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Output in Customer Language for Service Dispatch Note Smart form

We have upgraded from ECC 5.0 to ECC 6.0. After the upgrade we are facing an issue in some of our Service related smart forms. The version of the driver program is same in both the systems and the smart form is also same. The customer's language is m

Creating a new custom language code?

Hi! What would be the process to create a new custom language code to MDMP enabled SAP (6.20)? And the same question for a Unicode system ECC6.0? The new language (let's call it ZZ) would be an exact copy of Chinese language ZH. As far as I have unde

Language switched from English to Danish

When my wife first attached her iPhone to her Mac (running iTunes 9), the language switched from English to Danish. After syncing, she reset the language back to English. But why? A known problem? I did the same thing with my iPhone and Mac, and did

How to integrate Material Descriptions with Custom Language codes

I am working on the materials integration - ECC to C4C. The material descriptions have additional custom language codes (Z1, Z2, etc) to store additional descriptions. 1. How can we adjust our integration in C4C to take those additional descriptions

Printer selection as per customer language

hi, As per requirment for the cutomer complain printer is set as per customer language If the customer is from china it select chinies printer and for turkey customer it select the turkish language, without doing mannual change the customer language

Custom language for xcode

Hi, Is there a relatively easy way to add a custom language to xcode?  (templates, syntax highlighting, etc.) I often work in "R", a statistical programming language and would love to use xcode to write my code. Thanks!noah977 wrote: XCode must

Create Custom Languages for DVD

Hi... We are creating complex DVD's which use multiple Video and Audio angles. Audio angles give you the option of selecting a language for each track. My question: Is there a way to create a custom language Name... so instead of English, we call it

Change Language Switching Shortcut in Windows 8

Language switching shortcut is set to "Win + Space", but I want to disable win key through registry and remap the "Win + Space" to "left Ctrl + Space" as Windows 7, which is not listed under "Change langrage bar hot keys

Language switching shortcut is really slow

Hi! I'm using Cyrillic and Canadian English languages on my MacBook Pro. I set up a shortcut (Command+Space) to switch between them (Spotlight shortcut is disabled). The problem is that switching is painfully slow. When I hit the shortcut it takes ab

Custom Language text

Hi All, How to add custom language texts for use in the logon page component? Can any help me. -VenkatHi, Please navigate to the following path usr/sap/instance/JC00/j2ee/cluster/server0/apps/sap.com/irj/servet_jsp/irj/root/web-inf/portal/portalapps/

Siri language switch?

As a multilingual person, living in a multilingual country, I use daily three to four languages, switching according to the person I talk to. Siri is currently capable to understand and speak three of them; however switching between them needs a visi

Custom column in a list view web part for a multilingual site does not take on custom language labels. Stays in default language.

Hello all, I have what so far appears to be a fairly unique problem.  We are running a multilingual SharePoint 2010 environment with English as the default language and French as the secondary.  We have setup the sites in a variance relationship, but

Unwanted keyboard language switch when Firefox/Thunderbird is selected

Here is a problem that I think I've had in the past, but I just can't recall how I resolved it, or find any references to it in the forum archives: Recently I reconfigured the keyboard language input menu because I switched to a different keyboard; i

Dynamic language switching

HI, there is a way to make a text in a edge project switch to foreign languages on load? maybe with external XML and javascript? I have to make a web app with edge in more than one language and I can't make a copy of the html for any of language in o

Cc desktop app crashs after language switch, cant be removed, cant be installed again

2nd big trouble after beeing in the c.cloud for some weeks now.. I haven't seen the Adobe.forums in all the years as a customer so often before as I did in the last weeks.. What did happen? I have swichted the language in the cc desktop app from Germ

Keyboard UI improvement request: A better Language Switch is really needed!

Hello Support, In bilingual environment like I have in Russia, current Lang Switch is definitely the weakest part of on-screen keyboard, which is disastrous to otherwise excellent typing experience. Please consider changing that so that one-step (NOT

Automatic language switch [Angry poster]

I've just finished my Spanish homework in my 2013 Microsoft Word, and it wasn't pleasant. I study Biochemistry along with English, Spanish, German and my native language. What gets me worked up and really has me table-flipping angry, is that every ti

Language switching

My wife has to stay home for health reason and she got a hold of my windows laptop and got malware even though she normally is cautious but....now that I need a new laptop it make's me thinking into swapping to a macbook pro instead of a Windows mach

Language switched to Arabic

I know this has been asked repeatedly, but the answers have not been helpful to me.  It does not help to show me screenshots in English when the Arabic toolbar has more links that the English one and nothing matches up.  If using screenshots, please

Custom control switch

Hi, I'm a relatively experienced Labview user, but i have never created my own custom controls. I need to make a 2 pole switch control for a front panel to indicate signal paths. I have done some reading on the ni website about creating or modifying