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I have a 2008 black macbook and access UK tv through a purchased proxy site. I want to buy a sony bravia internet connected tv to watch the channels in more comfort. Sony tell me this won't work - that the tv cannot capture my macbook content. Any advice?

I have a 2008 black MacBook and acess UK tv through a puchased proxy. I want to purchase a Sony Bravia internet connected tv and stream the site through a tv - Sony tell me this won't work - that a latest model tv cannot capture content and sites fro

Windows 2008 R2 standard, approach to define by pass proxy sites in IE 9,10 and 11

Dear All, We have requirement to define some by pass sites in internet explorer LAN settings > Advanced, we have Win 2008 R2 std. domain controller in our setup, When I read few articles I only found that for IE version 5,6,7 and 8, I can create new

Unable to access certain sites- network prefences help?

I'm having issues connecting to certain websites with 'unusual' top level domains like .me or .tv sites. For example, when I try to visit the site www.formspring.me I get the message "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at www.formspri

Invoking a specfic configuration in integration directory (abap proxy)

Hello, I have a ABAP inbound and ABAP outbound proxy sitting on  different SAP Backends,both the abap inbound and outbound sit on multiple systems,but the message mapping  and interface mapping is 1. In the integration direction I have multiple confi

Web Proxy Server Load Balancing

I deployed Sun Jave Web Proxy Server 4.0 as a Reverse Proxy. I would also like to use it as a load balancer. As per the instructions, I configured the obj.conf file as shown below Route fn="set-origin-server" server="https://xx.xx.xx.xx&quo

Mac OS X Server Forward Proxy(Web Caching)...setup a website for the proxy???

My office is a Mac environment with a couple of windows pcs. To save on bandwidth i would like to setup a Mac OS X Snow leopard server with a web caching proxy, forward proxy. I read this link from apple Server Admin 10.6 Help: Configuring Web Servic

Web Proxy Server

an body explain me what is web proxy server ?Motor, the following is from the Web Proxy Sever Administration guide. Please, check the last paragraph for the explanation. Any how, the problem is simple. I am using the Proxy Server as the Reverse proxy

How to activate proxy only for specified address?

The proxy configuration in 10.5 allows you to specify a list of addresses that will not go through the proxy server. However, I need to setup a list of address that will go through the proxy server and everything else will not use the proxy. I need t

Cant access one web site!!! Help.

Suddenly cant access a forum I have been using for years. Have cleared cookies, history and just about everything that can be cleared. Tried on Safari, Firefox and also a cheapo Dell with XP on Firefox, IE etc... Friends can access the site. It is a

Hotmai (and other sites)l goes to mobile by default?

Every time I go to hotmail.com It knows im a mobile device, and they dont have a "desktop mode" button. Same with other websites, it gets really annoying, is there anyway to block webpages from getting that info? Ive tried proxy sites, they dont

My Mac is bypassing a website filter... How can I stop it?

I am a computer technician at our local high school. Right now, the school has about 800 Dell computers, but we are planning on introducing a few Macintosh labs within the next school year. Since they lack educational value, the school district's dir

I am unable to watch Youtube videos on Firefox ?

I don't know why I am unable to play Youtube videos on Firefox (this problem stated around mid Sept. 2014). I explored many solutions but in vain. Firefox/flash (I am not sure) is behaving weirdly, I found some solutions on 'Mozilla Support' when I a

How to convert word documents to html page in sharepoint online 2013

Hi, I am new SharePoint and still learning it. I have been tasked to do the following on office 365 E3 SharePoint 2013 Online edition. 1) I have to create a Web page in asp.net 2) This page needs to show document from a given SharePoint folder and bi

Custom JAAS Module - How to use in certification test?

Hello, I just read the document about certification for custom JAAS modules ("BC-AUTH-SAML Test Plan"). What I don't understand is how our custom login module can get the custom information it needs (like a certain request parameter). First, wha

How do I hide my IP?

Hello... I want to learn how to hide my IP and domain information when chatting in IRC clients or using Flash based IRC chats? I've tried using Proxy sites, but they don't work. Thank you for any information anyone can provide!Thanks sig, but I'm emb

Mozilla.cfg giving error

<blockquote>Locking duplicate thread.<br> Please continue here: [[/questions/886352]]</blockquote> I now have this as my config but get an error Mozilla Global Preferences <pre><nowiki>/* This file is to set and lock default

"pwpolicy" -- does it not work on newly created accounts?

Simple question... I wanted to set up "pwpolicy" to force user accounts to have a "minChars" setting for their passwords. However, this only seems to kick in when users change their passwords -- not when the password are originally set

2nd Half of Cluster starting in Development mode

Hi all, In our production, the configuration is 2 machines, IIS proxy sits in front of cluster. First machine has Admin console. The domain and cluster was made with the pack/unpack . Cluster of 4 Managed Servers. 2 on each server. The 2 Managed Serv

Links error in "flex in a week video training"

can someone explain me why all links in the page http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining.html which don't have an icone before don't work? for exemple on my computer, Creating a user interface, Adding data to your application, Handling a user

I am unable to setup my 2011 Macbook Air as Wifi Hotspot. Tried both using LAN and Data Card(USB dongle)

I recently shifted to a new place and it will take a while for the telcom company to install the landline and DSL connection. Until then, I am stuck with only a data card at home and a LAN cable from a neigbours router(he doesnt have WiFi). I have be