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react native image uri not working


Launch native air app(desktop) using URI scheme

Have a air application for handling files. Is it possible to launch using URI. The same question has been asked on stack overflow without definite answer http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8956316/open-a-native-air-app-via-urlIt does have half an ans

Getting the URI of a drop into a native folder

I am making an FTP program where I have FileIcons that represent Files on the FTPServer. I am using my own TransferHandler to handle dropping FileIcons from my JFrame onto the native desktop. The way that my program works now is, I initiate the drag

Keyboard won't react when in landscape mode on SMS?

Hi There. I updated my 5S to the IOS8. After that, I had problems when writing an SMS. Sometimes (almost every time) the keyboard doesn't react to anything when turning to landscape mode. I then have to turn the phone upright, and the down to landsca

How to use a native library packaged in a connector

Hi, I know how to package a native library into a connector in my app server. But I don't quite know how to use it. Suppose I provide a wrapper java class for the native library, can I use the java class directly in my EJB (since the classloader of t

Can LCD TV 32HL833B not achieve native resolution (1920x1080​) from a PC ?

Hi, I've bought this LCD TV for use mainly as a PC Monitor.  It's currently at 1280x1024 but the text is too big & blurry and I've read that it would be much better in its native resolution of 1920 x 1080. The PC is running Windows XP with standard &q

ORABPEL-05215 URI scheme is not "file". - Not able to deploy BPEL process

We are trying to deploy the Oracle Siebel PIP integration pack for Siebel OD. The SOA environment is clustered with a proxy and https enabled. While deploying a BPEL process, we are getting the following error. Not able to figure out whats going wron

Problem with file URI for external DTD

Hi All, I am getting UnknownHostException when i am trying to parse an XML data as InputSource to parser. The exception is thrown while to trying resolve file uri set for inputsource to locate DTD. The code works fine in of the Solaris machine but it

Is there any way in Firefox for android to use native handlers?

In Firefox for windows or Linux, I can register a URL handler (e.g. mailto:) but android takes this to a new level with intents which can register responders for individual URIs as well as for and mine types. Are there any plans to natively support a

Failed to retrieve a schema URI (document namespace) for /userprofiles/emailNotification.usr; please see the following exception for details

I get this exception (and long stack trace) when attempting to start my weblogic server. I'm running Weblogic 7 with Portal 7 (sp 1). I'm using Oracle 8.1.7. I upgraded this application from weblogic portal 4.0, and never had this problem there. As p

Build native bundle for mac (.app/.dmg) has no file right to access files....

Hi, today I build my first native bundle (.dmg) for Mac. Everything works very well except that my running app has no access to local files. The files are shown but the app does not have the right to read. The windows version has no problem to access

How to create an Interactive Moving Background or Object that Reacts to Viewer's Cursor?

Hi, i started creating a website in muse and i try to create an object who react to viewer's cursor. I have an image in center fix, and around and other which had to move with cursor movement like in this tutorial : Create an Interactive Moving Backg

Issue with calling url using custom uri from page loaded in stagewebview

I am using stageWebView for showing webpage in my mobile app but don't know how to move back to my app once it gets loaded. In application descriptor file, I had already registered custom uri scheme (myapp://) for IOS devices and from the loaded page

SSRS Sharepoint Integrated Mode logs - Cannot find site lookup info for request Uri AND [Forced due to logging gap]

Hi, Our reports run very slow in SharePoint Integrated mode. I look at the logs and I see that for one report request there are bunch of "Forced due to logging gap" rows. Is it some kind of a configuration issue or is it working as it should. Be

Foxit reader with wine: full search don't react to mouse

Hello, I want use full search feature in Foxit reader with wine.(to search for text in pdf's in specific directory). It does find text occurrences, *but* full search tab does not responds to mouse, and i can't select results. (actually, i need to tab

CustomeUpdateUI for native AIR app installer

Hi, We have a native installer for a windows and Mac AIR app. For updates, we use the NativeApplicationUpdater code from: http://code.google.com/p/nativeapplicationupdater/ After an update has been downloaded and launched, AIR shows a dialong prompti

How JSF tag uri resovled..

Sorry for asking basic JSF (or JSP) question.. <%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/core" prefix="f" %> <%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/html" prefix="h" %> how the above two tag - URI resolved

Taglib uri problem

Hi all I created a web module project and add a JSP file u201CcustomTagWelcome.jspu201D and a TLD file u201Cadvjhtp1-taglib.tldu201D to the webContent directory. I added also a tag handler u201CWelcomeTagHandleru201D. The jsp code: <?xml version = &quo

WSMException: WSM-06102 PolicyReference The policy reference URI "oracle/ws

Hi All, I written the following code in my servlet .I treid both the way with or with out giving the policy but I am getting same error both the cases. IdcClientManager manager = new IdcClientManager();                // build a client that will comm

System server and uri and authentication for usermapping

hi, For single signon usermapping, I found mailserver is login.yahoo.com and uri is /config/login and authentication is login=<username>&passwd=<password>. My request is please give me the same as mailserver and uri and athentication for g

OAG - Kerberos - Native GSS library import error.

Hi, I tried configuring GSS library in Setting--> Kerberos. I tried importing .so file as given in below link (end of page) . i didn't get /usr/lib/libgssapi.so file instead i had libgssapi.so.2.0.0 and libgssapi.so.2 in /user/lib64. I tried importin