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pscp command


Receiver adapter OS command does not invoke script

Hi All, I have requirement similar to the one in this thread: Shell Script not getting invoked in File adapter Requirement: PI need to pick the file from source directory on PI server which is Windows 2003 and send it to target directory using SFTP.

System calls using JSP

Hi all, I have the following code in a class file: Process process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("pscp <file> <destination>"); process.waitFor(); Now when this class is executed on command line, it executes fine, but when it is called

Program object doesn't work.

Hi BO experts, I'm going to schedule a batch file to send some files to another file server via pscp command. my code like this, @echo off md d:\pscp PSCP.EXE -1 -2 -batch -q -l ndmp03 -i d:\Putty\mykey.ppk d:\test.txt [email protected]:download/test

Batch file couldn't executes by SQL server agent

I had a batch file which have pscp command and plink command. If i executes the job it goes into infinite loop and executing forever. I tried many things and checked many forums. All forums says we need to create proxy account in SQL server then only

Error while calling pscp.exe through a batch file which is called in SSIS Execute Process Task

Hi, I am using Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, SSIS 2012. I am trying to copy files from a remote location by calling pscp.exe through a batch file (FileCopy.bat at location M:\bin\) which is referenced in a SSIS Execute Process Task. My batch file

Logical command in ABAP.....Urgent

Hi,   i am pretty new using ABAP program so i neeed help urgently. i am trying to move a file on the application server from one directory to the other and i was using the open dataset function to do that. but the file i am trying to move is pretty b

Shell commands in applescript noob

Hi all this is my first post in these forums and I come seeking help with a certain script I'm writing for my current college job. The purpose of the script is to install creative cloud from a server and this is as far as I've got. First I can get as

Issue to write/execute AT-commands for a 3G modem

Dear community, For the past month, I'm searching for some help on this topic without success, "you are my last hope" After modification of the PPP parameters under network preferences (according the clear archive from apple support on this topi

Manage-bde command is not generating recovery key on network location

Hi, I am trying to save the recovery key to the network share location and start up key in the USB drive while enabling bit locker.When the OS drive gets encrypted, the default folder for recovery password shows that it contains 1 file but not gettin

Open and Close a command line exec via OpenG.lib in seperate VIs

Hi, I'm aiming to perform tests on my UUT - over a command line based executable which established a USB connection, so - sendings commands and checking the return string.  So far i'm reusing the pipeNight.vi which is shared in the following post. ht

How to issue print command from report/form server to client printer on web

1) We have a client server application which is to be deployed on the web environment. The reports generated in our application are having a destination type as File. These reports are printed after applying some print format (escape sequences) which

When i click on an excel or word file in 2007 the program begins to open but then an error message says There was a problem sending the command to the program

when i click on an excel or word file in 2007 the program begins to open but then an error message says There was a problem sending the command to the program. i am using office2007  with windows7 premium home edition.  i have checked file associatio

How do I add a close command to multiscreen layouts?

I need to add a close command multiscreen HTML5 screen layouts that will work on multiple platforms and browsers. I have 3 screen layouts defined: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile. These are called by a responsive design web application and display based on t

At a helper's suggestion, I hit Command+up arrow + 4. Ouch. Can't undo resulting view

I was working with a support person at Constant Connect, and to solve a problem I was having, she suggested I hit Command+4+up arrow. I did. All the text in the article I was viewing became tiny, tiny. I now can't get out of this setting.Hi, Tim... C

How to send report output to  two  detinations at a time from command line?

Hi , how to send my report to two detinations at a time from command line i.e FILE and Mail ? i created batchfile in that i mentioned one line for file(DESTYPE=FILE) perpose and another line for mail perpose(DESTYPE=Mail).i don't want to mention to l

Possible to change the datasource from a business-view to a Sql Command ?

Hello, When a business view contains a lot of elements it takes a while just to open the report. We'd like to keep the BV as the dictionnary, but, once the report design completed, we'd like to disconnect the business view and replace it by the Sql c

I can't order more than one picture at a time in iphoto.  I am holding the command key down and highlighting two but only the last one is showing up

Hi, I need help placing an iphoto order online for prints.  I have a few pictures I want in a few sizes and it seems to only allow me to select one at a time.  I have held the command key down but it defaults to the last picture i selected.  I apprec

Using a Variable in SSIS - Error - "Command text was not set for the command object.".

Hi All, I am using a OLE DB Source in my dataflow component and want to select SQL Query from the master table  I have created variables v_Archivequery String packageLevel (to store the query). <Variable Name="V_Archivequery" DataType="S

Error while running a Discoverer Workbook with parameter from command line

I am trying to run a discoverer report from command line and export the results in xls on to my local machine. I could do it fine for a simple workbook, but if I add a parameter(madatory) to the workbook and run it from command line specifying the pa

Using a variable in netsh command to set ip address on NIC

hi friends i wrote an script which gets an input & use that variable to set ip address on NIC. but actually it doesn't set ip address. may you please help me. my script contains: $VMNumber=Read-Host "please enter your VM number (for example 2)&qu