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Can't access my ipad, comes up with the following message on screen "Ipad not backed up. this ipad hasn't been backed up. Backups happen when this ipad is plugged in, locked and connected to wifi".

can't access my ipad, comes up with the following message on screen "Ipad not backed up. this ipad hasn't been backed up. Backups happen when this ipad is plugged in, locked and connected to wifi".Try a Reset  ( No Data will be Lost ) Press and

HT1414 Message on screen: iPad Not Backed Up. Screen is frozen, cannot shutdown.

My Ipad is frozen with message on screen: "iPad Not Backed Up". I cannot shut down or swipe the screen to continue. I had just updated the software last week to iOS 6.1. Has anyone encountered this problem?Perform a Reset... Reset  ( No Data wil

Screen ipad mail is locked

screen ipad mail is blocked, and frozen the other programs work greatClose the Mail app in the Task Bar and re-launch. Double-click the Home button to reveal Task Bar. Hold Mail app down for a second or two; tap the minus sign to close app. If it sti

Screen ipad doesn't respond during video viewing home sharing with multiple iOS devices simultaneously

A have a problem with the videos app and iTunes home sharing on multiple iOS devices. This is my setup. On my iMac 2006 with Snow Leopard I have: - 100+ dvd's ripped in my iTunes movie section - 600+ episodes ripped in iTunes TV-section in 35 TV-show

IPad 1 has a rotating icon center of screen, iPad 1 has a rotating icon center of screen

iPad 1 has a rotating circle in the center of the screen won't turn offTry a reset: Hold the Sleep and Home button down for about 10 second until you see the Apple logo.Read other 2 answers

PS Touch frozen intro screen iPad 3

I just purchased PS Touch for my iPad 3. The app launches but it freezes on intro screen. Can anyone help?Hi, this is something that seems to occur to some users - there's a thread here about it: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4300392 What can help

When tryed to run diagnostic test  windows blacked out then blue screen ipad will not turn on now

when I ran a diaganostic test windows blacked out and then the "blue screen of death"........and now my ipad will not turn on ......has anyone had this problem ?...if so...what nowHave you tried a reset ? Press and hold both the sleep and home b

Cracked screen ipad retina display

Hi, Just wandering what the cost would be to get an Ipad 4 Retina Display Screen repair in Australia. Live in Melbourne. ThanksAccording to the Apple Australian repair/replace price list, it will cost A$329.  As was mentioned in the previous post, yo

Blue/grey/black screen ipad 2

I have an ipad 2 16 gb.my ipad fall to the ground and after that my ipad have sometimes a black/grey screen and sometimes a blue screen I already reset It but nothing happened.i tried to connect to iTunes on computer but my ipad is locked with passwo

Blue line on screen iPad air

I purchased a iPad air 16 December 2013, and have been extremely happy with this.  Until 14 February 2014, it has suddenly developed a thin blue line across the screen horizontally top to bottom.  I have read that others have experienced this and tha

Gray screen ipad 2 3g 16gigas

the problem is that my ipad 2 3g 16gigas show a gray screen it boot and also itunes detects it, the touchscreen worcks, y try to reproduce music and it worcks but there is no image i think is the lvsd cable what should i doTry restoring the iPad .. i

Frozen screen iPad mini

I have a mini iPad and the screen has frozen.  It won't let me turn it off or use any function.  It has a message advising that it has not backed up to the cloud for 2weeks but when I put on charge and click ok nothing happens?  Please help.....Press

Itune icon is on ipad screen , Ipad will not turn off or reboot

ITunes icon is on the IPad screen with a picture of USB ... each time I try to turn off the Ipad it just turns on again ... cannot access anything please helpIts in recovery mode. So you need to restore the ipad. And this will delete everything on th

Free exchange for cracked screen iPad - is this real?

So this girl is saying that her boyfriend got his iPad with cracked screen exchanged for free, and he also got his iPhone 5 replaced for 15 times. She posted it on the 9 of November 2012 and the iPhone just came to Australia on the 12th of September

Full screen ipad app (1024x768)

Hi there, Just trying out Adobe Proto to see if it might be useful for work. However, I want to prototype an iPad app. Is there a way to create a full screen app, that's 1024 x 768 in order to actually replicate an iPad app. The defaults don't seem t

HT3302 replace cracked screen ipad

cracked ipad 2 16gb screen. how much to repair?This is the ipod touch forum. http://www.apple.com/support/service/ Out-of-Warranty Service If you own an iPad that is ineligible for warranty service but is eligible for Out-of-Warranty (OOW) Service, A

Yellow line across screen iPad

What do I do to get rid of yellow line across iPad screen?I had the same issue show up last night. I took the iPad into the Apple Store today, and they swapped it out for a new one; no problem, no hassle.Read other 4 answers

HT1349 Screen iPad (original) will not rotate. Stays in portrait screen? Have powered off and on.

iPad original, screen will not rotate. Tried powering off. Stays in portrait screen.The side switch is the key.  Depending on your settings, it may affect the mute or it may affect the rotation lock.  This support article from Apple provides detail.

Blue screen  iPad air

Blue screen on iPad air ios7!  How I fix it?Try reset iPad Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears Note: Data will not be affected.Read other 9 answers

Dust under the screen Ipad Air

Good day! I have a question - a month ago bought a ipad air and air during operation found that the display frame extends from the body of the device and the screen under the glass dust is present, contact the service center where I confirmed the mar