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Crystal Reports 2011 cannot connect to Salesforce - Unexpected Error

I am unable to connect to salesforce from Cystal Reports 2011. I get a dialogue saying Failed to Open the connection Details:Unexpected Error -I have increased the JVMMaxHeap in CRCONFIG.XML to 512000000 -I have appended the security token to the pas

How to connect BODS with sales force adapter

Hi all, I want to connect my BODS to sales force.com using the adapter. Please help me in connecting and loading the data from sales force.com Please help me in this issue. Experts help is highly needed. Thank You, Junaid BO Developer.Hello Manoj , I

(wsdl file )Resource is not allowed....

I have the wsdl file of the webservice. Now I am trying to access the api of webservice in asp program. Then it gives Error that resource you are trying to access doesnot allowed. other extension like .asmx , .asp are easily accessible. I think that

Need session information across invocations of OSB

I need a biz service to connect to a dynamic service port. Actually, for interfacing with SalesForce, A login ws returns a uri/url that all subsequent ws calls need to go to. I don't know that I can change the service/port in a standard wsdl based bi

I bought an iPhone5 in the US Apple Store using "guest checkout".  Now I must CHANGE Ships TO adress, because I forgot apartment number in adress.  if I login with my Apple ID, it says that I don't have permission to open that Order.   Any ideias anyone?

I bought an iPhone5 in the US Apple Store using "guest checkout". Now I must CHANGE Ships TO adress, because I forgot apartment number in adress. if I login with my Apple ID, it says that I don't have permission to open that Order. Any ideias an

I cannot do checkout operation and login opration on my localhost

Hi, I don't know if anyone can help me about my problem. I cannot do "checkout"  and "login" operation in my local machine gives me "<b>appbase/runtimeexception.jsp Runtime Errors Contact the administrator" </b> w

Error while loading a 10.1.3 ADF application login page on JBoss EAP 6.0.1

I have a 10.1.3 ADF application that runs well on Web Sphere and OC4J. I'm trying to run it on JBoss EAP 6.0.1. The ear file was deployed successfully to JBOSS and according to ADF logging the connection to Oracle database is established. But when I

Multiple Desktops when remote login?

Hi, is there a way that I can remotly login with two different users and have each one an own GUI desktop?Sounds like you want Terminal Services. Checkout: http://www.aquaconnect.net http://www.coderebel.com/products/irapp-terminal-server I think tha

Error While Attempting to Checkout from Catalog

Hello Gurus, I am currently using OIM 11g r2 and I have done the following: 1) Created a Sandbox 2) Installed the AD Connector 3) Created an Application Instance for the AD Connector (with appropriate form, etc) 4) Ran the catalog scheduled t

Database connector error:Unexpected when connecting to salesforce in CR2008

ISSUE:: Unable to connect to salesforce in CR2008 as when he tries to select the table in the Database expert he gets an error 'Database connector error: Unexpected' however he is able to connect to salesforce and then select the tables using CR XI R

How to call the Salesforce  webservice  create api ?

Hello Friends, I am using Oracle BPEL process manager 10.1.2 . I have created the BPEL process project. In it I have deployed the Salesforce webservice. I have assigned the session id ,URL according to the as given in demos->salesforceflow . I have c

Help, CheckOut causes error IFS-34611

There was an error checking out logo.jpg: oracle.ifs.common.IfsException: There was an error checking out logo.jpg: oracle.ifs.common.IfsException: IFS-34611: Error reserving version series. oracle.ifs.common.IfsException: IFS-30054: Insufficient acc

Error connecting to Salesforce using a Web Service Adapter

Hi, I'm working on a connection from Data Services 4.2 to Salesforce using a Web Service Adapter. I've setup up the adapter (including JVM parameters to use a HTTP proxy), created a Datastore based on the adapter and built a batch job that calls the

Help with Login Form (JSP DB Java Beans Session Tracking)

Hi, I need some help with my login form. The design of my authetication system is as follows. 1. Login.jsp sends login details to validation.jsp. 2. Validation.jsp queries a DB against the parameters received. 3. If the query result is good, I retrie

Customer Account Information not populating in Checkout process

Firstly, THANK YOU in advance for any help troubleshooting this -- I'm absolutely in the weeds. I've taken over a Business Catalyst site that was dropped by a different designer/management company at an incomplete stage, so am admittedly trying to cl

JBO-30003: The application pool failed to checkout an application module

Hi All, We maintain oc4j applications running on a SOA suite installation 10g and we have an application deployed on this setup that from around midday yesterday stopped functioning. The login screen would display correctly however once user

JDBC login with BC4J in 9.0.3

I have recently migrated a BC4J project to 9.0.3 and would like to maintain the JDBC login style rather than go to JAAS at the moment. I have been trying to get this to work but cannot get the custom JCLoginDialog class to work. I believe the getInfo

Using salesforce connector in multiple mxml components

I am using Flex 2.0.1 and Salesforce as Database. My question is i am creating login method in each component and application. I want to use/pass salesforce connection from main application to all sub component, how can i achieve this to avoid login

Invoking external salesforce webservice

i am not able to invoke external sales force webservice for my bpelHi, I'm working on a POC for integrating Sales Force with OFMW. I've downloaded partner.wsdl/enterprise.wsdl from Sales Force, imported it in Fusion & now when I'm trying to invoke SF

After changing the context path, felix console, I can not checkout content via vlt.

Hi everyone, I have the following issue. After changing the context path, via felix console, I can not checkout the content via vlt. Before that, I could checkout without any problems. I am using CQ5.5, CRX2.3, context path: /Test That is what I am t