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Error while running a query-Input for variable 'Posting Period is invalid

Hi All, NOTE: This error is only cropping up when I input 12 in the posting period variable selection. If I put in any other value from 1-11 I am not getting any errors. Any ideas why this might be happening? I am getting the following error when I t

Logical database in adhoc query

Hello All, Can anyone tell me what is the logical database in adhoc query?Hi When you create a query , you have to select an infoset. Infoset can be considered as a source from which data is populated in the Query Fields. Infosets are created from Tr

Query help on Goods Receipt Query with AP Invoice

Looking for a little help on a query.  I would like to list all the goods receipts for a given date range and then display the AP Invoice information (if its been copied to an AP Invoice).  I think my problem is in my where clause, I plagerized an SA

Can you check for data in one table or another but not both in one query?

I have a situation where I need to link two tables together but the data may be in another (archive) table or different records are in both but I want the latest record from either table: ACCOUNT AccountID     Name    123               John Doe 124  

Query help : Query to get values SYSDATE-1 18:00 hrs to SYSDATE 08:00 hrs

Hi Team I want the SQl query to get the data for the following comparison : - Order Created is a Date Column , and i want to find out all the values from (SYSDATE-1) 18:00 hours to SYSDATE 08:00 hours i.e. (SYSDATE-1) 18:00:00 < Order.Created < SYSD

Query help, subtract two query parts

Hi, I am beginner of PL/SQL and have a problem I couldn't solve: Table (op_list): Item     -     Amount -     Status Item1     -     10     -     in Item2     -     12     -     in Item3     -     7     -     in Item1     -     2     -     out Item2 

Query help: query to return column that represents multiple rows

I have a table with a name and location column. The same name can occur multiple times with any arbitrary location, i.e. duplicates are allowed. I need a query to find all names that occur in both of two separate locations. For example, bob usa bob m

QUERY HELP!!! trying to create a query

i'm creating a summary report i have a table with sale dates for example i have a table tab_1 and column saleDate as saleDat 1923 1936 1945 2003 2005 saleDate contains years and there are some missing years where no sale was made My report has to dis

IF statement in Query

Hi I have a query / recordset that  would be looking at 12000 rows in a database and 10 different variables and potential filters chosen by end users. Should I put 10 wild card / url Where statements in my recordset query or should I put IF statement

IF and ABS condition statement in BEX query designer

Hi, I would like to ask the best way for me to produce an acceptable result from Excel IF and ABS Condition statement. The condition statement that I have on my Excel file is =IF((A2-B2)>0,ABS(A2-B2),0) I'm trying multiple times to reproduce this in

Text value is not getting displayed in Query designer !!

Dear experts.., i have created a new query in query designer using my info provider and then selected one field in default value and then trying to restrict that particular field while selecting the restriction in query designer am getting the exact

Master data is not getting displayed in the Query Designer

Hi, I have a DSO in which I have an InfoObject called Emp No. in the Data Field. The Emp.No is being maintained as master with (Emp Name, Address, Telephone No, DOB) as attributes. I have loaded the data in the Emp. No. master. Then tried loading the

A keyfigure is not getting displayed in the DSO and query

hi friends, i have newly developed a DSO with 11 keyfigures and with some 10 characteristics. i created DTP , transformations etc., and i loaded data into it and activated it succesfully. now when i select  display data of this DSO one of my keygure

Media query does not work on my iPad (Was: media query question)

I am coding a site for mobile/tablet/desktop and while my desktop and iphone respond to the CSS, my ipad does not. The changes I make to the tablet in dreamweaver take, but when they go live the ipad does not respond. Obviously my media query must be

Data view in Query

Hi, My Data flow has 4 dso's and 1 cube. There are some common fields in 4 dso's. It was a 3.5 flow and I have migrated to BI7.0. SOme of the mapping were proposed by itself but some are not. Now my question is How the data would be viewed at query l

Problem with LIMIT in my query...

I am sending this query with JSP to my Oracle database: SELECT pub, class, startdate, adtext FROM classifieds WHERE (pub='KWR') AND (startdate<='03-Jan-02') ORDER BY pub LIMIT 0, 25 I keep getting the error: "Exception=java.sql.SQLException: ORA-0

Error while trying to Open and Delete a BEx Query in Query Designer.

Hi Experts, I have been facing this issue with BEx Query in Designer mode for a couple of days now in Development Environment in BI 7.0. I would like to Delete an unwanted BEx Query because I need to give it's name to another BEx Query. Whenever I tr

Need to create report query to get latest open and last closed period for given application

Hi All, I need to create a report query to get below result displayed in report output. 1)   -   Application name 2)   -    Ledger name -o/  -Operating Unit 3)   -  Last Closed Period 4)   -  Current Open Period 5)   -  Date Closed – Last Closed Peri

Help with Query

Hi All, our auditors wanted a report, basically FBL3N + the vendor name, i tried using tcode O758 to just add the vendor number there but looks like i have to add in BSEG inorder for it to appear in O758. so i created a query which does this. I was a

Updation query

Hi, Working on EBS Version : i am using pl/sql to update status please see the below posted query declare cursor c is select k.quote_number, k.quote_version, k.status, asq.status_code, asq.quote_status_id from k_quote k, aso_quote_headers_a