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How many times can you "Export - Quicktime movie" the same ProRes 422 file until it starts to lose quality?

Lets say you are done with your project & you want an uncompressed copy of it as your master. If you keep importing it back into Final Cut Pro, & keep exporting (Quicktime movie), will it ever start to lose quality?I've never seen a number given,

Can't make a workable custom codec with ProRes 422 (HQ)

I've only just now found that there is a Support Community for Compressor.  Wish I'd known sooner. I see my version of Compressor is 3.5.3. I've been on a little saga. I started out with the challenge of converting some MP4 files from a Blackberry Pl

Finalcut lag ProRes 422 HD

This is not a question about how to fix this issue, this is a question about why, in terms of software, this lag occurs. I experienced some serious lag on a brand new macbook pro and I found the reason why. When I playback at 51% of the HD video size

Choppy video playback with FCP 6 and 5D footage already converted to Apple ProRes 422

I am trying to edit a film I shot on the Canon 5D using FCP 6. I converted my raw files from the Canon 5D to Apple ProRes (HQ) . But as I try to work on the timeline everything is super choppy and drops frames constantly. I am trying to sync audio as

Choppy video playback with FCP 6 and 5D footage already converted to Aplle ProRes 422

I am trying to edit a film I shot on the Canon 5D using FCP 6. I converted my raw files from the Canon 5D to Apple ProRes (HQ) . But as I try to work on the timeline everything is super choppy and drops frames constantly. I am trying to sync audio as

To save time, could I get away with just using ProRes Proxy?

Might be a dumb question.  But please play along with me... I've been battling with FCP-X since it first came out.  Beach balls, crashes, failed auto saves, you name it.  Sluggishness is my middle name.  But I think it might be because I'm trying to

Jumpy playback from image sequences rendered in Apple Prores and then exported to h264

I will start by saying I have been using FCP since 1.0 and am in no way new to this software, but this issue has me going crazy. First the Specs: MacPro 2 x 2.66 Quad cor Intel Xeon 16 gig Ram OS 10.9.2 FCP 7.0.3 (sorry but I am not a fan of FCP10 at

How do I set up stereo audio tracks as default in Premiere using the ProRes 422 codec?

Forgive me if this has been asked many times before. I have searched but can't find anything that explains it in language that doesn't require an advanced degree in computer engineering. I am a recent convert for our beloved FCP 7. I am learning to l

Need to put HD clips in SD sequence without aliasing, any way to do this without converting clips to ProRes?

Editing a 1080p project shot with Canon 5DMkii. Have a 1080p H.264 sequence that I planned to change to ProRes when all finished, before exporting to make a DVD. Many shots have problems, and the only way to get around them is to reframe. I figured,

Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder  - Both types say I have "a newer version installed", but I can't view Pro-Res files on either type of machine.

I'm trying to view a Pro-Res file from Final Cut Pro on machines that have Quicktime Pro, but having no luck.  I've tried installing the " Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder " for both Windows and Mac (on the correct machines), but I keep getting &q

ProRes files act crazy and transcoding to Animation codec gets ugly

So, allegedly, the Animation codec is lossless. However, when I take something encoded with Apple ProRes 422 HQ and transcode to Animation within the Quicktime Pro software, I see noticeable differences. Including: color change and increased aliasing

FCP Apple PRORES 422 (HQ) setting-how to export?

I am importing and dropping in scanned images from the storyboard into FCP and then importting and placing on the timeline some digital animated images which have been done in the format 1920x1080 24fps. They have been put through shake and we chose

FCPX Project Render Settings - Can you edit in h.264 and Transcode/render only used clips on timeline to Prores during render?

I have a question on the PROJECT RENDER settings in FCP X. It's seems to me that one could theoretically import and edit entirely with original h.264 video files without needing to Transcode to ProRes422. Once you're done with your edit and want to g

Why doesn't iMovie use ProRes 422 or native instead of AIC

Does anybody know why apple still uses AIC to transcode all captured video streams instead of ProRes 422? And why does it transcode in the first place? Why can't they use the native HDV or AVCHD streams? I know that using native HDV, and especially A

ProRes missing from FCP 6 - heeeelp

hi i just installed FCP6 on my new macbook pro and the ProRes codec is missing. i can't setup a sequence with it or edit existing projects that use ProRes. does anyone know why it wouldn't have installed the codec or know where i can get it from if i

Audio drop-out in FCPX with 1920x1080 & 2048x1240p @ 24p (codec Apple ProRes 4444 (Linear PCM))24p

Hi all... I'm new to this forum. Is there an audio issue (drop-outs) with FCPX (ver 10.1.2) for 1920x1080 24p, 1080p HD & 2048x1240 24p (2k) - note: films in FCPX are in codec Apple ProRes 4444, Linear PCM? Very recently I've been working on a show r

FCP7 export prores 422HQ with discrete audio displays incorrect timecode in quicktime7?

Hi all I have been exporting Prores 422 HQ files as a SAS QT movie in FCP7 to create discrete audio channels for the file.  My issue is that once the file is complete and I open it in quick time 7, the timecode progressivly gets out of sync.  For exa

"Importer reported a generic error" message while importing ProRes 422 clip

Hi all.  I am getting an "Importer reported a generic error" message when I try to import a ProRes 422, linear PCM clip into Premiere Pro CS6.  I have imported other ProRes 422 clips in previous projects without a problem, although those clips d

Are the ProRes codec and .MOV file no longer supported?

I posted the following over at Creative Cow with no luck... hopefully I can get answers here ... I am on a MAC - I joined the Adobe bandwagon during the great FCP migration of 2011 ... So far it's been great but... Both Premiere CC AND After Effects

AE CC and the Rest of Adobe Apps - ProRes Quicktime Render Gamma Problem Back AGAIN

Hi --- With this version I am back to square one with AE NOT being able to render out correct gamma exporting to PR4444 - Scenario (And this matter NOT whether I use Color Management or Not) 1) I open a Clip in AE or PPRO (In this case a TIFF Sequenc