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Apps Report Error(Supplier Payment History Report)

Hi team, APXPPHIS module: Supplier Payment History Iam getting below error and unable get report Output. Current NLS_LANG and NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS Environment Variables are : American_America.WE8MSWIN1252 Enter Password: MSG-00001: After SRWINIT OR

Organisation specific Supplier Payment Terms (R12 EBS-AP)

Hi, In release 11 EBS you were able to set default supplier payment terms at organisation level (Payables Manager: Setup > Options > Financials), however, we have now implemented release 12 and it appears that this is no longer organisation specific

Got error - You must supply payment terms for your non -credit transaction

Hi Experts, Recently we upgraded the 11.5.8 Instance to we have one customized application which is related to recievables. If we submit Surcharge demand generation request it has completed with error. but in ra_interface_errors_all table

Autoinvoice error - You must supply payment terms for your non-credit trans

Dear all, I've this error "You must supply payment terms for your non-credit transaction" shown on AR_RA_INTERFACE_ERRORS_ALL table after ran the autoinvoice. In the RA_INTERFACE_LINES table I had inserted this value "14 DAYS" in TERM_

You cannot supply payment terms for your credit memo

Hi, My req is as per below, 1) I would like to apply payment terms on credit memo screen throgu auto invoice creation. When i tried to update ra_interface_lines_all.term_id then i got error message : You cannot supply payment terms for your credit me

Supplier payment terms

Hello dear all, The user needs a report or transaction for compare the payment terms between purchasing organitation and company code. Is it possible ? Edited by: Tarek AYACHI on Feb 1, 2010 11:17 AMHi, Hope your user wants to see, which PT is assign

Supplier payment history

Dear experts. I'm looking for a report similar to the FBL1N with some extensions to group together payments and vendor invoices. I want to enter the following values (as in FBL1N): - the vendor account - the company code - the posting date from ... t

Advance payment report required

Dear guru generally in our plant for advance payment we have to intimate the account department for release the payment against advance or PI or any other terms. i want the report which can show me that which supplier payment is pending (for advance

Payment report error

This causes us a problem every time we make a payment run. The supplier payment report says it cannot generate the payment as there are no bank details set up - however when I attempt to put in the details i get the message; "this entry already exist

AP Payment Terms

Hello Could you please help me with the below mentioned issue We have two payment terms A15TH_P30TH3% (1st – 15th) A30TH_P15TH3% (16th – 31st) "Invoices arrived till the 15th, pay on the 30th – invoices arrived till the 30th, pay on the 15th of the f