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VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop Benchmark Comparison

This is a quickie benchmark of VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop using Super PI, PC Mark 05, and Passmark. VMWare Fusion 36932 Parallels Desktop 3094 Beta 2 Notes: Both virtual machines were allocated with large 10+ GB virtual disks and 640MB of RA

MSI R9 280 Gaming 3G won't boost - stuck at 827mhz

Hi all, I used DDU to remove my Nvidia driver in safe mode, I then fitted the 280 and booted into windows and installed the latest AMD 14.9 WHQL driver. I tested the card in Unigine Heaven as I do with all new cards, using MSI Afterburner for monitor

Benchmarks: Dynamic Overclocking on the P965 Neo-F is a big lie!

I've just upgraded to the 1.5 BIOS and decided to run some benchmarks. What I found was interesting, so I thought I'd share: I set the DOC function to General, which should give a 15% boost to the FSB when the processor is under heavy load. I wanted

Best Practice of DMS in Auto-Industry & benchmarks

Hi Experts, what is the best practice in DMS for auto-induastry? Also we need centralized server and cache servers at plant level. what will be the best practice? and archiving solutions? what is benchmark for defining content and cache server size?

Problem with my MSI 290x gaming 4g performance in unigine valley benchmark.

First im dutch(netherlands) so sorry for my maybe bad english. My system is: Asus p8z77 v deluxe mb intel 3770k cpu 16gb ram 1866 Corsair 2x ssd 256 gb OCZ MSI 290x gaming win7 64bit ultimate. When i came home with my card i removed my old 7970 and r

GT70 2PC: 870M does not activate, benchmarks and performance ingame confirm this

I bought myself a GT70 2PC Dominator (the SSD version) with an 870M inside, and after starting several games, checking benchmarks and comparing framerates to my current desktop machine (which has an i5 2500K and a GTX 770), I find that, even after co

Poor performance by Matlab and Windows benchmark tests

Hello I have a Lenovo Thinkpad W520 with Windows 7 64bit installed. Compared to other Notebooks with comparable hardware, my Lenovo is very slow. To prove my thought, I carried through a Matlab (64bit) benchmark test and the Windows 7 benchmark test.

HT4436 Since installing Ios7 280 music tunes out of a total of 360 will now only play when I'm within range of WiFi. How can I get them back on my Iphone 4s and scrap this stupid icloud that I did not want or ask for in the first place.

Since installing Ios7   280 music tunes out of a total of 360 will now only play when I'm within range of WiFi. The remainder now appear with the stupid Icloud logo beside them. How can I get them back on my Iphone 4s and scrap this stupid icloud tha

How do I speak with customer service above 'manager' title-- Incorrectly charged $280 and finally refunded most of it after many hours, disconnects and transfers!

I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for 11+ years.  My monthly payments are usually in the $275 range which includes usage for phones and 2 tablets for my family.  That's a lot of $ each year! I am self employed.  My biz slows considerably in the

Zoom 200 vs 280 vs 400 do I need that much???

Of course this is about the 70-200 (with extender) vs 100-400 lens. I have read the forums and it feels like in reality it would just be a toss up.  This is an expensive choice and I would like to make the best decision possible for my situation. Her

Performanc​e benchmark

Hi, I would like to do some performance benchmarking using Xmath and SystemBuild.  Matlab has a tic/toc function, and for Simulink there's model callback. Is there a similar function in both Xmath and SystemBuild? Thankspkad, Another thing you might

Error in setting up debugging: Source not found for Catalina.createStartDigester() line: 280

I am trying to set up the development environment using Portal (5.0.4), Eclipse and Tomcat-4.1.30-LE. I've set up Eclipse according to the instruction of "Debugging portal source code: Eclipse". I got the following error when I select "Run

I am using Pages 4.3. I created a Document using Pages 4.3 that is 280 MB (it is 350 pages long). Will I be able to open it in Pages 5.0?

I am using Pages 4.3. I created a Document using Pages 4.3 that is 280 MB (it is 350 pages long). Will I be able to open it in Pages 5.0?Hi, WARNING it´s impossible (for me) to open Pages 5 documents in Pages 4, which is absolutely no go. You can ope

Nvidia 180.22: mrxvt transparency and reasonable benchmarks

I just got a 9800GT a few days ago. Just now I upgraded from 173.X nVidia drivers to the newest 180 in the repositories. Two questions: 1) The tabbar transparency in MRXVT has been messed up with the driver upgrade. When I was using 173, it was fine,

Are there any performance benchmark tools for Flash?

I am looking to benchmark Flash on various computers that I use.  I was surprised that the performance of Adobe Flash on my Intel i5 computer running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit OS and IE 10 was MUCH WORSE than running on a Windows 7 Pro 32-bit on an Intel

After Effects Multi-Core Benchmarks

I have been doing some testing trying to figure out how fast after effects renders and how to help it render faster. So far i have been very dissapointed with the results. no matter how much money we spend buying the fastest systems we can i cant see

How to install oracle 9i report server on sun sparc 280 system

hello to all may i get any help to install report server on the sun sparc 280 R system which is running oracle 9i database,forms and reports thanks in adv. Mohanhello, what kind of information are you looing for abve and beyond whats documented in th

Can't install either Xp or Vista on sistem with MSI 280 GTX OC!

I purchase one graphic card 280 GTX OC made by MSI, and with that I change everything in my comp., like proc., MB, DDR2, PSU, all are new. I have first a compatibility problem: my old MB its not supporting the new 45 mn Intel proc., and my "old"

X Server won't start with R9 280 without backtrace

I got a mini ITX based PC with Intel chipset and CPU. I am using an AMD R9 280 GPU with the xf86-video-ati driver. When I try to startx I get the following log (in ~/.local/share/xorg/): [  1592.664] X.Org X Server 1.16.2 Release Date: 2014-11-10 [ 

Where can I find a downloadable benchmark for the MacBook Pro?

I have a 2013 MacBook Pro and a 2006 Mac Pro. I am thinking of dumping the Mac Pro and make my MacBook my one and only computer. I want to run a benchmark on each system to see what I am trading off with this plan. Where can I find a downloadable ben