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Realtek HDMI Output Windows 7


Yoga 13 HDMI output no longer works after Windows 8.1 update

I recently updated to Windows 8.1 (big mistake!), and I am suddenly no loger able to connect my Yoga 13 to my Samsung TV through the HDMI output.  When I connect the cable, the laptop screen is deactivated; the TV registers a signal, but displays a b

ASUS EAH5450 silent graphics card to my Pavilion m7210 desktop but get no audio via HDMI output.

I have installed an ASUS EAH5450 silent graphics card to my Pavilion m7210 desktop but get no audio via HDMI output.I have 2 high Definition Audio Controllers in Device Manager, One has an exclamation mark with message  " This device cannot find eno

Portege M800-105 - HDMI output driver for XP?

Hi, I've got a question wich belongs to the HDMI output. I have put Windows XP Home on my Portege with all driver from the Toshiba support page but my HDMI out does not works. Now I've seen that there is a driver for Windows Vista called Toshiba HDMI

HDMI output not working with AT200 under ICS

Hello The HDMI output of my tablet AT200 doesn't work with any TV set. My AT 200 tablet is under ICS. I tried both HDMI configurations : full screen and video window. No effect at all. I have red the post of denis48 and the response of MasterG and tr

Hdmi output not found under playback in the control panel

I am trying to get sound to go through my tv with my HDMI cable.  I looked in the control panel under sound - playback.  I do not see the option of the hdmi output.  I have right clicked on the speaker and clicked disabled and it still does not come

HDMI output not working with AT 200 under ICS

Hello, I connected the HDMI output to a Sony KDL 32 E 5500. It simply does not work. The same TV HDMI input works fine with a DVD player. The AT 200 tablet is under ICS (upgrade in France). I tried both HDMI configurations : full screen and video win

E520 - HDMI Output not working on Samsung TV - although works on other devices

Laptop does not recognise TV I know there are a number of threads with similar questions, I have been through a number of them, however have not come across a solution that works. I have a ThinkPad E520 running Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition x64 The

HDMI output not working on HP Pavilion 15

Hi guys, i am new here on HP Forum. My problems started when i got my new laptop and i HATED windows 8. So a friend of mine had a disc with Windows 7 on it. After the installation nothing worked, Not wlan, USB, HDMI and so on, I serched for days for

HDMI Output Not Working on Lenovo B540

Yesterday morning the HDMI output on the back of our Lenovo B540 stopped working all of a sudden. I have a projector as a secondary monitor that I use for media applications which connects via a SVGA to HDMI converter which has worked flawlessly for

Mac Mini HDMI Output Problem w/ LG L246WP

NOTE: This appears to be unrelated to the "screen flickering" that has been noted previously. I'm using a fresh new Mac Mini 2012 with an LG L246WP LCD monitor. The monitor has HDMI, VGA and Component video inputs. When I attach the monitor to t

HDMI output to TV is no longer working

I've seen similar problems posted here and have tried most of the "solutions" but nothing has worked.... A few months ago, the HDMI output worked fine; I plugged the HDMI cable into my laptop and didn't have to change a thing (no resolution tamp

HDMI output to monitor not displaying all colors

I am trying to use a second monitor on my Satellite S55t-b5152 and am able to get 1920x1080 output from the HDMI port through an adapter to either VGA or DVI into my external monitor, but with either adapter the colors look washed-out and not all the


Can anyone please help i'm pulling my hair out I just cannot get a hdmi output to my Samsung smart tv ..Ive tried all the setting in NVidia screen ive tried windows +p and selecting duplicate but my tv Is saying no device connected yet the computer i

HT203167 I am watching a TV show and I get video but no audio. I'm using HDMI output to my TV monitor.  It worked yesterday just fine

I downloaded a TV show and am unable to get audio from my pc to the TV monitor using HDMI output.  It worked fine yesterday with the same tv show download.  Video/Audio is ok to my pc and video is getting to tv monitor.  Everything is the same but, c

Dvd/vcr hdmi output to iMach

Can I get HDMI output from a Toshiba VCR/DVD player/recorder to play on my IMac (21.5/mid-2011)?   If so, what kind of connector or converer do I need?  Can it be a simple as an HDMI to Thunderbolt displayport connecter? Hi protagonyst, Welcome to th

How to switch to hdmi output

When I connect my PC to the Computer using HDMI cable, the display flashes., the image appears on the TV briefly and then goes blank (no Signal. The image reappears on the PC but no signal to TV Do you need to switch the graphics to enable HDMI outpu

"ATI HDMI output: ATI High Definition Audio Device not plugged in"

Hi, I have a HP Pavilion p6210t PC running Windows 7. A few days ago, the sound stopped working, out of the blue. In Device Manager, it says ATI HDMI output / ATI High Definition Audio Device not plugged in." Computer is not connected with a TV, just

"AMD HDMI Output -AMD High Definition Audio Device not plugged in

i have an HP Pavilion dv6-6110us laptop. i have had this laptop for less than 1 month and the sound is not working at all. I checked to make sure nothing was muted, i uninstalled the soundcard and reinstalled it on Device Manager, and still, I cannot

Thinkpad Edge E530. Latest monitor driver messed up HDMI-output

As the title says, since I installed the latest driver for the monitor is the HDMI-output not working. The computer doesn't even recognize that a HDMI-cable is connected anymore. I triied reinstalling the driver, but it is still not woriking. When I

No audio from hdmi on windows 8.1

I've installed windows 8.1, I'm trying to connect my laptop to my TV. I get the visual but not the audio. My laptop is the hp envy 15 j051sa, I've tried setting the hdmi output as default or enabled but I can't even find it on the playback devices. I