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Query engine : Can not find DSN in Connection String

DearSir/Madam, Opearating System Windows 7 Professional(32-bit). I am using Application, which is developed : Visual basic 6.0(32-bit), Report Writer : Crystal Report 9.2.693(32-bit) and database: Oracle ODBC Data source : System DS

How to specifiy the provider to be Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client when creating a dynamic connection string with EF Code First from Database?

I am trying to use the relatively new Code First from Database with the newest EF (6.x) and on an Oracle database (11g, but I have installed the newest ODTwithODAC). First of all, it works fine as long as the connection string is inside the App.Confi

How to dynamically set connection string for report in C# code?

Hi, I have installed CRVS2010. I have created new Crystal Report WPF Application and new report. I would like to set connection string for report in code dynamically. Is this possible? Thanks IvanaLots of posts in this forum on how to set database co

Deployment from 11g to 10g connection string cannot get provider error.

Hi, I'm doing a deployment from oracle client 11g to 10g. Is this possible? there are yes and no answer I have try out from the forum. All did not workout with any of the configuration setup. For development I am using VS2012, MVC 4. EF 4. Oracle 11g

I run Dev 6i on Windows 2008 R2 64-bit,the forms are working fine after connection to the database but the reports continue to request for username, password and database connection string every time i try to open a report.

I receive REP-0501: Unable to connect to specified database. I run developer 6i application on windows 2008 r2. I have applied the nn60.dll and nnb60.dll files to the \BIN directory. The forms are working fine. The reports will only display after the

Powershell use Connection String to query Database and write to Excel

Right now I have a powershell script that uses ODBC to query SQL Server 2008 / 2012 database and write to EXCEL $excel = New-Object -Com Excel.Application $excel.Visible = $True $wb = $Excel.Workbooks.Add() $ws = $wb.Worksheets.Item(1) $ws.name = "GU

How do I create a connection string to sql server?

Hi All,    I am currently connecting to a SQL Server via ODBC DSN connection. I am wondering how do I create a connection string directly to a sql server without a DSN connection? Thank you in advance.If you have SQL Server or client installed in you

Changing Connection String dynamically at runtime

I am using the Crystal Report Viewer control in in a Visuall Studio 2008 C# project.  The reports are created inside of Visual Studio 2008, and will be running against an InterSystems Cache database.  I have to use an ODBC (RDO) connection and use a

Problem with Connection Manager. Can't change connection string / Server name

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Connect String for the front end app to access Lite Database in the Client

Hi, I have been using an app developed in VB.net for accessing the Oracle Lite Database from the client machine. Can anyone please help me out how to set the Connect String in the config file of my front end app to access the Oracle Lite Database fro

Can't change the connection string of SSIS package with derived columns?

We upgraded SQL server 2008 to 2012, copied and converted all SSIS packages from Visual Studio 2008 to 2010.  When I opened a package in VS 2010 and tried to change the connection string, in the local connection managers, if the data source is anothe

How get connection string of default database of CreateUserWizard control

hi, i am creating website in which I add create user wizard control, I want to restrict user to use one email id only for one time, but after creating and testing,I get that it allow same email id more than one time, for that I search lot and get thi

OBIEE 11g install fails on step 7 (database connect string)

I've currently spent 2 days trying to install OBIEE 11g on two machines (independently). This first is a Windows XP SP3 test PC running 4GB RAM, whilst the second is a Windows 2003 virtual server with 3GB RAM. The Database is Oracle 10g (

How to determine the connection string to a SQLite database, in C# code

Hello. I'm trying to figure out how to specify the connection string to a SQLite database, I would like to access using the following code: string connectionString = null; SqlConnection connection; SqlCommand command; SqlDataAdapter adapter = new Sql

Linq2sql Connection string for crystal report. Report requires logon

If I take out the connection string info the report runs fine from my machine but any other user it asks for logon information so I am trying to add the connection info. The line that is not compiling is `cr1.SetDatabaseLogon(connection, cr1);` What

To read a connection string from a notepad

i want to read the DSN-less connection string from a notepad that is from a text file so that if server ip address changes then it will be easy to change the ip address in the notepad rather than changing the code .we are using jsp. Connection con=Dr

Save Query - An error occurred while creating connection strings for the query

A workbook trying to edit and reload I get the following error "Save Query - An error occurred while creating connection strings for the query" No Power Pivot data model or anything.I am getting the same error when editing a Power Query in an Ex

Connection string to insert data to Oracle DB

Hay guys, Now I am facing the problem to insert data to the oracle db. I already connect the db to my netbeans service tag & also found the db & tables. But does not know how to insert, delete etc from my JSF pages. I send my JSF code. You guys te

#Name in Access table - Connection string problem

Dear All, Hope you can help with this one. I am using the ODBC driver set to connect to our Oracle817 database. Usually when connecting tables everything is fine, and no problems appear. There are, however, a small handful of tables that caus

Changing the server name on package connection string.

I have a connection string in a package which is a local connection string and not in project connection manager and isn't parameterize as well. Now I need to change a server name of the connection property without using editor. Can I do that and how