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Difference between BAG and SET

Difference between BAG and SET.... SET--->is collection of objects |....>contains no order |....>allows no duplicate BAG---->??????? Can any one explain this.... Thank you...[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiset]Read other 2 answers

Lenovo n200 3000 0769-BAG vista camera driver?

Hello my friends. I have Lenovo n200 3000 0769-BAG model laptop. My operating system is vista home basic x86. My integrated camera doesn't works sometimes. This event happens frequently at now. The camera driver is not original, it is automatically i

Lenovo 3000 N200 ( 0769- A63) 0769 BAG processor upgrade limit and type

i have folloing system properties TYPE 0769-A63 07/12 Name Lenovo 3000 N200 Notebook (0769-A63) Specs Based on 0769-BAG: T2330(1.6GHz), 2GB RAM, 120GB 5400rpm HD, 15.4in 1280x800 LCD, Intel X3100, CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11abg wireless, Bluetooth, Mode

My iphone 5 is water damaged but its only the screen thats not working i cannot do anything except hold the home button which makes the siri noise,i put my phone in a bag of rice for like 20hrs and its still in their is there a way to fix the screen?

what should i do please someone help me, I live in UK so how much will it cost to get a screen replacement or will they just replace my phone? but its just my screen so yeah please help. its in a bag of rice and it works fine only the screen is not d

Need advice on whether to build a traditional database layout or a property bag lookup format for new application?

Hi, This may be a little of an open ended question, but Id like to ask the crowd as I have a delema to whether or not to use a standard database design or a propertybag/flatfile format and transform the information within my application? THE SITUATIO

Delivery document is in UOM bags but should be invoiced in kilos

Hi Experts! Please help me on this matter. My client's situation is that a delivery document was created wherein the sales UOM is in bags and the unit price was in bags.  However, when the time of the invoicing came, the client's customer wants to be

I dropped my iPhone in water for about 30 seconds. The sounds and everything works fine, and I'm getting all text and email notifications however the screen is black. Also, I can see water that is stuck in the camera. I have the phone in a bag of rice

Dropped my phone in water. Sound and vibrations are working but screen won't turn on. I can see a little water in the camera. I currently have the phone in a bag of rice. HELP! :)Leave it in the rice for 6 or 7 days changing rice even couple of days.

How do I integrate Configurator and iPad Electronic Flight Bags with applications that utilize a third-party license and subscription that is outside of iTunes?

I am the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) Manager for a small aviation company that are using 10 iPad with Retina Display as approved in-cockpit EFBs.  Our plan is to configure and manage these iPad EFBs with Apple Configurator 1.3.  We also use 2 third-p

I accidentally dropped macbook air that was in a book bag. The keyboard is working because I can see the light but the screen is black and it won't turn off. How should I fix this? Please Help ME!!

I accidentally dropped my friend's macbook air that was in a book bag. The keyboard is working because I can see the light but the screen is black and it won't turn off. How should I fix this? Please Help ME!! I tried to turn it off and it didn't wor

I'm using ipod touch for a year now. I was using this morning and suddenly the ipod doesn't work at all maybe it got wet from my bag but there wasn't wet stuff in there. and itunes said iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode. please help me

I'm using iPod touch for a year now. It was doing fine this morning but in the afternoon suddenly when I took it out of my bag, the screen was just black and it wouldn't turn on and stuff. So I thought it didn't have battery so I charged it didn't wo

HT5706 I have not used my apple tv in a few years, and just got it out of the bag. I connected it up, and it cannot set date, time.  it also does not interact with the remote.  Could it be as simple as a new batter is needed for remote?

I have not used my Apple TV in a few years, and just got it out of the bag to use on a new TV.  I connected it up to power and with an HDMI cable toTV.  It attempts to set date and time and cannot.  I cannot get the remote to interact with the box al

New 17" MBP, any ideas on a nice easy-to-use bag that will protect the MPB

Does anybody know if the new magic mouse and the wireless keyboard work and work well with the latest editions of MBPs? I guess I will ask while I am here. I need a nice bag to protect the MBP since there will e days I can use the 13' and days I will

What program caused this error message with a pic of coins and money bag?

Today I was running the following programs: Mail.app TextWrangler Safari iTunes I was composing an email when an error message popped up. It was a small self-contained window with an image of coins and a money bag on the left side and text that read:

Accidentally and stupidly dropped phone in sink while it was running.  Phone works, but blue stuff on bottom of screen.  Left in bag of rice for 12 hours, no change.  Should I leave in longer or try something else?

Yesterday evening I accidentally dropped my iphone 5s in the sink while it was running.  I immediately removed it and it started acting funny (sreen would turn on and off on it's own).  It stopped doing that and was working fine.  However, shortly af

Why does my MacBook Pro make sounds when I put it in my bag?

I am a first time Mac user and have only had my MacBook Pro for a few weeks.  When I put it my back to carry with me to work, it makes a sound like something is running even though I have shut it down.  Can anyone help me, I dont want to mess up a gr

ITunes 11 is a bag of hurt in Snow Leopard (multiple bugs) - Fixes? Workarounds?

iTunes 11 is a bag of hurt in Snow Leopard (multiple bugs) - Fixes? Workarounds? I had been using iTunes 11.0.2 in Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on early 2011 Mac Book Pro. When I went to iTunes store on August 1, it would no longer display the iTunes store, i

Bridge CS6 metadata palette not creating bag array

I am having trouble getting a custom XML Bridge metadata palette to write bag arrays. What I want is: <dcterms:subject>     <rdf:Bag>        <rdf:li>term 1</rdf:li>        <rdf:li>term 2</rdf:li>        <rdf:li>te

I'm looking for a case/bag for the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display - any suggestions?

As the title says, I'm looking for a case or bag for the new MBP w/ Retina Display. I'd prefer either a sleeve or a backpack designed for it - not having any luck finding sleeves that are made for the MBP w/ Retina Display, and I'm thinking the ones

Number of Bags field

I would like to using Number of Bags field for MIGO T code Transactions.but i am not getting Tables for these field.please tell me where it is savedHi, You can do it with inbound deliveries, althought it will be more complex for the end-use (more ste

Mixed bag  1.     I have a security app on my computer, Flashbrief.  I have it checked in the hide column but whenever I turn on the computer it appears in the top menu line.  2.     Whenever I turn on the computer, a new blank document window in MS Word

mixed bag 1.         I have a security app on my computer, Flashbrief. I have it checked in the hide column but whenever I turn on the computerit appears in the top menu line. 2.         Whenever Iturn on the computer, a new blank document window in