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sales growth rate formula


CO table growth rate

Hi, We have gone line with SAP ECC for retail scenario recently. Our database is growing 3 GB per day which includes both data and index growth. Modules configured: SD (Retail), MM, HR and FI/CO. COPA is configured for reporting purpose to find artic

All about  PnL[Profit and Loss] and SGA[Sales Growth analysis]

hello SDN. I have just joined a consumer goods MNC as an executive trainee working on SAP BI. My current profile is on SGA loading and  PnL loading. Can anyone tell me more about SGA and PnL. I do not want the SAP technical points. I need the core bu

How to calculate percentage growth rate

Hi guys, Please I am trying to calculate the percentage of growth rate using MDX query. I have tried this but it keeps returns a null value. Create Member CurrentCube.[Measures].[Monthly Growth Internet Sales Amount] As [Measures].[Internet Sales Amo

How to calculate Month on Month growth rates in an OBIEE query?

Dear all, I would like to ask your help on how to calculate Month on Month growth rates [(last month - previous month)/previous month*100%] in an OBIEE query. This ratio should be always calculated for the last 2 available months. I have the followin

Calculate sales tax rate using a query

Hello, I am not sure if I can ask this question in the correct forum, excuse me if I am in the wrong place. Below is the question We are using STATE.COUNTY.CITY combination for computing the tax. I am fetching the sales tax rate in a custom form base

Sales Tax rate in Sales Order

Hi All, I am writing an application which is suppose to import Sales Orders from other application, I cannot use DTW because I need to do some calculations while importing orders so am using DI to write code. Ok now comes the real problem, I have “Sa

How to find the database growth rate?

Wanted to do the forecasting of disk growth for one year. How to find the database growth rate? RahulThis is code authored by Richard Ding that will log database sizes to a table.  If you run it every day, then you can go back and compare the databas

Inventory Turnover Rate formula

Hi; I want to see turover rate formula in SAP back system. How Ican I see it?Inventory Turnover = Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) / Average Inventory at value Please check MC44 report for the same. Reagrds, Sandesh SawantRead other 2 answers

Exchange Rate Formula

Hi, My company uses Hyperion. We have 7 different currencies across 18 markets so rolling up our numbers into a reporting currency can be complicated. After pleading with our business control team they finally explained the monthly reporting formula

Invoice Smartform - Printing sales tax rate

Hey, I am having difficulties figuring out what changes I need to make in the print program RLB_INVOICE and the smartform LB_BIL_INVOICE in order to print out the sales rate tax. Thanks! KasNo Need to change the print program RLB_INVOICE , you need t

Help on Direct and Indirect Exchange Rate formula

Dear Experts, As per subject, can anyone write the formula of how both "direct" and "indirect" exchange rate calculation works in SAP B1? Warmest Regards, ChinhoHi Chinho, Direct: X units of local currency (LC) = 1 unit of foreign curr

Please Help with Compressor bit rate formulation....

This is my first time with Compressor 2. I am used to working with Compressor1. After I compressed a couple of sequences and brought them into DVD SP4. My disk meter read 6.1 gb. I compressed a total of 2hours and 11minutes at 4.2 mbps. Using AC3 for

Order fill rate formula

Hi, I have a very simple formula that I'd like to come up with the percentage amount of all items shipped. I'm dividing the ship quantity per ordered quantity but I'm getting the division by zero message. Here's the formula, can anyone help me? Thank

How to find current month, previous month Net Sales by means of formula?

Hello Gurus, I need my crystal report to display data as below:-                                         Net Sales PG1         Current month      Previous Month     Prior year-month    %Variance Panels      $                          $               

Formula Variables in Query Designer

Hello All- I'm using a formula variable in my report which is of type user exit.  In my FM, I am calculation some Sales Growth Analysis based on some rates from the TCURR table.  In short, I am calulating "FX Rate" for each currency (USD, EUR et

Referencing a cell more than once in formula

Hi, how does one reference the same cell twice in a formula? Eg while calculating growth rates, or using nested if functions. Every time I try to do this the formula keeps taking me back to the point where the cell was referenced first. Would really

All about Sales INVOICE

hello, anyone knows other ways to send a sales invoice from sap system to other systems that accepts ONLY flat files? the only way i know is to create an A BAP program, and put it in an application server (with the correct delimiter of course) i know

Problem with combination of two working query formulas

Hey guys, I have a problem in building a formula correctly with the BEx formula logic. I am sure, you can help me with this. Right now I have four columns in my query. The first column (Actual) displays actual amounts either in local (10) or reportin

After 1 year earned leave should generate and pro-rata quota should generate next year on jan 1st.

Hi Experts, Here is the client requirement and please let me know how to solve this. Earned Leave: after 1 year earned leave should generate and pro-rata quota should generate next year on jan 1st. Example: if employee joins on 01/07/2012 after 1 yea

How to write a formula using Boolean Operators?

Dear BW mates, I have two Key Figures <b>stock</b> and <b>Prevous 12 week Stock</b>. I want to calculate <b>Excee stock</b> from these with the following condition. If <b>Prevous 12 week Stock</b>is less tha