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LabVIEW and Internet / Technical questions

On a pure Web approach, there are two ways of architecturing a LabVIEW application: the server-push approach and the client-pull approach. 1- Server push approach The server-push approach is based on a CGI process (CGI means common gateway interface)

Firefox asks to download like.php from sites with Facebook social button

So, I don't know if this is a problem with one site or Facebook in general, but everytime I access this site, a download window for "like.php" appears four times in a row. I've seen the same problems in this forums when I searched for it, but no

Use my VI from HTML page

Hi, I need to use my VI remotly, I have a webserver but don't know how to send commands to my VI from a asp,cgi, html page... Can anyone help me? Has anyone some easy examples so I can learn studying them? Thanks VincenzoHi Vincenzo, As Dennis mentio

Labview application aborts when ISS scans the computer.

my labview application uses the web server for remote viewing. whenever the network is subject to an ISS scan, the application aborts. the OS is still running. by looking at the web log we have tracked the offending ISS test to: "http-cgi-bnbform (30

WebLogic 6.1SP3: CGI Script Displayed, Not Processed

I've setup CGI support in my WebLogic 6.1SP3 installation, on my Solaris box. I am attempting to run a simple script that prints a message to the screen/browser. When I attempt to run the CGI script, I see the contents of the script on screen. The sc

9i report services need info. on CGI and RWSERVLET

We are trying to use the reports 9i against forms 6i. I need to info. on how we can differentiate the two types of service(whether it is CGI or rwservlet). Setup1: 1. Run rwserver -install server=TESTCGI 2. This creates the service and the testcgi.co

One or more post-processing actions failed. Consult the OPP service log for details.

hi expert plz help me i can't understand here what can i do to resove this error. here is the logfile details of output post processor ebs- 11i ( os - rhel 4 [9/2/13 4:54:48 PM] [main] Starting GSF service with concurrent process id = 29841

Using socket or CGI for report generation

I have a 100+ c executables(.exe) which accepts arguments and will generate report.These executables lies in a linux server. Through my web application, based on the functionality i need to invoke these .exe and have to generate the report. I am usin

Correct Forum? CGI and Server behaviour on Solaris at system()-call

Hi to you all, Do not know if i am in the correct forum, but maybe it is a Webserver problem. I have Sun ONE Webserver 6.1 running on Solaris. Craete some CGI`s in C. Now I have a problem with one CGI, which have to call a Shellscript via system() ca

Tried to sync my 5c on itunes but my daughter was logged in and now all her contacts, apps, and messages etc are on my phone. I was in the process of trying to run a backup because there was not enough memory for my phone to perform it. Help!!

I was in the process of syncing my iphone 5c and then wanting to do a backup through iTunes because my phone did not have enough memory to backup. When I connected the phone to my computer and pulled up Itunes I thought I was logged into Itunes (my n

How to Add a New CGI-Handler to Web Server?

I need to setup a website that will have pages coded in "LiveCode" (http://livecode.com/), an English-like scripting language, that can be used as an 'easier-to-program' replacement for PHP. It has its own interpreter ("livecode-server"

Not able to get SSL related CGI Environment Variables?

We are currently using APEX 3.2.0.x, OHS 10.1.3.x, and 11gR1 on linux. The APEX application we've been developing will be accessed via SSL and x509 certificates such that a client certificate is passed from a user's browser to the OHS, the informatio

Download a UNIX based CGI page into a CSV file using Powershell

Hello, I have been struggling to get a powershell script to work. I have a web-based page which ends in .cgi and I want to copy the text from that page to a CSV file. Normally the below script works for .html or .aspx types of pages but this time I h

Error while creating Process flows in OWB 11gR2

Hi I have never faced this before and thats why it baffles me. I am trying to create a new process flow module which has already been configured to the OWF_LOCATION(Oracle workflow location). I get Java exception error window with long list of detail

Wierd ColdFusion erro : Error occurred while processing request.

Hi there , I am a graduate student and new to ColdFusion.I started working on this already developed project by someone couple of years ago , and the client wants some changes to be done.so i went ahead and did some small modifications to the appeara

Error running Ant to Test a BPEL process in developer-prompt

Hi, I am trying to start an Ant-script to start a testsuite for a BPEL process. It fails ... Im running the defult Ant script (build.xml) from the Developer-prompt. It works fine from within JDeveloper Studio. Anyone who can help me?? Thx Norvald Err

Problem while Calling a CGI pgm From Java with code sample

Hey guys, I am calling a CGI program from java servlet, while calling cgi program I am passing encoded(Base64) content via post process, My problem is the encoded data is not posted as expected, the encoded data is corrupting. But when I send encoded

All FF versions above 3.6.3 crash on startup. No window, just the process is running.

I still do have the problem - as posted elsewhere - that I cannot install 3.6.4 or any other version after that. FF will never start - not even in safe mode - only the process is running and needs to be stopped via the task manager. The bug responsib

Credit Card Payment Processing

Dear Experts, We are implementing CRM and need your help to crack below D2C Scenario :- While booking the Sales order, Customer gets charged on his/her Credit Card (prepayment). The sales order then flows to R/3 and subsequent processes viz. Pick/Pac

Post-processing request failed one or more post processing action failed .

Beginning post-processing of request 3064071 on node SURYA at 03-NOV-2008 17:07:20. Post-processing of request 3064071 failed at 03-NOV-2008 17:07:21 with the error message: One or more post-processing actions failed. Consult the OPP service log for