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Project Research question

I am currently looking for help on the following question: Where can I look for cell phone service providers in Africa that distributes Nokia's range of cell phone products? Thank you in advanceYou say africa like it's one country. Are you trying to

HP Pavilion dv7t-7000 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC - Upgrade Processor

Hello, Any help would be appreciated. I have an HP Pavilion dv7t-7000 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC.  Because of a new job I need to update my processor from the current 2.30 GHz (see exact specs below, please) to at least 3.0 GHz. Is there a 3.0GHz

Need help with " Number guessing game " please?

This is what teacher requires us to do for this assignment: Write a program that plays a simple number guessing game. In this game the user will think of a number and the program will do the guessing. After each guess from the program, the user will

Multi-Lang support and slides issue

First, is anyone here using slides-based Flash documents at all? Whenever I post my (IMHO well-researched) questions/reports, like the one linked to below, I never get an answer. By now I'm ready to give up completely on slide-based documents and rea

CIN Settings in Material Master

Hi Experts, I have maintained all the settings related to CIN in the path SPRO >> Logistics General >> Tax on Goods Movements >> India But in the material master the fields to maintained the chapter ID is not appearing in the "Forei

Why Do People Make and Provide Software and Support for Free?

Hey all, I discovered Linux and open source software a little over 4 years ago now. It transformed the way I thought about software and using the computer. So now in my senior year of college I have chosen for open source software to be the subject o

A Quality report as a tool for the Quality management of Web services

Hi everybody, I would like to explain and discuss my current research project with you: The differentiation from competitors is crucial for the economic success of a product. This differentiation can be achieved in addition to price and the date of t

New in Web logic server

Hi all... I am a oracle developer(pl/sql,portal, discoverer and SES). I wish to become a weblogic server administrator. Have to need any JAVA knowledge to learn this weblogic server? I am bit confused. Please give me some feedback and tell me how to

Considering a switch from Windows to Macbook Pro, Help

Hi, I've never owned a Mac before and I just recently noticed a lot of cool things they can do. I own a Lenovo laptop that is 3yrs old and works just fine. My question for you is, that if the only thing I use my laptop for is to surf and play poker o

Counting rows based on consecutive dates

I need some guidance. I have a database of drug fills from our data warehouse. There is a unique row for every drug filled. I a general rule, there is a 30 day prescription filled each month, and my research question needs me to look at consecutive m

ERP data warehouse

Hi all, What is the requirement of data warehouse if ERP exists? As ERP captures major transactional data then what are the difficulties to analyze data directly from ERP database? What bebefits can be found if data is transformed into data warehouse

Show status of a Mac's PRAM battery

Is there any software available for Mac OS X Leopard to show the status of the Mac's PRAM battery? Thanks.Based on what you've posted, your instructor is clearly trying to get you to dig deeper into computer security. If you're depending on anti-viru

Has etiquette in these forums worsened? Or is it just me?

Hey, So it's been about a year since I've been at these forums. I've been working on something non-java related for a while. But anyway, I was just browsing over the posts and noticed that the level of etiquette is lower than what it was. I'm seeing

IDVD movie is too bright

After burning my quicktime movie (created in FCP 6) through iDVD it looks too bright on playback on TV.  How can I correct that?F Shippey wrote: iDVD doesn't make ANY brightness or color changes to your content. F Shippey, I can attest to the claim b

Cannot get into bb I'd

I forgot my blackberry I'd and research question answer for bb 9320! I went online and tried to get through but after 10 attempts wasn't able to get into bbm for 15mins everytime I try!! Now I was able to change my password while keeping my email but

Information on how to migrate JBoss to WebLogic

Hello all, I just wanted to know whether there is a link you could provide me with a link or guidelines in which I could find how to migrate my application in JBoss to WebLogic. I have been reading in the forum but I haven't found it. If not a tutori

SAPiens Ideas Community

I am a PhD student at the VLBA Lab in Munich and I would like to introduce my dissertation project: In the 20th century, many leading industrial companies generated, developed, and commercialized ideas for innovations in self-reliance. Nowadays, comp

Discussion thread removed, Why?

Hi Yesterday I created a discussion thread, regarding the new advertising standards authority legislation, to which a number of people did present there opinions and thoughts. Today all traces of this thread have been removed, it does not appear in a

Demand and supply dynamics of the SDN...

Hi all, Every now and again someone posts a whole heap of threads that show very little or no evidence of having done any research in order to try and solve the question or educate themselves. Yet there is always an eager queue of people waiting to s

I got this flashing question mark, i did some research into this and found out that the hard drive is the cause

i recently found my ibook and decided to see if it would still turn on. it did but i got this flashing question mark, i did some research into this and found out that the hard drive is the cause. so i opened it up replaced the hard drive and closed i