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Replace Windows XP with Linux


How to upload file from one machine (windows) to another (linux)through cre

How to upload a file from windows platform to linux platform. on both platforms sun app server is running. from creator is there any methode to open ftp port and uploadhttp://www.google.com/search?q=jdbc+blob Blob processing varies between databases;

Ubuntu 14.04 install on Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 replacing Windows 8.1

I just purchased a Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 and would like to replace Windows 8.1 with Ubuntu 14.04. As this is a secure boot machine, is there anything I need to watch out for besides disabling secure boot? I seem to remember that there is a boot part

Dumb Q: problem with Find And Replace window in Flash 8

Dear Flash Group, apologies if this is trivial, it's my first day using Flash. I downloaded a Flash project from http://www.flashorb.com/articles/benchmark_files/flash-benchmark.zip. This flash calls into a web service at localhost:8080. I used the '

Unable to connect to Oracle database running on Windows machine from linux.

Hi, I'm not able to connect to oracle database running on Windows machine from Linux machine. I'm geting the below mentioned error. I have given below the code I used to connect to database and database propertes.Do I need to use any specific driver?

Dual Boot Windows 8 and Linux?

I have (UEFI System) an ASUS K55A UEFI motherboard laptop that came factory with Windows 8. I would like to install backtrack linux and Windows 8, but before I go screwing up my laptop, I want to see if this would be at all possible. I would use a vi

Dual boot with Windows 7 and LINUX - Tecra A11 (PTSE1A-00L005)

Hi, I bought a new Tecra A11 Laptop which runs WIN7 Pro. I want to install LINUX also. That means, I want to run my laptop in dual boot Win7 Pro/LINUX (any distributor). Please tell me how to do that. There are 5 partitions on the HDD: 1. Active, Rec

DUAL BOOT windows 7 and linux HELP

MASTERS im planing to have windows 7 and linux at the same time (DUAL BOOT) but i dont know if one key recovery still works after installation ihave lenovo g560 i3 @ 2.53 4gb ram any advice guys?hi botards01, If you're planning to use linux occasiona

Dual booting pre-installed Windows 8 and Linux?

I just bought a G780 with Windows 8 pre-installed. Ideally, I would also like to install some flavor of Linux. I've been searching but not finding much info on how difficult or time-consuming this would be, or if there are any special considerations

On windows: ok. on linux: failed, why? JBO-30003 and JBO-26061

I changed my password to my database connection in Jdeveloper and compiled my .war file and run in JBOSS under windows 2000 and windows98. It is ok without any problem. That's for testing purpose. So after that when i put in Jboss running under linux

Advantages/Disadvantages of installing Oracle RAC on Windows 2003 VS Linux

Hello Guys, I am not very good with linux, have to create a Oracle RAC environment using dataabse 10g. I just need to know the advantages/disadvantages of configuring RAC on windows and on linux operating system. Please help me with this. Please also

Is there a legal way to buy and install Mac OS X and replace windows xp?

I have a windows xp laptop and would like to replace the operating system with the mountain lion os x so I can develop games for the app store. Would I be able to order a disc from amazon and install it, replacing windows? I would much rather buy jus

Possible to dock "Find and Replace" Window?

Is it possible to group the "Find and Replace" window in one of the panels? I would prefer to have it at the bottom of my workspace with Properties and Results. Thanks!It is indeed possible, providing whatever text is inside a tag of some sort. 

Find/replace window in Mac OS - how to attach to main document window?

At work I use Windows and the find/replace window is part of the main document window. At home, I use Mac OS and the find/replace window is a separate floating window which is annoying because it means I'm constantly dragging it out of my way...is th

Find and replace window

hi, when I launch fw the find/replace window is open in the middle of my work area.  How can I change this so it's not open upon launching?? tia DebiWilliam_Donelson wrote: > The "Find and Replace" dialog window has got to be the most obnoxio

Migrate from Windows 2000 to Linux

Hi All I want to migrate Oracle EBS from Windows 2000 to Linux. Anyone can guide me the complete work around for this. Warmest Regards Mohammad Obaidullah SyedPlease post only once (Duplicate post): Re: Migrate from Windows 200 to

SQL query (Windows) to Oracle (Linux)

Hi, I have an Oracle on Linux, it is an Oracle XE. From Windows 7, I would like to access this Oracle Linux using any SQL query software. So, to do it, I would like to know: 1) which components do I need to install ? 2) how can I setup the components

Fmb compiled for windows works in linux ??

Hi, A customer is about to deploy a system made with forms11gR2, they only have the fmx files which ones where compiled in windows, now they want to place the fmx files in a linux server with forms11gR2, so the question is, could this generate an err

Windows 10 fails on newer dualboot Windows 8.1/Linux, worked on older Windows 7.1/Linux

I did not have any trouble upgrading my windows 7 / linux hp laptop, just my windows 8.1 / linux hp laptop. I have 3 hp laptops, actually 4, one died. I am familiar with dual booting and grub. Thanks for recommending the paper anyway. Will windows 10

HP F210 replacement window mount

I need to order a replacement window mount for the HP F210 Car DVR.  How can I do that?Hi satcommboy, You can try HP PartsSurfer at: http://partsurfer.hp.com/ContactUs.aspx You can also find compatible window mounts on Amazon--just search for  HP F21

Satelitte A110-180 - Update Bios for Windows 7 and Linux

Hello, I want to change the following settings in my bios on my laptop Satelitte A110-180 * AHCI for SATA * Disable IDE But there are no such options. So I thought maybe I have to update my bios. I found the download page, but there are 2 options: Wi