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Emails from camera roll saved to wrong folder -- IMAP Path Prefix Problem

I think there's a problem with the behaviour of the way picture emails are saved when you have an IMAP Path Prefix. I have an IMAP Path Prefix of "INBOX"... i.e. my sent folder is Inbox/Sent. Any plaintext emails I send from the email applicatio

AiO remote can't send multiple photos to camera roll

After scanning 25 photos using AiO remote I want to send them to camera roll, but have to send each photo one at a time? I can press edit which allows me to select all, but this does nothing, except DELETE? Also can't email multiples or send them to

How can I moving photos from one roll to an other

I tried to drag and drop photos from one roll to an other. If the roll has a lot of photos (e.g. 250) I can not scroll down to a roll below. iPhotos does not automatically scroll down when I try to drag them down. How can I scroll or move these down?

Why is my iCloud backup for photos 3.3 Gbs but I only have 12 photos in my camera roll?

After purchasing my iPhone 4S I performed a restore from backup that I had from my iPhone 4 (running iOS 4.3.5). Prior to doing this restore, I did not realize that my photos were not being synchronized from my iOS device and saved in that backup. So

My Ipod Classic (160G) no longer synchs completely with iTunes (93G).  Have reset and restored to no avail.  AM about to try roll back to a previous version of iTunes, which has been on auto update.

My iPod Classic (160G) used to sync flawlessly with iTunes (93G). Recently, there seem to be fewer folders syncing.  In particular, it is not syncing more recent adds.  It also occassionally refuses to sync at least one mp3 downloaded from  Amazon.co

Apple Mobile Device Service installation rolls back

Hey there, I've been having problems installing iTunes 9 or even 8 on my computer. While running the iTunes setup, part of the installation rolls back and when I launch iTunes after that, I get the message saying that "This iPod cannot be used becaus

Camera roll is no longer being copied to my computer.

Up until last week, my computer would copy my iPhones camera roll when I plugged in my phone to my computer using the USB cord. My computer used to see my phone as apple iPhone in "my computer". I haven't changed any settings in autoplay. I unin

HT4847 Camera Roll

Hi, if I store my entire Camera Roll on iCloud, and I have an additional storage plan that allows me to back up more data to iCloud then I can store on my iPhone, and then I delete pictures from my Camera Roll on my device, because I'm running out of

How can i delete photos in a folder from my Iphone 4s.  when it was synced, the photos went to two folders and not to the camera roll

How can I delter photos in a folder from my Iphone 4s?  When I synced the new phone from the Itunes, the photos went to two folders and not the camera roll. thanks, should I delete all the phones on Itunes and re sync the old phone, then resync the n

Data Services job rolling back Inserts but not Deletes or Updates

I have a fairly simple CDC job that I'm trying to put together. My source table has a record type code of "I" for Inserts, "D" for deletes, "UB" for Update Before and "UP" for Update After. I use a Map_CDC_Operation

I am unable to email an image from camera roll. the image gets "stuck". cannot input email address or subject line. am unable to cancel and go back to camera roll

i am unable to email images from my camera roll. the image gets "stuck". cannot insert email address or subject line. cannot cancel... return to camera roll. what to do. i tries taking new picture and sending it in an email... same thing... gets

The difference between Camera Roll and Photo Library

I am a bit confused.  I have, on my iPhone, pictures in 3 places: Camera Roll, Photo Library, and Photo Stream.  I am not sure why iPhone make these distinctions but I want them all to end up in one place: my iMac central photo library. I  only have

Inactive component cost not rolled up to top level item

Hi Our scenario is as follows: we have a top level item with a BOM. And some components of the BOM  are having material status u2018inactiveu2019. Inactive means materials will not procured and sold, however we could have inventory which can be consu

Can EFI update be rolled back?

I installed the EFI update and now my e-sata drive I use for Time Machine won't mount. Worked perfectly before the update. Is there any way to roll it back to the previous version? CliffCliff Addy wrote: I installed the EFI update and now my e-sata d

How can I find/sync my old iPhone camera roll photos?

I've searched about 5 different ways here on the forums and can't find an answer to this question. I recently upgraded my iPhone 3Gs to an iPhone 4. I backed up the old phone and just sold it a couple of days ago. Here's my problem: I can't find the

I transferred some photos to my iphone via email and they come up in camera roll as low resolution.  How do I fix this?

I transferred some photos to my iphone via email and they have very low resolution.  First I sent them from iPhoto with highest resolution, then I transferred them to my desktop in highest resolution and added them to an email, opened the email and s

How can I get a video from my iMac onto my iPhone Camera Roll

I recently bought a Go-Pro, and make time lapse videos, but those are made on my iMac, and I want to transfer them to my iPhone's Camera Roll. I can easily get them in the "Videos" folder, but problem is, I want to upload them to my Instagram ac

Lost photos / camera roll after restore and update.

As the title says , I recently had to restore my iphone 3gs due to having problems with MAIL (problem fixed now.) but after doing a full backup and restore on the phone and update to the iOS 4 ( i think>) , I lost all of the photos that I had in the

New Camera Roll backup/restore issue...

Hello, I have a massive problem and cannot find an answer to this anywhere....so, i'm hoping someone here can help. (I'm not great with computers!) I upgraded from iphone4 to 4S in February. I set-up with icloud, but turned off both the Camera Roll a

Removing photos/images from Photo Library (not camera roll) on the 3g iphon

Okay, So i have removed all photos from camera roll one by one......... Now for the photo library, i want remove all pics from that,some are photos i took, some are shots i saved off facebook etcc.... while on the iphone safari browser. but i have no