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With the new actualization of my ipod, app store wont let me download apps like kik, tumblr and more, i really need kik cause theres were i text my friends, what is happening?

With the new actualization of my ipod, app store wont let me download apps like kik, tumblr and more, i really need kik cause theres were i text my friends, what is happening?What does "new actualization" mean? Do you have Restrictions set that

I want to use the photos on my tumblr blog as the screensaver on my apple TV. Is this possible?

Or as a solution, how can i get my tumblr photos into my photostream and do it that way?Save them from the tumblr photostream to the folder being shared on iTunes or your iCloud photostream. There is no automated way to accomplish what you are wantin

With the latest Firefox, I keep getting error messages on Tumblr, and Flash Player crashes almost every time I watch a video on Tumblr.

This has been driving me mad for days now. I updated to the latest version of Firefox, but every single time I go to any webpage on Tumblr, (my dashboard, my personal blog, anyone else's blog) I am bombarded by error messages saying "too much recursi

Does anybody have any experience integrating a tumblr account with iWeb?

I was thinking about using tumblr as a way of establishing a more mobile blog solution, and integrating it as seamlessly as possible with my iweb site. I'm not a fan of the iframe solution, as it just personally seems sort of inelegant. (no offense i

Every time I try to upload a video to youtube (or pictures to blog services like tumblr) using Firefox, I cannot upload them unless I use the "basic uploader" function. Why and what can be done?

Every time I try to upload a video to youtube or a pictures to a blog service, such as tumblr, I am unable to do so with the default uploading options (usually something that allows multiple uploads, etc). Instead, I can upload these media using thei

Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap comes up when I try to veiw the log in screen on tumblr, how to fix this in FireFox 26.0?

I can browse through tumblr just fine, but whenever I go to the login page it said: Secure Connection Failed. An error occurred during a connection to www.tumblr.com. Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). (Error co

None of the pictures will load on Tumblr. Not even the GIFs or Icons. What's wrong? How can I fix this?

''locking as a duplicate - https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/813420'' Today, I was on Tumblr, when something popped up. It disappeared before I was able to read it. Suddenly, the page refreshed. Not one picture loaded. I am only able to rea

It wont let me log in to my tumblr and my email/password is correct, but it use to work about a week ago. how to i get firefox to work with tumblr?

I just downloaded firefox about a week ago and the first day i used it i went on to tumblr, and i logged in just fine. But now a week later i'm trying to log into my tumblr and it says it's loading but then it goes straight back to the log in page. I

Firefox will not connect to Tumblr, Facebook, and Google sites.

I had an issue where my computer completely froze up and I had to force restart. When I logged back on, Firefox no longer trusted Google or Facebook. Youtube seems ok, it's just sites with "google.com" in the URL... and Facebook. Here's the erro

What program would I use to make  Tumblr Theme

I would like to make my own tumblr theme and Im not sure which adobe program I would use to make one or even if adobe has such a program. I would like to make it so it looks like a magazine sitting on a surface and you drag accross the pages to move

Tumblr won't log in... keeps saying "There was a problem logging in, try again later"

but days have passed and still no improvement...how long does it think I should wail? Tumblr logs in fine on PC but not on BB Torch after one initial successful login and logout.  I enter my username and password to not avail, but on PC it is fine. 

I was editing a post in Tumblr and my work went away to the right. How do I get it back?

I do not know what I did. AFAIK, I was typing normally, and then, whoosh! Half an hour's work just vanished off to the right-hand side of the window. HELP! How do I get it back?Quit and relaunch Safari then go to the Tumblr site. See if your post is

Is it possible to link to a specific page in an embedded Tumblr blog

Hello. I have an embedded Tumblr blog on a customers Muse site. Is it possible for them to link to a specific page in the Tumblr Iframe, and have it wrapped in there website? I appreceiate all of the help.Hey, one thing I tried, although it is pretty

Embedding interactive swf into a Tumblr post?

Hi everyone, This is my first post/question. I'm trying to figure out if I can embed an interactive swf (with basic AS3 Code Snippets added to movie clips) into a Tumblr post. I found this post which explains how to use Dropbox as a repository for th

'Phone' and 'Tablet' versions of Tumblr blog embedded into Muse

Hi, I have managed to embed a Tumblr blog into my 'Desktop' Muse website which works fine however my problem is when I go to create 'Phone' and 'Tablet' versions the blog is cropped. Does Tumblr have Moblie Site formats to use for these formats or ca

Tumblr Dashboard Loads way too many new pages

When I'm on Tumblr, scrolling through my dashboard, I noticed that after a while it gets very slow. The reason why, is that everytime I scroll down a bit or press the 'j'-key (to go to the next post), firefox/tumblr already loads a next page of my da

Why can't I download Tumblr on my iPod 4 anymore??

I can't download the app anymore! I had to delete the app from my ipod touch gen. 4 in order to make space for an update, so now I'm trying to get it back. But when I attempt to download it, it says that I need iOS 7 or something like that in order t

Twitter & Tumblr not rendering text correctly.

Image here: http://i.imgur.com/FtK6K.jpg Have tried the usual trouble shooting. When changing the page style to 'No Style' - the text displays. Manually disabling all addons and plugins doesn't fix the issue however when using Firefox in safemode, th

My ipad won't upload thumbnails in Facebook or Tumblr?

I'm trying to use my ipad to post in social media sites such as facebook and tumblr, however whenever i post a website url it does not include a thumbnail or fetch an image from the site.  It only posts the blank url.  Help!  Social media requires im

Will there be a upgrade for sharing bookmarks to tumblr

I want to say some highlights from a book to tumblr!Nobody here can tell you anything about Apple's future plans, but you can tell them what you want via http://www.apple.com/feedbackRead other 2 answers