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return pdf from web service java


Facing problem while going to  catch return result from web-services.

Hi everybody, I am new to BPEL. I am facing problem while going to catch the attributes of resultsets returning from web-services(QAS). As far as my knowledge, two types of results it should return - XML entities and another is attributes which is co

How to display smartform as PDF in web dynpro java

Hi, Where can I find sample program to display smartform as PDF in web dynpro java. Thanks. Regards, Henry1. Create a smart form in the R/3 side 2. Now create a function module with the corresponding export parameter: 3. Make sure that the function m

What are the different messages that OCOD may return for a web service requ

Hi, Please give me feedback on the questions below, concerning the limitations of web service, and messages which may return. 1) What are the different messages that OCOD may return for a web service request? I need all the messages of all the scenar

Unable to capture return values in web services api

At the time of login to web services if my server is down , it returns following error : java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1         at java.lang.String.substring(String.java:1438)         at java.lang.String.subs

Return values from Web services

I want to return an array of objects that contain only the allowed Java Types. Is it possible to return an array of objects as xml for example from a WL web service? Thanks, Georgehttp://www.w3.org/TR/SOAP/ See 5.4.2. Peace, Cameron Purdy Tangosol In

Mandatory return parameter in Web Service

Hello, Do you know how to set a return parameter mandatory in a Web Service using an Enterprise JavaBean (Netweaver 2004s)? The method has 2 return parameters in the WSDL: <xs:complexType name="SignResponse"> <xs:sequence>   <xs:e

Complex Return types from web service

Hi, Iam developing a web service using axis.In that i want to return array of objects to the client. But when iam calling from the client side iam getting the class cast exception. I wrote server-config.wsdd file manually. do i need to add any more i

Populate table with XML returned by a Web Service

Hi, I have a web service that executes MulitipleRowQuiery and returns XML variable. When I set the data connection (in Designer) to this service in my PDF form I'm getting "document" and "element" nodes under the invokeResponce tree (d

Native Web Services - Java client

Hi. Is there any example of how to consume a Native Web Service (11g) using a java client? I am having a trouble with this, and I couldn't find any clue so far. I've been using NetBeans. Any help would be appreciated. ThanksI have tried using Axis2.

Re: Returning Objects from Web Services

Hello, I'm doing a project which uses Java web services. I'm using the Web Services templates under Netbeans 6 IDE to accomplish this. I have followed some basic tutorials and have set up a service that returns integer datatypes etc. I need to know h

URGENT = Publish PL/SQL as a WEB Service - JAVA ERROR on config.........

I am getting this error on WEB SERVICE Creation : ========================================= MY Configuration : ORACLE VERSION = 10g Express Edition Release OC4J VERSION = oc4j_extended_101300.zip ORACLE DRIVER = ojdbc14.jar JAVA_HOME=/opt/

Jdeveloper 11g web service - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

Hi, I've just installed JDeveloper 11 preview 3. I'd like to perform this http://www.oracle.com/technology/obe/obe11jdev/11/ws/ws.html tutorial, but when I test web service, I get java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. Attached is the complete server log. D

Extracting Tag Value from XML returned when a web service via PL/SQL

All, Good afternoon. I have a PL/SQL that called a web service. The code is as below: create or replace procedure soap3 as soap_request varchar2(30000); soap_respond varchar2(30000); http_req utl_http.req; http_resp utl_http.resp; resp XMLType; i int

Web Service java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hibernate/cfg/Configuration

I have built a EAR file (using ANT build.xml from eclipse) and deploy it to WebLogic server, when I test the web service with a Test Client, I will receive the exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hibernate/cfg/Configuration Anything wrong

How to know return type in Web service

{color:#0000ff}I am writing a web service client application. After invoking the service it gets the result as SOAP massage. But i need to know the return type also. How can i do that? {color} here is the response obtained from web service after invo

Submit pdf to web service as xml

I want to do the following: a) Create a pdf form that the user can fill out and save using their laptop. b) The user goes back to the office, opens the pdf, and clicks a submit button. c) The submit button contacts a web service (that I will write) a

Best way to handle Interface Return Type for Web Service Method

Hi All, i have the followinig situation. I would like to create a method as a web service: Customer getCustomer(someType){....} ie: getCustomer method, with a parameter that indicates some backend data source. The method returns a Customer object. Ho

Letter spacing wrong when generting pdf in web service

I have a turnkey JBoss Installation on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. When I create a pdf document out of an doc (Office 2003 SP3) or docx (Word 2007 SP2) with the web services I get wrong letter spacing. If I simply create a pdf out of Microsoft

Error when running the Web Services java client file

Hi, I am working on web services with 9iAS. I am using the StatelessExample file included during installation. The ear file was created and the application was deployed using OEM Web. But when I try to execute the client java file StatelessClient. I

SAP BEx Query as a Web Service - JAVA Stack needed?

Dear all, I want to use the Web Service for calling a BEx Query in SAP BW 7.02. Do anybody know if a JAVA Stack is needed to get that Web Servcie working? Thank you very much for your help! DieterHi, i use Query As Werservice in xcelsuis so, wthen i