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Rstrui.exe Create a system restore point on windows server 8 standard

Hi, Before making system changes, I need to create a system restore point on windows server 2008 Standard with SP2 installed.,  I found where to accomplish that via the UI, but the file isn't found when I search the C:\windows directory on the server

RSTRUI.exe application error - cannot recover?

Hi, I have a Windows 7 64-bit HP laptop, and when it boots, it detects some kind of error, and tries to repair it. During the repair attempts, a window appears titled "RSTRUI.exe - application error" with something like an instruction at one loc

The new ribbon user interface in Win 8.1 should display appropriate buttons depending on the currently displayed folder within the explorer.exe window.

To begin with, in file-explorer (.\system32\explorer.exe) normally, the new ribbon user interface in Win 8.1 does indeed display appropriate buttons depending on the currently displayed folder within the explorer.exe window.  But when one re-parents

Cmd.exe window does not open in apache jserv

cmd.exe window does not open in apache jserv I need to call a dos program from a servlet running on apache jserv1.1. I develop with Jdeveloper wich has got a built in webserver to debug servlets. With Jdeveloper it works fine (a dos windows opens), b

Consistently does not open, gives the error: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla\firefox.exe Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may no

Installed FF 16, 17, 18. Will not open in normal administrator login, nor with "Run as administrator" but will in W7 safe mode. Changed permissions (had to do it in W7 Safe Mode, normal login would not allow (logged in as an administrator) could

Ntrights.exe Windows 2008 R2 Resource Kit Tool? Does it exist or is there something similar I can use?

I am running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard as a DC I am trying to add users/groups to the following local policies through a GPO, however I need to script it out using something similar to ntrights.exe. I do not want to do it through the GUI becaus

MacBook Windows7 install failing - ntkrnlpa.exe - "Windows failed to load because the kernel is missing, or corrupt."

Trying to do BootCamp Windows-7 install on my MacBook (running 10.5.x). Detailed progress notes here. Latest: "Windows failed to load because the kernel is missing, or corrupt." (ntkrnlpa.exe) Hit `Enter` to continue, make next selection, but it

Embed Video in EXE (windows projector)?

I'm trying to embed a video into a windows projector (exe) file. I would like the video to be contained in the single exe, but I don't want to run into the video/sound synch problems embeding the video in the timeline creates. Any advice?davidlieb wr

EXE-Window don't disappear

Hy, everybody. I've made an EXE from my Labview-application. It works fine, but after stopping this, the window stays on the desktop. I have to close this window by hand (Alt-F4, File-Close or so). Can i set some prarameters to force LabView make thi

How to hide a cmd.exe window while my app run

When i start my application whit .BAT, console window show's too. How can i hide this console window?I would say use a native installer if possible. Install4J is a very reasonable price, $400 or something and works on windows, mac osx and solaris/lin

Process WUDFHost.exe (Windows Driver Foundation) engages up to 50% of CPU when running Windows Media Player

Hi Guys, I'd like to find out why WUDFHost.exe takes so much CPU (for about 4-5 minutes, then it gets back to normal) when playing Audio/Video files.  I run Win 8.1. PRO Update 1 on AMD Processor x 64. I've updated all drivers and additionally instal

Javafx JAR to .exe(windows) or .app (MAC)

hi, Anybody has any idea how can i import my javafx application to an installation file for MAC or Windows? For example, MAC has a jar bundler app which convert java jar to .app files for MAC. I tried with it, but it fails, i have no idea how to make

Srcmos.exe & Windows PE

Hi, I have encountered a problem while trying to use srcmos.exe (BIOS Settings Capture/Playback Utility) version 4.01. I know that manual says to use DOS or Win9x to use the utility. I tried running it under Windows XP and Vista, it seems to be worki

How to attach database into .exe windows application Vs 2013 Sql 2014

 i am developing a windows application project using C# ,  sql 2014 and VS 2013. now i want to run the application in other computers ( visual studio and MS sql server are not installed in these client computers). i can run the applications interface

I did a COPY of some text from a web page, and then did a PASTE into notepad.exe (Windows). The text from each line was duplicated -- on the line! Instead of "Fred", it became "Fred Fred".

I just recently installed Firefox for the first time. It seems nice and quick. The version is reported as: "10.0.1". I wanted to save some text from a web page, so navigated to that page, selected the text, and pressed the Control-C combination

OJ6450 APPCRASH hpiscnapp.exe Windows 7/64

This problem has been pointed out by other people and I thought I would post my information. After EACH SCAN the program crashes??????????????????????? Can anyone give the steps to fix this HP I am listening.  Feel free to email me the fix Problem si

Fatal error on hpzprl40.exe windows 7 D100 all in one printer

getting fatal error on setup of printer windows 7 using wirelessYes... it worked perfectly and saved the extreme hassle of a reformat... if it wouldn't have worked or messed up... I could then follow through with the reformat.. but.. turned out to be

Hpzsetup.exe windows vista 32 bit

Hello i keep getting this prompt hpzsetup.exe over and over. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and i just cannot get rid of it. can anyone help? i have an HP Photosmart D7160 and an Officejet J3680. i am very frustrated! thanks CurtisIt does

Hash for Lightroom_5_LS11.exe (windows LR5 update)

Can someone provide me an MD5 for Lightroom_5_LS11.exe so I can verify download integrity?  My downloads keep getting corrupted, and I want to be able to confirm a good download, if and when I get that.  Thanks PS: Could be any hash: CRC, SHA-1, etc.

When firefox starts, an "XvidSetup.exe" window pops up asking to install the file. How can I stop this?

This only happens opening FF, IE is ok. This started just a few days ago, but I cannot think of anything that triggered it. I am running Windows XP.Hi MSchp, You should check to see what your homepage has been set to or try to NOT restore the previou