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Problems with TV Remote Control


N80IE Problem with Nokia Remote Control Headset AD...

Guys,do you have this AD-41 Remote Control Headphone,found in N73 Music Edition Phones,on your N80? My problem is that, I cant remotely play a song by simply pressing the PLAY Button on it... But before I bought this headset for my N80 I check first

Remote Control and Remote View Problem

Hi, I work at a High School running Netware 6.0 SP5 and Zen works 4.01 ir7. Remote Control and Remote View works great but I noticed one problem. We have a logo of the school that is forced down on to the desktop when a user logs in through group pol

Portege M800-PPM81E - remote control installation issue

Hello Guys, I have a problem to install remote control on this notebook. First of all the winbond CIR driver doesnt work, I try on diffrent operation systems... the same message..... "There is a problem with this Windows installer package. A program

Bluetooth Remote Control Quit Working

I have a new 8350i and downloaded the new (?) version software. For some reason, after doing this, the ability of my Plantronics Voyager 815 headset to perform remote controls (answer, hang up, volume, etc) has quit working. Has anyone else

11.2.4 Remote Control vs VNC

I have a problem using the remote control with Zenworks (ZCM Before Zenworks, we used VNC (3.3.9) for the remote control, but since the agent deployment many workstations are not accessible via ZCC. I noticed this on the workstations in qu

Remote Control Wanted for a B540

Having problems finding my remote control since I sent my machine back for repair, so I'm asking if anyone has one for sale ?hi Buckie, If you need the remote control to use with the TV Tuner, you can get one on this website. Hope this helps Did some

Since my last softwareupdate the most of the funktions of the JBL remote control from the micro docking station doesn't work

Hello mark, have you ever heard about the problem, that the remote control auf the JBL micro docking station doesn't work since the softwareupdate from ipod touch 4. gerneration?Have you went to the manufacturer's support site or contacted the manufa

Problems with remote control and user accounts - error 1759?

We're running: -XP Pro SP2 clients with Zen SP1 IR3a agent, 4.91 SP2 Netware client. -We are NOT running Middle Tier. -Novell servers are running Netware 6.5 SP7, E-directory or 8.8. -Zen server is also SP1 IR3a. We have no problem using re

Problem with remote control and Windows 7 - HP Pavilion 6301eu

I installed Windows 7 32-bit and my remote control does not work. I have tried all possible drivers and still nothing ... Photo driver attached. Does anyone have a link to the current drivers for the remote control and Windows 7? thank youHi John: Th

TV Remote Control navigation problem

I have created slide shows and burned them to DVD (using "Burn DVD") The end use will be on TV with remote control. After inserting the DVD into a TV, I can select a slide show and move through it successfully with the "Play" button of

OS X Lion and Apple remote control problem

After installing OS X Lion my apple remote control no longer works properly.  The menu wont come up on the screen, but it plays music if you press the buttons, but you are riding blind, can anyone help on this one?It's not a problem with the remote,

Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Surround 5.1 Pro remote control problem

Hi. I have a problem with Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Surround 5.1 Pro ,excatly with the remote control. I read this http://support.creative.com/kb/ShowA...spx?sid=103756 don't work remonte.JPGremote 2.JPG I cant select the remote control. Help me pl

MSI TV@Anywhere PLUS remote control shut down problem

Hi! I have a MSI [email protected] PLUS card working fine. I use the remote control without problem. Except that, when i want  to shut down my PC with it. I push "POWER", the app closes, and after that i push "RESET" and I get this: "Pr

Just bought Apple TV today, have one problem, how to have the remote control the TV alone, not my mac pro ...

just bought the Apple TV today, connected with my Pioneer Elite receiver, works great with my iPhone 5, HD movie steam without any problem. but when i open my MBP, problem start surface, i try to do the home sharing, but the remote control not only c

SB Audigy 2 Platinum Remote Control Problem, Need THis Resolved quic

Hi this is a Known issue to Symantec Support, I really really want to be able to use my Audigy 2 Remote Control with this Soundcard, but I can't, until Symantec or YOUR SLOW AS MOLASSES COMPANY UPDATES MEDIASOURCE SOFTWARE SO THESE 2 PROGRAMS DON"T C

Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum Drive Bay Problem/Remote Control Probl

Yesterday I have received my X-Fi Platinum sound card. The sound card works fine. I see a red light in my dri've bay so I am assuming there is power. The problem is that when I plug in headphones it does not work. The remote control does not work eit

Problem getting Remote Control to work at

I've just installed an X-Fi Platinum and everyting went well. Sound works great. I do have one problem. The remote does not seem to do anything at all. I DO have the batteries in it, and they ARE in the right way, but pointing it at the I/O reciever

Windows 7 remote control problem - ARD 3.3.2

I have a Windows 7 PC and a MacBook running Mac OS X 10.7.2 (Lion). I have set up TightVNC only so I can remotely control my PC from my Mac. Although when I attempt to observe/control the computer, I get the following message: "Connection failed to &

Unplugging all network devices from Fios router prevents DVR freezing and remote control lock ups.

All, I recently had a Verizon tech visit my house due to constant DVR and remote control freezing. TV content was freezing whether it was locally recorded, pulled from another DVR in the house, or On Demand. On a hunch after the tech tested everythin

The remote controls stopped working

I bought with an official Apple dealer the new i Pod Shuffle (generation 3) to use during my bike rides. After the first ride the remote controls stopped working and the voice over feature spontaneously started repeating the songs title. As well the