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Does the RT Image create and apply function include FPGA bitfile

Hi,     Does the RT Image create and apply function include FPGA bitfile? Does it deploy FPGA bifile to the FPGA target automatically?     Thanks!     TomHowever, can't you do the following:Use open FPGA VI reference within your RT app and point it t

Applying functions to XML output in Data Grid

Hi All, I am currently feeding a datagrid with XML generated from php. I am constructing the grid using a table similar to the Products Demo. I could do with formatting some of this output, ideally with a PHP funtion or a javascript function. An exam

Is there a way to simplify this? applying functions to 16 channels - software trigger

hey, at first I want to appologize for hurting everybodies eyes. Today I ended up with a pretty weird VI and I was wondering if there is any way to do this a littler easier. Basicly I want to acquire 16 channels from a device. Unfortunately the devic

Applying functions to database fields when querying for a form field

Hi, how is it possible to apply trim() or another method to the content of a database field when a query is initiated? The actual problem is that there are entries in the database which are entailed by a blank and, because the user is not aware of th

Illustrator 5.5:  Brush texture wont respond when applied to a vector line.

Brush Texture won't respond when I apply it to a line. Does anyone have a similar problem?Do you have a printer chosen, if not choose one or chosoe another if you can. Try resetting your prefernces by immediatley after booting hold down Shift CMD Opt

Applying function to graph, help please..!

Hey Guys,  I am very new to LabView and do not even know how do I construct the question but I´ll explain it here. I am using LabView 8.5 combined with UV-Vis spectrometer to take the readings of absorption against time of a reaction mixture. The rea

Functions applied to BW Objects in Designer

Hi All, I have cubes in BW that I want to Query in Webi The structures appears in Designer, and the question is can I apply Functions to the Objects representing the structures? With Relational RDBMS, I can use SQL functions, but with BW Queries, I h

How can I live without vector paint?

hey everyone I use the vector paint plugin in AECS3 to create hand-drawn style line art animations. I use vector paint applied to a solid together with my wacom cintiq to draw lines freehand. sometimes I use the 'animate strokes' setting within vecto

How to find a String in a Vector???

Hi!! Thanks in advance for read this post. I have a little problem... please help me. I need to find if a String exists or not in a Vector. The vector is a list of results from a database. Here goes my code: <html> ... html code ... <% int IdClas

How to pass javascript variable to jsp function

i want to check which table header (that is <th> in html )is clicked and based on that a jsp funtion do a query in database and should show records in sorted way according to which column head is clicked. Table is created in html. My function is Vec

Using php string function on update and/or insert

So, for instance, I want to place a month/day in a column but I want the insert or update to strip out any forward-slash character that might be submitted. How do I get str_replace() to be applied on insert or update to prevent the insertion of a for

Vector instructions in GCC 4.04

I am trying to write an optimized routine using 32 bit vector instructions on a v9 sparc. Using the inforamtion below I have been unable to convince gcc 3.4.6 or gcc 4.0.4 to emilt a vector fpadd instruction - it always just emits 2 32 bit add instru

Keynote 6.0 vector smart object conversion to Photoshop CS6

Hi, I upgraded to OS 10.9 and Keynote 6.0. In the previous version of Keynote, I was able to easily paste Keynote content (words, shapes, charts) into Photoshop CS6 & Illustrator CS6 as vector objects, of which the elements could be independently man

Does illustrator cs4 draw in vector?

Hello I am looking to buy what adobe program I need, I was told adobe illustrator is a vector drawing program. Ok so my question is does that mean it is only capable of converting to vector or does that mean that if i start a new document (ANY TYPE O

Motion and Vector Space Question

I have an x-axis stage and a y-axis stage with 2 different leadscrew pitches, i.e.: one table has a 5 turns per inch leadscrew and the other has a 50 turn per inch leadscrew. Consequently, the stepper motors attached have to operate at different spee

Use functions in parameters?

Hi, is it possible to use functions in a parameter? We use a parameter for a field from an Oracle database - the values in this field are stored as "Employee ID - Employee Name"; however, we only would like to see the name, not the id in the par

Difference in functional modules

Dear all, What is the difference between functional modules FI_period_Determine and Period_day_Determine? Under which scenarios they are used? Thanks and Regards, vijayhi To check whether Posting date belongs to closed period we can use 2 FM's in seq

Custom Function in a Sequence Not Working

Hi All, We have defined a Custom Function and it has got a class (ZCL_IP_DERIVE_XXX_XXXX). Further, in the IF_RSPLFA_SRVTYPE_IMP_EXEC_REF~EXECUTE method of this class, we have defined a logic of appying a new Index (Sales Curve) and the forecast valu

XML export, while applying XSLT, gives a jumbled mess

From InDesign, I export to XML and apply an XSLT which transforms it into HTML. Trying to edit the document is almost impossible because the whole thing is a few giant lines of code. What's going on with this behaviour? Can Dreamweaver view it correc

Bezigon tool (or function)

A frequent function in vector tools is to draw a straight line and, while holding the mouse, drag the point to the desired position before dropping and fixing it. (unlike the dragging of the pen tool that modifies the handles of the point) Freehand's