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When will Adobe Muse will integrate responsive design (like bootstrap twitter). Will you work on this or no ?

When will Adobe Muse will integrate responsive design (like bootstrap twitter). Will you work on this or no ?Hi Gaurav, Yes, thank you. However I was more specifically referring to this: "Sites that use responsive web design, i.e. sites that serve al

Responsive Background Images with Media Queries

Hello, I'm creating a mobile website in Dreamweaver and would like to use an image which will change with different device widths.  I'm using media queries with background images.  My problem is that in order for the background images to display, I n

Very large responsive background images

Just a quick question with these - for example the page here: http://www.destinationsshow.com/ Not so much the CSS, but the knack to get such a large image that isn't too big in terms of file size, but still retains pretty good quality when very larg

Need Recommendation on converting existing site to responsive design in ATG 10.1.2

Hi, We have a site developed for a client which is build using CRS 9.0. We need to convert the website to responsive design using bootstrap framework version 3.4. The HTML prototypes have been design by UI designer using bootstrap. Does anyone have e

Responsive Fullscreen Bg with Hotspot

I'm trying to make responsive background with some hotspot on it. It have to be very precise so I was looking for solution with css. I was trying to make it work with background-size: cover; but it won't  work:Hotspots cannot be applied to background

How do I create both a landscape and portrait display for my landing page?

I am using dreamweaver with phonegap to create an app. I want to have two options for the landing page; one optimized for portrait, one optimized for landscape, that will change based on device orientation. How do I do this? Thank youHave a look at t

DSO data Activation Time out-DATABASE ERROR-440

Hello all, We are getting  error in one of our standard DSO during activation -Error-Process 000001 did not confirm within the permitted time period,we repeated process chain ,we got the same error,we activated manually -we got the same error, I need

Responsive (full)background Video

HI! I have a question is there any widget? that allows to create effect like here: CROP THE BLOCK | Creative filmmakers and videos from Paris and Berlin I mean the background video is link from vimeo/youtube and its RESPONSIVE thx for help!the 2 link

How do I Customize RoboHelp 11 Responsive HTML5 to include repeating background image?

Hello, How do I add a repeating background image (not logo) to the layout found in RoboHelp 11 Responsive HTML5? Is this something that has to be done inside of Dreamweaver? Where are the RoboHelp 11 Responsive HTML 5 default themes (skins) stored on

.. If the app is – in or out of background - (if in background NOT the first app) and the  device locked – when you get a push message and DO NOT response straight away. Later  unlock, click the app icon (which will have a badge on it) and it fails.

.. If the app is – in or out of background - (if in background NOT the first app) and the  device locked – when you get a push message and DO NOT response straight away. let it fade off then, Later unlock, click the app icon (which will have a badge

Responsive Full Screen Background image - How?

Hi, I would be very grateful for any guidance on the CSS/HTML code that I need to use for inserting a static, 'responsive',  full screen, background image on  a website. Best wishes SimonDepending on what kind of browser support you want to include,

Responsive animation with background color that spans 100%

I've create a responsive animation with simple background colors. I'd loe for the background colors to bleed 100%, but can not seem to find a way to do it easily. I've actually had to layer two animations on top of each other and just js. (this site

Bootstrap 3 versus responsive coding for...

Nancy & Ben recommend bootstrap 3 for responsive web pages. Osgood recommends learning coding and the use of appropriate files to make your own responsive page (as I understand the conversations). I only need to make a page for my wife to show and se

Create Bid Invitation response in background

Hi All, We have to create bid invitation response (from the vendor side ) in the background , not using the standard SRM screen and this program should update the bid invitation the customer has created. Is there any way to do this? Points will be aw

Edge Reflow and responsive Bootstrap

Is it possible to use Adobe Edge Reflow with an existing front-end framework like Bootstrap? It would be nice to be able to work and modify Bootstrap elements (like buttons and forms) in Reflow. Do the responsive layouts. And then export CSS that cou

Workflow background engine in Oracle inventory responsibility

12.0.6 we have scheduled Po approval and requisition in workflow backgraound engine to run every 5 mins which routes our Po`s and Req But Workflow background engine has more than 100 item types what are they all used for..its requests doesnt even hav

Cache work area in background, when completed system become locked and non-responsive

I have a Windows 7 Ent x64 AMD AM3 965 system, 8gb memory with 2 1TB WD Black spin drives C: for programs and F: for cache. My Disk Cache folder f:\AE Cache (50gb allowed) & Media Caches f:\AE MCache (Both cache folders total 32gb after caching) I ha

Problem adding bootstrap responsive css to muse/bc site

Here's an example of the problem: http://magnavino.businesscatalyst.com/test-page As the browser window is made narrower, at arrowed 760px there's some kind of progressive right margin or padding apparently going on. At phone width the content would

Bootstrap 3 - Navbar background Image won't repeat (Mobile View)

When I minimize the browser to mobile view, my background image won't repeat, Is there a fix for this? Navbar - YouTube# 1 You need to repeat both ways -- vertically and horizontally.  repeat = both ways, repeat-x = across only, repeat-y = down only.

My maps app has suddenly gone BLANK, no longer displays anything but a creamy brown background and a blue dot, I've see other issues on other devices also, but not a single response from apple explaining how to resolve it.  Anyone else?

Before I left for Thailand, I didn't have a single problem with my maps app, however on return, I've found that it no longer displays anything in the main map screen, hybrid and sattelite still show something (but aren't accurate), but in maps itself