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How to have a unique requestId for a Page for multiple users

Hi, Can someone please tell me how to get a unique RequestId whenever a page is visited. I need to have a unique RequestId generated for each user if they are on some specific page. Whenever a users refreshes a page or come to the page by clicking ba

RequestID  functionality

Hi  Team,    It  is  a regular  requirement  to have  the  requestid kind  of  functionality  of  the BI/BW  to  be had  it  BPC. i.e  who  did  what  and  when. I  haven't  completely  thought  abt  the  whole  step  by  step  process....but  here i

When does the BW add timestamps and requestIDs to datasets and how?

Hi there, I am wondering at what stage of the ETL the BW adds both timestamps and requestIDs to the new data loaded and what algorithms or rules are used to do so... Thanks for any hint on that!! PascalHi Dinesh, I need much more detailled informatio

When I Try to play a midi file, I get this message "Error Code AccessDenied /Code Message Access Denied /Message RequestId BAE3798FA4D46B8A /RequestId HostId 8/M6nE8bFEzqkHuBNZbWlYORnQ2r9tRDha/3noYE8aofln2RXtxxaotT5RXGPGHp /HostId /Error "

I Like to download midi files and I always get this message, no problem however with Safari. Model Name: Mac Pro Mac OS 10.6.8 Model Identifier: MacPro1,1 Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz Number Of Processors: 2 Total Nu

XML Publisher Report Output from OAF Page

Hi, I created a button in a OAF page, and called the XML publisher Report program on click of this button. The concurrent request was ran when check from View Requests. When I click on viewout, the pdf document was open with the option, open, save, c

How to delete the records in BI for deleted reocrds in R/3

Hi , We have a scenarion described below... We have a table in R/3 and updates happen to the table every week with a ZPROGRAM which deletes some of the records and recreates with some logic. Assuming : Initially, We did the load to BI and we got 200

How can I create a new table in a MySQL database in MVC 5

I have an MVC 5 app, which uses MySQL hosted in Azure as a data source. The point is that inside the database, I want to create a new table called "request". I have already activated migrations for my database in code. I also have the following

Creation of web site 'name' failed. Provisioning failed

I had installed Windows Azure Pack: website v2 installation package successfully in my environment to build private cloud without any issue but when I am trying to create new website I am getting below error which seems to odd for me. I have given ea

Unable to respond to Calendar Invitations

I seem to be running into a strange bug and am curious if anyone has seen this before. On all of my devices (iPhone, iPad, and iMac), I am unable to respond to a Calendar event.  On the iOS devices, when I tap on a response, it displays in the calend

Adobe Creative Cloud will not Sync Any Files/Folders (MAC OSX)

I am posting this more as a guide for people having similar issues than I am a question, as it has already been resolved but I could not find this answer anywhere on the forums. Here was my situation: After a fresh install of a completely empty creat

Assign unique ID to each row in Cube

Hi All I want to assign a unique requestID to each row in cube. I was thinking of assigning a unique id using number range. For this i need to read the buffer and update the buffer with new requestid value Can anyone help me out as to how to update b

Very poor implementation of XMLHttpRequest streaming with Safari for Window

I hope this post reaches Apple engineers. This is critical for us to resolve this. I am a member of the developer network, so if using incident support is necessary, it can be used. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I have implemented

Issue while accessing Approve Clockin/Clockout corrections from UWL

Hi All, We are not able to access approve clockin/clockout correction application from UWL. We found one Note - 1600953 and implemented but still we are facing issue. Request_id value is passed as Null in the URL. Please find the URL and XML below :

How do I create an Entity Bean with unknown primary keys

Hi, Can a good folk help me. I am mapping an entity bean to an oracle table for the purpose of logging . I do not need a primary key contraint on this table. How do I specify in my entity bean file descriptor not to use any field for primary key ...

UCMA 4 and back to backing a file transfer request

OK, I know that file transfer isn't technically supported on UCMA 4.0, but I wanted to take another look at it and see whether there was a way to b2b a file transfer request. After all, there's no reason that it shouldn't work if the messaging is cor


Hi Friends, I was  face some Interview. Please send answers to the questions? How many data Fields  and key fields we can create in DSO? You can overwrite key fields or Data Fields? Which up date we use in Delta queue extraction( v1 or v2 or v3) Whic

Concurrent Request default Parameters from OAF page

Hi, I calling a concurrent request from OAF page using the below command. requestId = cr.submitRequest(applnName, cpName, "", "", false, cpParameters); The display parameters are only 4 and the remaining parameters are having default v

Problem with Socket Client - Intermittent Truncated Response in AIX

{color:#0000ff}Hi guru I have written on Socket Client method below to send request byte[] to Host and receive response byte[] from Host. For this particular response, I'm expecting Host to return me byte[] with length 2274. My problem is intermitten

Useful Interview Questions and Answere

Hi All Some of the Real time question. Q) Under which menu path is the Test Workbench to be found, including in earlier Releases? The menu path is: Tools - ABAP Workbench - Test - Test Workbench. Q) I want to delete a BEx query that is in Production

Hello i am trying to fix a phone that my gf forgot her puk and pin

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