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TPTwist - 3 Repair attempts before breaking my computer. Now, left in the dust of pure incompetence

Okay, I purchased my Thinkpad Twist about a year ago.  Purchased the accidental damage warranty because its a twist and i am kind of a clutz.   About six months later... -Fan Grinding. -Minor Touchscreen issues. No problem, this is my primary busines

SBS 2011 no longer issues DHCP leases: DHCP, DNS, and AD Errors

Hi all. On early 8/13/2012 and into the morning, our UPS failed several times. The battery seems to be fine but the unit was shutting off power to the unit which means the (Windows SBS 2011 Standard) server shut off unexpectedly several times.I repla

Repairing Your iPod Nano(4th Generation)

I recently called Apple to set up a repair on my brand new iPod 4th Generation Nano iPod. I never experienced this problem, and I own all of Apple iPods with the exception of the 2nd Generation shuffle. You see, I had synced the iPod using iTunes 8.0

Itunes not Installed Properly, Repaired and no luck.

Hi. I haven't been able to create a CD for about 2 years now. I searched through these forums and found other ways of Repairing the Itunes program and have had no luck. I've repaired through downloading Itunes again, when Menu pops up, I choose to Re

Failed loading CD / DVD drives, error -43. Try doing a repair install on iTunes from the "Add or Remove Programs" control panel...

I have done all the steps that I could find, and I am still having this issue...can someone help me please? Here is the diagnostics test I just ran as well. Not sure why it wont read my ipod either. Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Edition Service

Fault Reporting and Repair Time

Is it me or is the fault reporting number for BT useless? I realised our phone line wasn't working at about 20:00hrs in the evening. I live in an area with no mobile signal so drove the few miles needed to get a mobile signal and called 0800800151 to

Why must I repair wireless connection on workstations?

I have a WRV210 router setup with WPA personal-AES encryption...SSID is turned on.  The issue is that workstations lose connectivity to the internet and to a mapped network drive on the server.  When this happens I find that the wireless status shows

"Internet Configuration Leased" -- every 30 minutes??

That's right. I took a look at my Time Capsule's logs (should be the same as those of the AEBS), and there's a line like this just about every 30 minutes: May 29 20:15:53 Severity:5 Internet Configuration leased -- host <>

I was given the wrong macbook when I gave mine in for repair.  I want to complain.  Also, they wiped ALL my data off the hard drive.  I want to complain to someone in authority.  How?

I am extremely disappointed and angry with Apple service.  I am a writer and booked three weeks in Spain so that I could finish my book.  On the second day my laptop cut out on me asI was working on it, so I took it to Goldenmack in Cadiz.  Not only

Stuck: Need Disk repair but DVD drive dead and only have USB 1

[1 Ghz flat-panel iMac with USB 1 ports (no USB 2) and also Firewire 400] I noticed a strange discrepancy (small but concerning) between the size of a folder on hard drive (folder of all mp3's with no subfolders) and the backup of the same folder on

Help Needed Badly | BlackBerry INC000025111306 | BlackBerry PlayBook - Tablet button does not work, almost stuck, copper under screen, seventh repair

I was really Humilitated my RIM on this Ticket whcih i rasied. 1) I bought a new tablet in last november in 2 months i had a Charger issue  2) They said this charger issue we cannot replace with new tablet and gave me a refurbished Tablet to me . 3)

Mid 2010 Macbook Pro +1000 Euro repair costs (no external marks)

Hello together, I am looking out for some advise. My mid 2010 Macbook Pro 15inch with an anti glare display just got a new logic board. I paid more than 500 Euro at a Premium Reseller called mStore in Kiel (Germany) to replace it, because the display

I am trying to open my iTunes on a Windows XP laptop and get the error message 42404 "iTunes application could not be opened.  Please repair or reinstall QuickTime".  I did that and it did not help.  Any ideas?

I am trying to open my iTunes on a Windows XP laptop and get the error message 42404 "iTunes application could not be opened.  Please repair or reinstall QuickTime".  I did that and it did not help.  Any ideas?Let's see if a more rigorous uninst

How can I repair Vista system files with only a Toshiba recovery disc??

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the reason I can't install Vista service pack 2 is due to some corrupt vista files. I ran the program that checks that system files and it said some are corrupt. There are some things I can't do, like tu

TS2634 My ipod touch will no longer play in both my docking stations, Bowers and Wilkins mini zeppellin and a Logitech, yet it plays in my car.  Is the ipod about to die?  Do I repair or buy another? It's only 2 years old!  thanks!

My ipod touch will not play music in my Bowers and Wilkins mini zeppelin nor my Logitech.  Yet, it plays in my car.  The music can be heard playing in the ipod itself.  It is only 2 years old.  Should I repair or just buy another?  Thanks!Did it star

When I attempt to open a PDF file I saved from a website, I get the message "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired." Is there any way to correct this problem?

When I attempt to open a PDF file I saved from a website using Safari, I get the message "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired." When I save the same PDF file using FireFox it opens up immediate

Field status as mandatory while creation of RE-FX Lease Out Contract

Hi SAP Real Estate Friends, I have a requirement wherein we need to make the field status of some specific fields as mandatory for data input in RE-FX Lease Out Contract. The fields are mentioned below: 1. Profit Centre in Organizational Assignment T

Issue in creation of new line item in repair order-Reg

Hi all, I have a query in Service Management Module of SAP while working in standard IDES System. I followed the procedure given in the IDES material. As per the standard system the fourth line item in the repair order should be automatically created

Disk Utility says "drive can't be repaired, disk and restore your backed up files."

My Mac Book Pro froze yesterday and I had to force restart it. It had been showing me messages that my hard drive disk was full for a while and I was in the middle of transferring files to my external hard drive and I accidentally put a huge large fi

External hard drive error / disk utility not repairing

I am having problems with a particular external hard drive. Device is a Transcend StoreJet 25M (640GB) currently formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled). It was previously formatted in FAT32, exFat, and also Mac OS Extended (Journaled). It started g