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purchasing group table in sap mm


Puroduct Category, Object Id, Purchase Group Tables of Org Structure

Hi Experts, We have so 1000s of Purchase Group and Hundreds of Product Category and so many Organization units. We want to know who is responsible buyer(s) for a particular Product Category and Object Id. Going through Org Structure (PPOSA_BBP) throu

Email address for purchasing groups in configuration

Hi Gurus, Can anybody please tell me what are teh effects or where do the email addresses appear, i mean what docuemtns (PR,s POs etc) when we maintain the email address for the purchasing groupsin configuration at the following menu path SPRO>MM>pu

Link of purchase group and the buyer name

Hi, Could you anybody let me know the relationship table name for purchase group vs buyer code. Your help will be really appreciated. Regards RifaieWhat is buyer code? i.e produ category Purchase group vs product category relations? in PPOSA_BBP you

How do I assign a user ID to the purchasing group so it shows up on table..

How do I assign a user ID to the purchasing group so it shows up on table T024?  I'm trying to create a STO but am recieving the following error Configuration of User ID is not set up in purchasing group T024 table     Message no. 00398 Diagnosis    

Find Sap Userid based on purchasing group

Hi all I have one doubt in Purchasing group creation in SPRO. Let me know userid based on purchasing group. I know the table T024 but i want sap user id?Hi Any relationship between rolls and purchasing grupRead other 3 answers

Purchase Rebate Process with Vendor - Material Group combination in SAP

Hi Guru's, I have done with Purchase Rebate Process with Material in SAP by doing following steps, Created Agreement Type with Material Rebate Created Rebate Pricing Procedure Created Schema Group, Vendor Maintained  Purchase Rebate Agreement via MEB

Table link between product category and responsible purchase group

Hi Expert, Can anybody tell me if there is a table which contains the link between the product category and its responsible purchase group in SRM 5.0? Best Regards, TomHi TOm Q We have a requirement to read all product categories maintained for purch


I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT HOW TO CREATE A PURCHASING GROUP .Hi Thakkar, Please check this.SPROu201D t-code: IMG - Materials Management - Purchasing - Create Purchasing Group. http://www.sapstudymaterials.com/2010/06/sap-purchasing-group-in-details.html Re

Table linking company code /purchase org/purchase group

Hello All, Please provide me the table(s) which can provide me a link between company code /purchase org/purchase group. Thanks a lot.Hello Ryan, Don't know exactly what you want to do, but tables HRP5500 and HRT5500 give you data from 'Function' tab

Changing auth group of a SAP standard Table

I was wondering if someone could advise what the implications are if I changed the auth group of a SAP standard table (PA0033).  Does it affect programs behind the scenes, support packs, upgrades?I am not aware of any reason why an authorization grou

In which table is the relation stored between purchasing group and user?

it seems to be that a purchasing group is related to an user in the client system i am working for now. I cannot find these relations in HR. In which HRPxxxx is the relation stored? With which transaction can i change the relationship? thanksHello Th

Same Purchasing group assigment to multiple Purchasing Org

Dear all, I am facing an issue in SRM 5.0 in Classic Scenario. In R/3 the freedom exist to assign independently the Purchasing Organization and the Purchasing Group to a PREQ or PO. Then the following lists have been created: <u>PurchORG</u>:

Material Group Link to Purchasing Group

Dears, The client requirement is that they want to link material group to Purchasing group for materials without material master.  Any idea how to do this? Thanks,Hi, I dont think it would be possible in SAP MM through std configuration. May be you h


i need to up load sign based on the purchasing group in to a window so i am passing the purchasing group in a table which has per group and name and getting the name of bitmap file in variable V_name in sub routine and then i am creating a constant w

Purchasing Groups

Hi All I need to run a report showing purchasing groups and the respective purchasing oganisation they belong to. 1. Is there such a report 2. if no report then on which table can this information be found 3. what tables can I join in SAP Query to ge

How to create new plant,purchasing org,purchasing group

hi, how to create: 1. new plant 2. purchasing org 3. purchasing group 4.storage location ... in SAP-GUI rgrds, PiyushHi Piyush, As path has been already provided in previous post. For New Plant : Once you are in define-copy-delete-check plant. select

Purchasing group list for company code

Hi, I s there any way to find out list of Purchasing groups maintained for particular company code.. rgrds....Organizational Structure: Purchasing Group Locate the document in its SAP Library structure Definition A purchasing group corresponds to a b

GOODSMVT_CREATE for movement type 161, Error mg " Enter Purchase group "

Hi Experts, While creating PO for movement type 161 , it doesnu2019t insert the good receipt in SAP . I am getting the error message " Enter the Purchase group" after coming out from the BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE. i tried with movement 101 and it cre

Rules for population of Purchasing Group in PR/PO

Hi, Can someone please clear up the rules on how standard SAP works in terms of the purchasing group field in either a PR/PO. In short, a material master exists and a PIR. When the PR is created the purchasing group is populated from the material mas

Vendors per purchasing group

Hello How can I get a list over vendors per purchasing group in SAP? The solutions I've read about here in the past does not work. regards Andréassignment of purchasing group to vendors is not best practice and never saw it anywhere the field in LFM1