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Can I create a template in LR4 (for mini sessions, senior portraits, etc)

Hey All- I am looking to create templates (for mini-sessions, senior portrait session, etc. to use on FB & Website.) Through a significant amount of research, it looks as though Photoshop and PS Elements seems to be the only places to do this? Is it

Making creative finished products similar to those in senior portraits

I am doing my daughter's senior pictures. I am trying to make some creative finished products using different borders, texts, multiple pictures and backgrounds, etc. Does PSE6 (mac) offer these features? I am finding myself more and more frustrated t

Spry tabbed panels, all content showing on one page, please help?

Hi there, I'm developing a website for my friend and i'm using DW CS5 spry tabbed panels. Everything looks great in DW but when i load the page to the server all of the content shows as one page and i can't navigate through tabs.http://dndperspective

Please help! My photos are g-o-n-e!

Please help!! First, let me mention that I am not a very tech-savvy person. I received my macbook pro as a gift when I graduated 2 years ago, and know a lot less about it than I probably should. That being said, I DO love taking photographs. I shoot

[SOLVED] what headers do I need to build oss

Hi All, I'm trying to run the open sound system but my problem is this: [[email protected] a]# soundoff && soundon OSS not loaded. Relinking OSS kernel modules for "3.12.8-1-ARCH SMP preempt mod_unload modversions " This may take few moments

Help!  Files say published but changes don't show?!?

www.digitalsuburbia.net I have been battling with this issue for the last week now. Click on the link Senior Portraits - Click on Senior Gallery - all you will see is a "return to menu" link. The photographs do not show. In my iweb application t

Why is browser distorting images?

I have created a graphic (png) which I am placing inside a DIV tag.  Looks great in design view, but when I preview in my browser (Safari) the aspect ratio seems to be changing and is being streteched.  The image size and DIV size are the same, there

Online photo galery

Can anyone recommend an online web galery for professional purposes. We would like to insert captions for our photographs, and to be able to add keywords. Also it would be good to be able to do a keyword search and download the selection of photograp

FYI: Photoshop Cafe review gives Aperture 4 out of 5

I did not find his review to be very technical or deep. He disagrees that ACR is superior in terms of output quality. The samples he uses to illustrate that point, IMO were a poor choice. Close up, studio lit portraits would be a better measure, espe

"The root activity type is invalid" while importing a xoml generated by sharepoint designer in visual studio

I am facing a problem with Visual Studio. Following what I did: Copy and modify a workflow in sharepoint designer 2013 Import the generated files (xoml, rules, config) in a Visual Studio 2012 module Build I cannot build nor package the solution, gett

Ability to install Studio 10 without root privileges

My group is currently using Forte Developer 6 to develope on Sun Blade 2500 machines running Solaris 8. I would like to use the trial version of Sun Studio 10 to show my group the performance improvements recieved by upgrading compilers. I've downloa

I can only run Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 as root

I ran into the same problem, and checked the $HOME variable and they do expand to user-specific directories for root and initial user respectively. I installed it originally in the /opt directory, then removed it after it would only let me run the pr

Cannot deploy from netweaver developer studio to application server

Hi I am trying to deploy a simple EAR (ConverterEAR) to my application server. From NW developer studio, right clicked on the SAP server that I have configured and try to a publish. It gives me the below exception. For some reason its trying to conta

Visual Studio opening files when dragged and dropped in WPF app debugging session

I'm working on a WPF app (using VS2013 CE) which is intended to manage media files (TV Shows, movies, etc) and as part of this I am enabling the user to drag and drop media files on to the running app (by adding AllowDrop="True" and PreviewDragE

How do I remove user account with UID=0 (except of root)

Macbook Pro 13; I have Parallels software and did not realize I needed to upgrade to version 10 before upgrading to OS X Yosemite.  I get an error stating Parallels 10 cannot be installed because there is a user account other than root that has UID=0

Problem with Java Studio Creator and Tomcat Server

Hi Gays , I have problem: here is the error from tomcat 5 com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase.ApplicationException: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: statement handle not executed: getMetaData com.sun.rave.

Report Designer error i VS 2013 - "Data at the root level is invalid."

Hi, I am trying to create rdlc file programmatically. Using Memory Table as dataset. Here is my code ' For each field in the resultset, add the name to an array listDim m_fields AsArrayList   m_fields = NewArrayList()   Dim i AsIntegerFor i = 0 To tb

Errors in visual studio webpage code (Trying to connect the website to a database)

I am trying to create a website on (visual studio) and connect it to database(Microsoft sql server 2014) first I am learning from a video on youtube the tutorial is about a coffee website and database I have a few errors but I dont know where is the

Unable to open Design Studio Client

Hi Friends, Unable to open Design Studio Client. The log file is posted below. What could be the problem here? Operating System: Windows 8 Design Studio Client Version : 1.2 Need Help!!! !SESSION 2014-05-09 17:39:22.650 ------------------------------

Sap crystal report for visual studio print error

vs.net 2012 crystal report paper size 8.5in x 5.5in orientation portrait will not print properly. Always it prints landscapeDon't define the paper size in the CR designer. Define it in the printer driver. Also, make sure you are using SP 10: SAP Crys