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Table that stores relationship document information

Hi Gurus, We have Accounting documents generated through IDOCs and there are nearly 1000 documents. where do i get information to view accounting documents numbers and related IDOC numbers. Any table or tables that i can see or get the information fr

GR and IR relationship (document flow)

I am looking for a report where an IR is created for a GR and it must also show if no IR is created for a GR, if there is something that is SAP standard, it will be great, if not, the knowing the tables will also help, this way I can write the report

CRM Tables and Relationships Document - New Request

Hi all, If you could please send the document to my gmail account: [email protected], points will be gladly rewarded. Many thanks! LeonHi Leon, I have sent you the doc at [email protected] <b>Ikram Koreshi : I have sent it to you too.</b> <

ARE-1 Document Vs BOND (LOU) Doubt

HI I have Few Doubts Related to BOND and ARE-1 BOND is Creating with Date 01.09.2011 to 31.08.2012 , but as per my knowledge Excise Will consider 01.04.2011 to 31.03.2012 , But my doubt is At the time of creating the ARE-1 , we need to enter the Bond

CRM Tables and Relationships needed!

HI experts, I am a part of CRM and BW implementation. As iam new to crm Can anybody send me the CRM Tables and Relationships at <removed by SDN Forum Moderator>Hello, please have a look to the Topic Links to CRM Documentation there you find instruct

Can apple offer a proof of ownership?

I have a 2009 MacBook Pro I bought from the Touchwood Apple Store in Solihull. Is it possible for apple to obtain or draw up a proof of ownership document? I don't have any receipts or paperwork, just the box. Apple have also repaired the machine a c

PSCD tables & relationship

Hi all, Could you please share us the PSCD tables & relationship. We are going to do some development on PSCD Modules. This will help us a lot. Thanks GiangHello, here are some relationships: Documents: Header - DFKKKO Detalhe - Business Partner  - D


Hai,       am executing the std. bapi  BAPI_PERSDATA_CHANGE by that it is asking fields 1) subtype 2) object id 3) Lock indicator......am executing this bapi by giving personnumber 11 for that number i dont have the data for the above fields. so wat

Why in September when I purchased a through the Edge program with the $5.00 insurance/protection plan (that the sales associate handling the purchase on the phone recommended), is no longer valid?!  2 months after getting the Edge device, I go to make a c

Where is the insurance and original Edge Agreement from September?  No one in Verizon knows. I purchased (rented) a Galaxy S4 through the Edge program, with the $5.00 insurance/protection plan (that the sales associate handling the purchase on the ph

How do i know if my phone is still under warranty?

How do i tell if my phone is still under warranty?  It wont charge.  Tried 3 cords, only says its charging when you hook it to an 120v outlet but as soon as u unplug it goes black again.  Does nothing when hooked to a computer.How can I tell if my iP

What is the significance of LOCK INDICATOR in IT0006?

Hi all, has anyone used lock indicator in IT0006? for what requirement is it used? what is its significance? what r the implications? does it used for any specific HR process? Where else do we find lock indicators in HR master data? thanks in advance

How do I save pages from my website in PDF, and prove the image was capture on a given date?

How do I save pages from my website, [link removed] into a PDF file, with proof of the date the pdf file was created on? I need to display the content of each unique url of my site in PDF format for compliance purposes, and prove the image was taken

Migration from WebSphere - Weblogic: RAS logger

What would be easy way or strategy to handle ibm ras logger when we migrate to weblogic?Guys: The link provided caters to Websphere Studio to WebLogic 8.1. My requirement is migration from WebSphere 5.x to WebLogic. My current architecture is as foll

Websphere to Weblogic Migration

Hi, I am looking for some guidelines and document which can provide adequate information on doing the J2EE Application Migration from Websphere Application Server 6.1.x to Weblogic 10.x version. Thanks in Advance SachinGuys: The link provided caters

How can I open files created in ClarisWorks 2 or 3?

Hi Although I can still run AppleWorks 6 (in Snow Leopard) I am trying to 'future proof' my AW documents (WP, SS, DR, PT) by opening them and then saving them either as RTF, PDF, Excel, Word, or JPEG files. Unfortunately, I can only open pre-1996 WP

Using Proforma Invoices on MM side

Hi, I've heard of proforma invoices being used on the SD side but we are looking into seeing if proforma invoices can be used also on the MM side as well. Business need: During tax audits, the auditors ask to see a "proof of sale" document for i

InDesign's Spell Check causes recall of student newspaper at Brigham Young University

This is hysterical. And a great lesson to be learned. http://tinyurl.com/cd27epI agree. It's entirely up to the user to proof read any document going to press/print. Seriously, InDesign does not have predicative typing, predictive sentencing or predi

Error Message:Not enough balance in bond/UT1

Dear Expert, I am creating ARE1 document excise under Running bond through tr cd J1IA101 in development client but at the time of posting ARE1 document system is giving error message" Not enough balance in bond/UT1: 0000010019 / 2010" Message no

How can i prove rac on linux is better than on windows ?

Hi all, Is there any document or any thread on this forum which will help me prove that RAC on linux is better than on windows. Actually i did not recommend to my management windows os for RAC, now the management wants the reason why did not recommen

Creative Suite Color settings disabled

Hi, I'm wondering why I'm getting a following error message (Suite Color Management is not enabled, Suite Color Management requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature) when trying to change the color sett