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Recovering deleted mailboxes

Does anyone know how to recover deleted mailboxes in Mail? An hour ago, I installed the new software from Earthlink and told it to sync with Apple Mail. I ended up with two accounts in Mail, one with my address (the existing one) and another with my

Deleting Stale Office 365 online Mailboxes with Powershell

We are using Office 365 online for our student email system. I want to remove any mailbox that hasn't been accessed in the last year.Once you determine that, you can remove the mailboxes a number of ways - depending on how your onsite AD interacts wi

Email going to deleted items Office 365

I am using Office 365 for small business and have installed a local copy of Outlook on my laptop.  No rhyme or reason, some of my emails wind up in My Deleted Items as Unread.  I have no rules in place, no spam settings in place.  Has anyone seen thi

Recover deleted mailbox

Is there anyway to recover a deleted mailbox? I don't see a file in the trash ... where does the deleted data go? any idea? thanks! G5   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  Messages deleted as a result of deleting the mailbox that contained them don't go anywhere, no


i deleted the mailboxes out of my mail app. they didnt go into the trash can? is there any way of getting them back? thanksThat depends on your email configuration. If you download and delete your messages from your mail server, you need to recover t

How to delete multiple mailbox and User's in Enterprise Office 365

I'm just finishing a trial and I want to make sure all the data is gone from the system.Hello, You can refer to the links below which provided detailed steps to recover a deleted mailbox: Delete or Restore User Mailboxes in Exchange Online: http://te

Is it possible to prevent users from using the ''Purge'' option from the ''Recover deleted items'' in Office 365?

Hi, After speaking with a Microsoft engineer over the phone, I've been told that there is no way to prevent users to go to their OWA and manually Purge specific items from the ''Recover deleted items''. The Microsoft tech told us to place the desired

Office 365 Exchange Account Deleted & Overwritten?

I've run into a problem where I need to recover an Office 365 Exchange account, but it doesn't exist in Deleted Accounts. Below is a summary of the events leading up to this problem: An Office 365 account was deleted A shared mailbox (using the exact

Emails Delete from Inbox after ticket is received in Office 365

We recently migrated from Exchange 2010 to Office 365. In doing so, we noticed that the emails which generate tickets from our Helpdesk mailbox are now disappearing altogether, whereas before they would be process and moved to the deleted items. Anyo

Delete database in a hybrid environment with Office 365

Hi all, In order to get more free space in my Exchange Server 2010, I was thinking to delete a database after move all mailboxes that are in this database to office 365. Is this a good idea? Because deleting logs is not enough for me, I need more fre

Office 365/Outlook 2013 Shared Mailbox Sent Items Problem

I've only been able to find an answer for this problem for Outlook 2010, and that doesn't work for 2013. I'm trying to make the sent items for a shared mailbox save to the sent items of that mailbox, not my mailbox.  I got the deleted items to finall

I need to export the mailbox (archive) for pst by powershell (Office 365 azure)

I opened a support request with MS for: Move After 14 days all items in the folder "deleted items" to the archive.  - But after two days I noticed that the emails were moved "after 14 days" of the "all folders", moving approx

CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 - local backup and recovery of mailboxes

Yesterday wasn't a great day for Office 365: http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/1069483-today-was-not-a-good-day-to-migrate-our-senior-managem...Luckily, downtime is a rare occurrence in the Office 365 world. But as an Office 365 admin you have ot

Outlook 2010 - SSO to Office 365 Mailbox

Dear, Is it possible to do sso from an outlook 2010 client to an office 365 mailbox ?  Now my customer is always prompted for a password.  I'm just wondering if full sso is possible.  Should be the easiest solution ;-).  ADFS is configured and workin

Office 365 - Archiving online mailboxes to PST

Good Afternoon, We have moved our mailboxes from on premise to Office 365. Before we can delete a user from the online admin centre we need to be able to archive their mailbox to a PST in case we need access to their email in the future. Any assistan

Custom Site MailBox for Office 365 SharePoint 2013 online

Is it possible to create programmatically create site mailbox for Office 365 SharePoint 2013 online? How to customize site mailbox email address like [email protected]Hi, In SharePoint 2013 Online, if you want to sync document library with local driv

How to use Powershell to set delegate for user mailbox in Exchange 2010 and Office 365

Hello, Can you please tell me if I can set delegate for user mailbox in Exchange 2010 or Office 365 using Powershell? If I can, then how can I do that? (which Powershell commands for setting the delegate?) Many thanks, and have a good day!Hi, If you

PST Capture Tool does not populate my Office 365 mailboxes

Hi all, -I have installed PST capture on a win 7 64 bit machine with 64 bit office 2010 sp1. -I can successfully sign in  to the online connection. -I have made sure that the account I am using to sign in is assigned organization management role. -do

Recover Deleted Items - where do they recover to when the mailbox is selected from Outlook, versus a particular folder

We are using Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 in our Exchange 2013 SP1 environment. I noticed the following behavior when recovering deleted items: From Outlook, I select my mailbox name and choose Folder-Recover Deleted Items.  Then, I select some item

Opening a shared mailbox in Outlook 2013 (office 365) returns "Cannot Expand Folder" error.

Hi! We've just upgraded from our old Domino email server to Office 365 E1 and running an on-premise Exchange 2013 hybrid server. In Outlook 2013, when trying to expand a shared mailbox, It asks me to enter my outlook credentials. Trying so doesn't wo