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Get Idoc Types Processed by Jobs Running Programs RBDAPP01 or RBDMANI2

Hi Everyone! I would just like to ask if there is a way I can identify all background jobs which are processing a specific idoc type in SAP? For example, I want to get the Jobs that are processing inbound idoc type WMMBXY using program RBDAPP01 or RB

Idoc processing best practices - use of RBDAPP01 and RBDMANI2

We are having performance problems in the processing of inbound idocs.  The message type is SHPCON, and transaction volume is very high.  I am a functional consultant, not an ABAP developer, but will try my best to explain our current setup. 1)     W

RBDMANI2 for IDOCs in error not working in Background..

Dear All,     We have an ALE-IDOC scenario in which our IDOC gets posted in the destination system with status 51 as per business reqt. We schedule a job in the background using program RBDMANI2 which is used to manually reprocess IDOCS in error.    

Workflow is not triggered via program RBDMANI2

Hi, We have a Workflow that triggers when an IDOC ends up in an error. It works fine when the IDOC is posted through XI and also when processed from WE19. When we try to re process through the Program RBDMANI2 the even is not triggered. Business Obje

RBDMANI2 Idoc Reprocessing IDOC Failure Notification

Hi SAP Friends, I developed an inbound interface for LIV electronic invoice(MIRO) with basic type INVOIC02. At present everything going smooth. i scheduled a background job with the program RBDMANI2 to reprocess the failed IDOCS. i.e if any failed id

Status Errors In RBDMANI2

I am currently experiencing a problem in using program RBDMANI2 to reprocess some failed IDOCs whereby the status message is being appended to the wrong IDOC.  For example, IDOC no 1234 fails, as does IDOC 1235.  Periodically, RBDMANI2 is run in batc

RBDMANI2 Program

Hi All, I am using the program RBDMANI2 for processing the errored IDocs in 51 status for CUSTOMER MASTER. This is the following statement that i have written for it.. submit rbdmani2 with selection-table a02_rspar                  with mestyp eq c_d

Problem with RBDMANI2

Hi, We have scheduled RBDMANI2 (1 hr) for posting error idocs,but the problem is with the custom inbound function module which actually creates  BDC session for posting . So each time when RBDMANI2 tries to re process the error idocs which have statu

Problem with user exit EXIT_SAPLIEDI_001 for Inbound Idocs in replacing G/L

Hello all, I am currently facing an issue where my IDOC where exit EXIT_SAPLIEDI_001 is not appearing to work properly. Basically I am using the FM that processes the inbound idoc (IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_FI) to post an accounting document. We needed a sol

EDI - Incoming Invoice Error and GR based Invoice Verification - 51 No GR

Hi, We are implementing EDI for incoming invoices and use Goods Receipts based Invoice Verification.  When processing an inbound IDOC Invoice (type INVOIC01) where the Goods Receipt has not yet been posted, then Inbound IDOC is siiting at Error Statu

Creation of settlement rules for WBS element

Hi, Iam having problem when creating the settlement rules for WBS elements. The business goes like this. We have XI interface which creates the Idocs and an inbound program(customized) to process the Idocs. When the Inbound program is run the WBS ele

IDOC data transfer between 2 SAP Clients on same system

HI All, i was transferring data through standard IDOC from table A609 in client 100(say) to client 301(say). Sender    u2013 100  (sender side) Receiver u2013 301  (receiver side) I did all configurations that were required for transferring data. But

Calling BD87 transaction in a workflow

Hi expert,                     I have to send a mail into sap inbox from my workflow when user accept the mail it will  call BD87 transaction.can anyone tell me how can I do this? because I am new in workflow? One more thing is there any satandard ev

RBDAP001 causing a short dump when submitted in a FM for IDOC processing

Hi All Gurus, I have a situation wherein I need to automate the processing of failed INBOUND IDOCS. So the status of failed IDOCS could be 51 or 64 or anything like that. I tried using statement 'SUBMIT RBDAP001 with......'. in a custom FM , however

Customer Master IDOC

Hi all, I am new to IDOCS. And i have some knowledge regarding the same. Now i had a requirement to send as well as obtain customers from other system. So can i know how can i procceed. Please can any body explain me step by step how to do In-bound a

File to idocs - sequence of inbound processing

Hi everybody, we have a file to (2) idocs scenario. In XI we map the received data of vendors into two idocs (adrmas and cremas). After building the idocs we send them in that sequence to the reveiver systems (recommended). The problem is that in the

Reprocess the IDOC without using BD87

Can I  reprocess an idoc through a zreport in the background. can i use the program behind BD87 and use a submit statement? But BD87 genertes an output from which you have pick your idoc and reprocess it manually. Thanks, krishna.hi , See the status

Dynamic variant - time variable

Hello! I want to create a variant for an IDoc housekeeping program (rbdmani2) and I want to save the following in a program variant: For the current date (I have managed to use a dynamic variable for this) and IDocs created in the past hour, i.e. the

Account 1103535 is currently blocked by user ALE_RFC_COMM

We are receiving this error occasionally when processing CREMAS IDocs. We are receiving the IDoc from PI and processing through ALE. Occurring at the same time we have DEBMAS IDocs coming into the system through Crossworlds being processed by a user

Invoice BLOCK & HOLD through EDI Processing

Hi SAP Gurus, Can you please let me know as to how to BLOCK & HOLD Invoices while processing through EDI. Regards, YasirHi , You can use the program   RBDMANI2   which will reprocess all the IDOCs (EDIinvoices )that have failed . You can schedule thi