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Output to command line in Linux with built exe

Hi Folks, Here's an interesting challenge... I've got a VI that a customer wants to use as a command line utility in Linux.  I've gotten command line arguments in without any problem.  However, I can't seem to figure out how to get strings back out t

No output on command line

Hi, I am trying to see output after it got executed.I dont see anything on command line after it got executed. Thanks Chat import java.io.*; public class GetRuntime {            public static void main(String args[]){             try {               

Tabular Output on command line

Hi, I have to display some attributes and their values in tabular form and the ouptput has to be written to command prompt i.e. i execute a certain command from command prompt and whatever result is obtained has to be displayed again on command promp

Getting command line output dynamically

I am executing one command line argument through WPF application but not getting any output of command line execution. But if I will execute same command through command line manually then getting out put. I am using synchronous operation and below c

How to output instructions to the command line?

How can I make my java program give instructions to the command line, eg to execute programs with command line parameters?How can I make my java program give instructions to the command line, eg to execute programs with command line parameters? well

Running jar files from the command line

I have always felt it would be useful to run a jar file from th command line in EXACTLY the same way as an EXE. On some systems, typing MYAPP.JAR will run the app, but doesn't output and command line data, so it only works for GUI apps. I've come up

Use Applescript variable in Python command line

Using automator Python Shell Output -> [1,2,3,4,5] goes to Applescript Run Applescript -> on run {input}     set seq_list_appscript to {}     do shell script "python -c 'for s in input: print s'" end run it doesn't work . . . how can I cal

Capturing the output of a os command line

I need to capture the output of a os command line executed from one java program and I don't know how can do it. For example: Runtime.getRuntime().exec("hostid");Your suggestion worked very well, just in case that this could interest somebody, t

Unix command Line input and output

Has anybody used Forte for now window application. Passing values through command line and get put as a return value. I am able to call Forte and pass input values but I do not know who to get the return value. Here is the shell script that I am runn

Mashed/compressed command line output

This is rather hard to describe, but after installing Arch on a new machine not long ago, I noticed that in the output of certain programs, some characters were partially or entirely hidden behind others.  That is, it appears that certain letters are

How to execute some code in command line, and read its output?

I'v found here http://www.sap-advisor.com/abap-coding/how-to-execute-operating-system-commands-from-within-sap/ that I can execute commands from the windows command line for example inside SAP. But I want to take it one step further and read its outp

RH9 - Any idea why generating printable output from the Command Line doesn't include images?

I have a batch file that creates a printable output of our main documentation broken up into 36 separate documents, 1 per chapter. Each chapter is a separate layout. I realize that RH has its own Batch building process, but the reason for me doing it

Parsing java command line output to a gui

Dear All, I am trying to implement a search engine for a project, i have a java file called Searcher.java, which searches for a particular text or sentence and gives the output based on the number of hits on a particular document, the document with t

Command Line Output Directory

I am trying to generate my help files through the commanline utitlity via a bat file. Here is my bat file... rem Generates the System output files :START "c:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 8\RoboHTML\RHCL.exe" "c:\Projects\myProj\1.0.0\

SQLPLUS - redirection of output/command line

I would like to send SQL-commands to Oracle 8.0.5 from a BATCH command line interface. I have by trial and error found the following to work in SQLPlus for Oracle 8.0.5 SQLPLUS <userid>/<password>@<MACHINE> @<input.sql> However, th

How to write an output of a VI/exe to command line before quitting

how to write an output of a VI/exe to command line or standard output before exiting the programYou can use "System Exec.vi" in the Communication pallete. (6.1 and 7.0) Daniel L. Press PrimeTest Corp. www.primetest.comRead other 4 answers

Schedule a task on window 7 command line for running a Python script

I have a Python script. 1. if I directly run it on the command line: python pythonscript.py it is working. 2. I want to run it every 30 minutes, I created a schtasks like this: 2.1 schtasks /create /tn "myTask" /tr "C:\python27\python.exe P

Capturing command line output to a file possible?

Hi, i am in need of capturing the command line output to a txt file and need some suggestions on how to do it. I have two classes, class A is the one with all the methods and outputs text to the command line (using System.out.print). class B is the o

Output value to command line from LabView?

Greetings, What is easiest way to return a string (code + message) from LabView to a windows command line?  CIN? dll?  If I need to create a dll (or lsb file for CIN), can I use Cygwin or Mingw?  I would rather not purchase a separate compiler merely

How to send report output to  two  detinations at a time from command line?

Hi , how to send my report to two detinations at a time from command line i.e FILE and Mail ? i created batchfile in that i mentioned one line for file(DESTYPE=FILE) perpose and another line for mail perpose(DESTYPE=Mail).i don't want to mention to l