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Obiee 11g Administration Tool issue

Hi all, I'm having a problem importing tables, views, etc using admin tool since I had to upgrade from version 1.5 to 1.6. I'm able to connect to my repo online or check out a project for mud, also I have no problem to view data from any table when I

FTP connection in J2ME

Hi All, can anyone tell me is FTP connection in J2ME possible or not? If it is possible, how it is possible? MahabubAFAIK at present there is no FTP API's avalable from J2ME/MIDP front that you can use to establish an FTP connection. Meanwhile I have

HP Touchsmart IQ510 For Playing Games?

Hi my Fiancee brought one of these yesterday from comet and its brilliant, i just have a few questions. I tryed to install The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and after it does the install and i press "play" it comes up with a error message saying... &qu

Apple Support said OSX Server could not be used as a file server only

Hi There, We bought OSX server thinking it would be easier than MS Small Business Server 2003 to setup, administer and maintain, as well as be more compatible with our mac studio. The simple setup we would like is: - A file server for our Mac studio

Areca (argh) installing drivers  - windows

I rekon areca's manual and website were written by the devil himself or at least one of his little minions. And all that waffle about creating a floppy? What is this 1995? Anyhoo, I downloaded the drivers, found the raid controller?? in device manage

WHT should be deducted on payment amount instead of invoice amount

Hi All, if any one help, i am using 11i and issue is that, while matching PO (which is in USD) and making an invoice, but paying partially then WHT is deducted on invoice amount rather then payment amount. if i match PO ( which is in functional curre

Setting my classpath in XP (pro)

how do I set my classpath in XP Pro for my java software?? i have got j2sdk1.4.1_01 and i rekon that the path should lead to the bin directory?? This is obviosly very basic stuff, but I just cant get it right. I can compile (javac filename.java) with

Calls dropped and phone reboots after ios4 upgrade

After upgrading to ios4.3.3 from ios3.1.3, my calls get dropped/disconnected and the phone reboots. This happens even if I have no apps open in the multi tasking bar. Can you advise what to do please. I have tried to restore to factory settings in iT

Central 5.5 hanging/stuck while producing PDF output

Hi We have been using Central 5.5 has been in use 3+ yrs with 80+ designs producing output to Printer & PDF. Generally speaking things are OK. Recently we have encountered a problem whereby Central appears to be hanging and it has been when processin

HT204380 I cannot get any FaceTime calls to work.

I cannot get any FaceTime calls to work. If I do manage to talk to the other person, I only see myself. One only sees himself. One sees nothing. What are we doing wrong? Thanks.Sounds like a catch 22 situation. I rekon you are in the UK trying to use


NOT HAPPY WITH SNOW LEOPARD, HOW TO WIPE? ok so i bought my mac with leopard on it and ive downloaded alot of widgets and stuff like that to make my mac cooler. ive tried to delete alot of stuff and update all my apps nd blah blah blah. then i instal

CD burning error - error code OX8002006D

Hi I've just updated my G4 iMac to Tiger (a little late I know) and ever since I been getting an error when trying to burn CD's. The error code is OX8002006D and I rekon I get this code for 4 out of 5 attempts to burn a disc. I've run disc utility fr

Removing the sound of flem in vocal recording

I doubt its possible to remove the sound of flem from a vocal recording, but has anyone attempted it? One approach might be to use a spectrum analyzer to try to determine which frequencies are in the flem and try to filter them out. Or another approa

Dissapointed customer

hello, Well im sure that most of you wont really care too much but i just wanted to have a winge. I really like itunes and have been pleased with its performance. the reason i have been driven away is with its annoying coupling with quicktime. Im not

MacBook crashed

Was trying to transfer images from camera to macbook, so connected the cable, and alas, the comp froze n stopped responding. Managed to shut it down somehow. But when I switched it on again, after I hear the chime on startup n the gray screen appears

Screen Blank. HELP

Hi Guys PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE. I DUNNO WOT TO DO. Ok I just built this PC for a friend and had everything connected up and started it up. All the fans start spinning and the hdd starts up. The problem is the HDD is continuously read and the screen

Hiper power type r spu are they any good

Dear list, after previous posts and my psu, booting problems, am things etc. I was having a few shut down problems on my k7n board and though it could be down to lack of power. Mu current psu doesnt have dual rails the enermax http://www.enermax.com.

Removing the sound in Anim fx

Hi.. I m using the third party tool named Anim Fx, in tht i m using the cybertrick effect the problem is.... when i m using the load movie any other file.... it is not playing in my scence sound.. i have checked in the Anim Fx i found the Volume is 0

DESPERATE: how to get BB 9810 registered to Network

How can I register my bb to my mobile network. It used to be registered 3 months ago but now it suddenly isn't.<br>I've done everything like sending my pin n imei to their website, but it rekons I'm sending through a desktop which I am not!!!<br&

Compiz Fusion standalone system tray problem

Hello everyone, My name is Ivan and this is my first post on the forums. I've been using Arch happily for about two years now and managed to solve all my problems using this magnificent forum as my main source for help. Anyway, since I had some spare