Hebrew And create effects It shows all distorted When This problem solved?roeisarusi wrote: When This problem solved? Nobody knows.  iWorks apps have always had bugs that make them unsuitable for Hebrew/Arabic for most people.  Tel

How to problem solve adf issue in the mx340 model

how to problem solve adf issue in the mx340 modelAlex, the missing thing in your example is the fact, that if only one value is selected, the parameter has exact this value like BOSTON. If you choose more than one value, the parameter includes the *'

WiFi connection problem solved

My intel iMac and MBA had no problem but iPods 3g and 5g did.  I had an old Netgear router connected and sitting next to my Airport Express.  On a hunch I diconnected the Netgear and created a guest network to replace the one on the Netgear.  PROBLEM

Bug fix for Mac book wireless - problem solved!

Aparantly there is a rather large number of folks out there who've discovered this dillema with wireless not working very well at this point on the Macbook. Well, I can attest there is one very good solution out there for this issue. This application

Mediawiki, mysql, php? problems [SOLVED]

On Sunday my Arch install that is hosted by Slicehost became unresponsive to them so they had to do an emergency reboot. After it came back up my install of mediawiki was (and still is) only returning a blank page (at least in Firefox). After some di

Acrobat printing problems (solved)

Hi Folk I'm getting on well with Arch apart from one problem, I can not print from Acrobat reader, it accepts the command and does precisely nothing, the jobs are appearing in cups but not being printed, I can print from Open Office and test print fr

Stuck with grub problem (SOLVED)

Today i tried to upgrade my Arch Linux, it downloaded everything that should be downloaded, it was installing upgrades but at the installing grub it stucks as like this "Copying /boot/grub/grub.cfg.pacsave to /boot/grub/grub.cfg" I've waited it

Dr.Watson problems solved.

DR.WATSON PROBLEMS SOLVED: System: WLS 5.1 with SP11 running on NT4 Using OCI817_8. Oracle 7.3.4 running on NT4. Problems: Dr.Watson exceptions in native code... # An EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION exception has been detected in native code outside the V

Am I able to find my iTunes serial number? I need it for the problem solving as my problem is solely bad on my iTunes.

For the Apple problem solving section I need a serial number, my issue is that my problem regards missing contents within my iTunes. Do I have an iTunes serial number? And if so, where can I locate it? If there is not a serial number for iTunes, advi

Aperture to export photos either TIFF or JPEG files, highlight and shadow transition has obvious faults, this problem solved!?

Aperture to export photos either TIFF or JPEG files, highlight and shadow transition has obvious faults, this problem solved!?What problem? You will have to be _a lot_ more specific if you'd like responsible feedback. I export thousands of TIFF and J

HOTSYNC PROBLEM SOLVED -between Palm TX using desktop version 6.2 & Windows 7 64 bit

I to struggled with performing hotsynch between my Palm TX and my new Windows 7 64 bit computer.  After 2.5 hours of palm tech support on my pc they gave up and deemed the task not solvable.  I spent hours trying various options-nothing worked until


PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!! I just spent 9  hours straight on this, but will was stronger than "its". Now I have  both cs4 and cs5, but hopefully it will work if you just have cs5 as  well. I also did not try runnning cs5 installer first after im

Problem solving expertise appreciated. What does a MacPro do in its initial booting phase?

My MacPro 3.1 (2008) with 20 Gb Ram does no longer want to boot. I checked the harddrive (startup disc), it is OK (my MacBook) boots from it. I checked the ram, it appears to be OK. When I push the power button the fan begins to work, red lights appe

Cannot open PDF in Firefox- Problem Solved

Hello, I cannot open or download PDFs in Firefox. Word Documents and Powerpoints are fine. I had the Firefox issue where I photos were saving as Preview Documents and I tried to fix that. Now I cannot open or download PDFs. Please help. Thank you. Pr

Everyones Oracle Linux Problem solved!!!

Everyones Oracle Linux Problem solved!!! Here's something Linux people should relate to: Use what works! what works? NT works! NT works great with 8i AND OAS. No hassles at all! Up and running within one day!!!! Guaranteed! U don't see a NT forum her

Linux 3.1.9 and HDA ATI SB problem [SOLVED]

I`ve just updated kernel from 3.1.8 to 3.1.9 and now my HDA ATI SB (ALC889 Analog) audio card is now unavailable for system. Any suggestions? I have KDE, and phonon-gstreamer. Last edited by RealGecko (2012-01-14 11:38:02)Well problem solved. Of cour

My Ipad Wi-Fi Problems solved

I had trouble with the new IPad dropping the WI-Fi connection, particularly after sleep. I went out and bought an AirPort Extreme. Problem solved! One week later no dropped connection.Interesting ploy.....I am going to give you the benefit if the dou

BB10 Calendar problem SOLVED!!!

BB10 Calendar problem SOLVED!!! Step 1: DO NOT do a device switch using BB Link! Step 2: On your old device, do a device switch using an "SD Card' - this helped me big time since it copied everything! Step 3: On your BB10 device, insert the old SD ca

Printer Problem Solved!

I was happily printing valentines for my grandchildren when all of a sudden my Epson Stylus N11 would not go. The printer icon in the dock bobbled and the message said the printer did not recognize the ink cartridges! Very weird. So I turned the prin