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Run Linux on Windows 10


Mount NSS4000 disk in Linux or Windows PC

Hello! I'm trying to create a contingency plan to failure of a NSS4000. I wonder how to view information stored Storage disks on a PC running Linux (or Windows) where the power supply of the equipment is broken so we can continue to operate until rep

Java program runs differently on Windows and Linux

Hi! I would like to run a java application (which is written and run on windows platform) on linux platform. I don't know wether it is possible or not, but I tired on the following way: I have made a small java application. It worked correctly on win

Linux runs hotter than Windows?

Right now in Windows, CoreTemp reports that my processor is a little under 50 C, but in Arch lm-sensors says that it stays around the upper 50s, often jumping up into the 60s when I open a new program or play a Youtube video.  Does anyone know why th

Running jar in Linux and Windows

Hi I created a jar file in Linux and it is running fine under Linux. But when I tried to run the same jar under windows,I got the following error Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Is there any difference between running

Network browsing with Samba, Linux and Windows

I'm having trouble with OSX 10.4.8 and a SMB network. My server is running Linux Debian, and exporting shares via Samba. I have a couple of XP boxes on the network, and they can see all the shares in the workgroup, and can mount them. However, from t

[SOLVED]Arch Linux, and Windows 8.1 Dual Boot issue

Hi guys. I recently bought a new laptop, and decided to run Arch Linux and Windows 8.1. I installed Windows 8.1 first as recommended by the beginners guide, and then installed Arch Linux. I made sure UEFI was enabled in my BIOS, and made sure everyth

How to set owner-only access file permissions both on Linux and Windows

Hi everybody. I have the following problem. I need to store some private user information in file system. So I need to set owner-only access permissions for some directory in user home. I did not find API for doing this. As I understand this is platf

Oracle DB sessions on Linux and Windows

Actually I am confused the way session memory is allocated on 32 bit windows and linux OS. Windows is a thread based architecture where all user sessions are treated as threads of oracle.exe process. The addressable space is 4GB and oracle.exe can us

Would *.vi files run on a Windows platform if they were developed on a Unix platform?

I have been working on a Linux machine with Labview 6.1, and would like to know if the *.vi files would run on a Windows platform running Labview.Absolutely. I don't recall that there are any Platform dependent calls in LabVIEW for Linux. Give it a s

Running Monitor on Windows Box... does it run as a service?

I've installed GW Monitor 7 on a Windows box running IIS and Tomcat 5.5. If I am logged in to the Windows server and have the Monitor Console open I am able to use the web based GW Monitor. If I log out and/or close the Console I am no longer able to

Linux or Windows

I have the option to use either multiple Linux or Windows servers. These servers will be dedicated purely to the media server. Any opinions on which would be better for live streaming in the most part. AlanI wouldn't consider running a production dat

?Compiling Linux 2 Windows?

Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to compile Linux made Java stuff on a Windows computer. I can run Linux Java programs like this: @ECHO OFF cls java -jar JARHEREBut is there anyway to compile it? PS: I tried using just a basic compiler: @echo

Unable to set focus for Linux / X-Windows ($$$ for fix...)

It appears whenever a modal window is opened on Linux X-Windows the focus is stolen from the window and you CANNOT use the keyboard to return to the form - let alone set the focus on the textbox. This is not just for my modal forms but for something

File Transfer from LINUX to WINDOWS....?

I have to copy the auto backup .dmp file from Linux to Windows in Same Network. Can You please suggest me how to do this task through Shell Script. So i can schedule the running time of Shell script through DBMS_SCHEDULER and at that specified time f

Can not run application on Windows

What's wrong with my windows system. I compile the java files in linux and put the class file to the windows system. But the class file can't run correctly. The error is following: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at jav

After updating to Firefox 11.0 Mac, Firefox runs, but no window can be seen

I'm running OSX 10.5.2 I just upgraded to Firefox 11.0. Firefox runs, but no windows can be seen.See also: *http://kb.mozillazine.org/Corrupt_localstore.rdf If it does work in Safe-mode then disable all extensions and then try to find which is causin

Run PHP on Windows IIS6

Hi all, Just i want to run PHP on Windows server 2003 machine with IIS6, not with Apache or any other webservers. I've installed PHP from the msi 'php-5.3.27-nts-Win32-VC9-x86'. And installed FastCGI also. Created a php file with phpinfo() function i

MEGA 865 running Linux

I'm new to the forum.  Here's the system I ordered from NewEgg: MEGA PC 865 Celeron 2.4 Ghz Kingston 512M PC3200 DVD+-RW MS-8408A [email protected] MS-8606 Maxtor 40 GB, 5400 RPM I threw all the pieces together, no problem.  Well, the IR cable doesn't plug

Linux based windows spyware scanner

Can anyone recommend a linux based windows spyware scanner? I'm running a couple of windows boxes in vmware and would like to mount the disks up under linux and scan them for viruses and spyware. I'm using clamav for virus scanning but I'd like somet

Enterprise Manager Job for Scripting DataPump Export for Oracle Database Running On MS Windows Server 2008

Greetings, I would like an example of an Enterprise Manager Job that uses an OS Script for MS Windows that would effectively run a datapump export of my Oracle 11g database ( running on a Windows 2008 server.  My OEM OMS is running on a Linu