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The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Profile and Device Manager Issues

The following article also applies to issues after re-setting the severs' hostname. It also applies to situations where re-setting the Code Signing Certifictateas described by Apple has not resolved the issue. Hello, I have been plagued with Profile

Info about "Server profile" in Device manager

I want to update my firmware via over the air to my mobile directly. I am using a N73 and N82. In device manager of N73, there is a default profile named Nokia. I can check for updates with it from my mobile directly. But N82 needs to define a server

Remove EDM Profile from Interval Meter of an installation-Device Management

My dear friends, I need sincere help from you . I have an installation with an interval device installed to it. We need to do full removal of this installed device by eg32. The interval meter is having EDM Profile attached to it. Before doing full re

Device management - Profile Manager - MDM

Device management with mac os x lion server: I saw that with profile manager (an apple implantation of its mobiledevice management apis) allow you to enroll and manage iOS devices. I want to know if this OS with profile manager MDM can work for manag

Device Manager and Desktop Software fail to work after a profile migration

Hi there, I have just moved in a Windows Domain so I had to change my IP configuration. I have done a moveuser to move my local profile to the domain's profile. My Device Manager and, therefore, desktop software are not responding anymore. I keep rec

Remove device and profile from call manager

Is there any documentation on how to remove phones and EM, RDP, CSF profiles from call manager in order to free up some licensing??EM does not take any licenses, but the way you want to do this (assuming all associations are correct and dependencies

Early on while configuring the Device Management settings in Profile Manager (Mavericks server) I received an error code -1

When I started up the Server application, Profile Manager was not selected as expected.  I selected it and started the first step of configuring Device Management in the Settings section.  I entered the organization information and went on to the nex

Profile manager device management disabled

I had a working profile manager but had to move to a new sever which then broke profile manager so i have performed a full wipe of the database ect and then tried to recreate a new one however i go through the configuration setup fine but under setti

Profile manager settings device management disabled error when enabling

Hello, I have installed OS-X Lion on a mac mini. Everything is working fine, including open ldap as a master where other imac can connect and use this ldap server for login. However in profile management i try in the settings section to enable manage

No hardware profiles, nothing in device manager

no hardware profiles and nothing in device manager.Hi, Go into Device Manager and check your viewing options. HP DV9700, t9300, Nvidia 8600, 4GB, Crucial C300 128GB SSD HP Photosmart Premium C309G, HP Photosmart 6520 HP Touchpad, HP Chromebook 11 Cus

Function module to create formula profile : Device Management/ EDM

Hi experts! We create Formula profile against register 2 of the bi-directional device using transaction EEDM06. We create profile header by using function module "ISU_S_PROFHEAD_CREATE" but this function module doesn't have input parameter that

T430 NVidia GPU not listed in device manager

Hello -- I have a problem regarding the NVidia NVS 5400M inside the Thinkpad T430. I use Windows 8. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but the NVidia card no longer shows up in Device Manager and the NVidia driver (both the standard driver from th

Can't enable Device Manager after upgrading from Mavericks to Yosemite

We have an Apple Mac Mini Server that was purchased and configured with OS X 10.9. This was configured as part of a golden triangle, managing 10 Apple Mac Minis in a Microsoft Active Directory environment. We had enabled Profile Manager and configure

Need help understanding profiles and color management

I made the big leap from inexpensive inkjets to: 1 Epson 3800 Standard 2 Spyder3Studio I have a Mac Pro Quad, Aperture, PS3, etc. I have a steep learning curve ahead, here's what I've done: 1 Read a lot of books, watched tutorials, etc. 2 Calibrated

Can't Enable Device Management

I am getting the dreaded  'An error with code -1 occurred' when trying to enable device management on 2 different XSAN deployments.  This is an secondary XSAN metadata controller.  The primary metadata controller starts up Device Management fine.  Th

Can't start device-manager.exe under Vista

Can't start C:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.9\javafx\javafx-sdk\emulator\mobile\bin\device-manager.exe under Vista 32. It works fine under Windows XP error is java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind I changed C:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.

"Device Manager is running in read-only mode because you are running it on a remote computer" when local

Hello - since configuring a Windows Web Server 2008 R2 x64 to be hardened for an internet-facing deployment I receive this: "Device Manager is running in read-only mode because you are running it on a remote computer." when entering Device Manag

ISE integration with Mobile Device Management ( MDM ) help required

Dear Techies,      Am here bring to your notice an different issue and no much resources to support even in PEC or Cisco Document.      We are conduction a Proof Of Concept (PoC) on  Secure Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD ) using Cisco ISE and gonna tes

Graphics card installed in Pavilion p7-1210 and I can' t find it in device manager and no display.

I installed a Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 in HP p7-1210 (AMD A6-3620) and it did not show up in device manager and I get no video out of the card.  I am new at installing devices in computers so I don't know if  I did something wrong or not.  It seemed s

Can't setup Device Management

I've just installed Server 2.2.1 on a Mac Mini that also runs a few other services for me.  For that reason, I don't want to format and start clean. I'm trying to get the Server up and running, but I'm having trouble getting Profile Managerment in pl