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Need help adding schedule to xcode 4

I need help adding a tour schedule for an iphone app building an app for 13 djs and they want thier tour schedules added these need to be updated monthly is there a way to add this????I don't know if this is the easiest way but it works for me. I con

Stop infopackage from background scheduling

Hi experts, How to stop a delta infopackage from Background scheduling in info package options. I want to stop background scheduling and keep this infopackage in a process chain.I clicked on Start Data load immediately and saved. But when i again ope

CS3 DWT template link problem

Code: <td rowspan="4"><a href="about.htm" title="About the Album" onmouseout="MM_swapImgRestore()" onmouseover="MM_swapImage('buy the album','','images/davis_album_buy_btn_f2.jpg',1)"><img s

Is there an alternative to Entourage Project Centre?

Hi, I have friends who have three computers actoss their office/house. The three people work on the same projects - calendars, employees, tour schedules and documents. They're still on Entourage 2004, but it is so filled with, by now,  notorious bugs

Help with linked lists and searching

Hi guys I'm very new to java. I'm having a problem with linked lists. the program's driver needs to create game objects, store them, be able to search the linked list etc. etc. I've read the API but I am really having trouble understanding it. First

Target Group in a Tour and Activity Scheduling

HI. Right now I am working with the visit plan functionality in CRM 7.0. I am trying to create a tour and then an activity scheduling. My question is: Can I insert a target group when I am creating the tour or the activity scheduling? or I have to in

Job scheduling(passing the values to the child program)

when i'm trying to schedule a background job(using job_open job_submit and job_close) i'm passing the values of the selection screen(parent program) to my child program using set parameter id. And trying to get the values using get parameter id in th

Nuked Tour: Reload issue please help

I'm going to get straight to it my bb is nuked and I'm having an issue with the standard  recovery steps.  I'm going to be as detailed as possible. So I've installed my tour's OS already, I got the apploader up when I plug it in, instead of the usual

A Mac, a PC, a Treo, a Tour and an Exchange Server walk into a bar...

I've been a Palm user for over ten years. Yesterday my boss told me that I'd be getting a data plan for my Verizon phone and I could stick with my Treo or he'd upgrade me to a Blackberry. I've had my Treo for 14 months, well, I've had a Treo for 14 m

Living With RSD

I've read things like this before, probably here, too, but I thought it might bear repeating if it helps someone. I'm waiting on parts and the repair backlog to clear out at my local Apple Store so they can schedule a drop off in the a.m. pick up in

BB Tour has garbled HTML weird lettering random numbers symbols? What to do?

Hi, I was sent here by BB Help on Twitter.   My BB Tour has worked fine with no problems receiving and being able to read emails.  I have my AOL, GMail and Yahoo linked to my BB, and could view multiple posts with no problem.  Now, I am a working act

Sync problems with Tour on PC

Hi, This is my first post... my Tour will not sync with Outlook Calendar.  I get an "unknown error" message during Determining Root Name phase.  Please help. Thanks for any advice, Chuck AHi and Welcome to the Forums! Please verify that the vers

Tour calendar does not keep entries "forever"

Can anyone tell me how to fix an issue I am having with a new Tour where the past calendar entries only show for 60 days even though I have selected the "Forever" option?  In the Verizon forum, someone suggested it could be a low memory issue an

New Tour User Here

I'm a new Tour user and want to know if it's possible to enter new info into my calendar, memo pad, etc. on my computer and then sync with my Tour. This tiny keyboard is killing me!Hi and Welcome to the Forums! A few things to discuss...so bear with

9630 Tour & Uconnect

Has anyone been able to come up with a solution to the Uconnect/Blackberry Tour problem?  I am having issues with my 06 Grand Cherokee. I can get it all to connect, but the Uconnect will not disconnect unless I manually disconnect the device on my Bl

Problem Installing 5.0.?.?.? on Tour

The Tour said I should upgrade software. I downloaded software, which took about 3 hours. Then it gave me the option to install the software or schedule it, stating that the phone would be out of service for about 2 hours while the software was insta

Error in creating RSDS using transfer rules for master data datasources

Hi , when i am creating the transfermations(RSDS) using transfer rules for master data datasources while i want to migrate datasource.it is giving the error message saying that INITIAL ERROR OCCURED DURING GENERATION OF THE TRANSFERMATION.AND in the

Re: Sync problems with Tour on PC

I'm having the same problem and don't understand the reply.  I'm switching from a PalmPilot where I could sync and print my calendar on Outlook to the BlackBerry and I can't get a hard copy.  Frustrated!  Please help.LindaA wrote: I'm having the same

Blackberry 9630 Tour - Reload Software: 552 - Mac

This is my second Tour since I bought my first Blackberry a couple of weeks ago.  I know I'm definitely not in the norm as being a Blackberry user and a Mac user as well, but I need help.  I recently was deleting some frivolous apps I had downloaded

Practical, experience-oriented recommended device (f/w? /) s/w version(s) for all PC-centric activities on the TELUS Mobility BB Tour 9630

Hey all ... I am wondering if I can pick people's brains and get good advice re: practical experience-oriented recommended device (f/w? /) s/w version(s) for all PC-centric activities on the TELUS Mobility BB Tour 9630, including the PC-resident s/w(