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salesforce update field to null


PHP Show if hides update fields, but they get overwritten with an empty string

I have an issue with a page where some update fields are displayed depending on who is logged, for example: <?php if ($row_Users['UserID']=="101"){ ?> <input <?php if (!(strcmp($row_lodges['101_finalist'],"Yes"))) {echo &qu

How to update fields in multiple tables ?

Dear all, What is the fastest way to update fields in multiple tables... from a single change table...as below is my code to update the fields but it is taking long time to update as i need to keep log file if any one update fails.... CREATE OR REPLA

Update table all null values to 0 single query

hi dear ; How Can I do , update table all null values to 0 using single query or proceduredeclare @tableName nvarchar(100) declare @querys varchar(max) set @querys = '' set @tableName = 'YOUR TABLE NAME HERE' select @querys = @querys + 'update ' + @t

Insert only the updated Fields

I have a log table based on the master table. The master table have 50 fields. Any update in the master data has to be logged in a new table. So the master table will have only the last updated data. Any change in the master table to be inserted in t

Checking the field is null or not

Hi Experts, I need to map if the field is not null,if the field is null i dont need to pass the value to target. is there any function to check this? Kind Regards, Kumar Message was edited by:         praveen kumarHi ; By null do you mean blank or th

Updated field in IC Agent Inbox

Hi Forum, What is the "Updated" field in agent inbox? Am not able to see any values in that when I search for service requests. Please help me on how to show the updated date in that. Regards, ShridharHi Shridhar, I am afraid the "Updated&q

How to update field values in a database table using module pool prg?

hi how to update field values in a database table using module pool prg? we created a customized table, and we put 2 push buttons in screen painter update and display. but update is not working? data is enter into screen fields and to internal table,

Issue with field data type NUMBER(22,5) while updating field data.

Hi, I have a field with data type NUMBER(22,5). While inserting or updating field data it should take 17 digit and after decimal point 5 digit total 22 digit. I set 22 for maximumLength property of messageTextInput field. While updating field I am ge

Start Routine Logic Updating Field in Target ODS

Hi, I am creating a  Start Routine to Update Field (date) from one ODS to another based on the Key Structure: Document Number, Line Item Number. I am encountering a situation as follows: Source Doc Num 1 Line Item 10 Date 1/1/1 Target Doc Num 1 Line

How to update field in table FAGLFLEXA/FAGLFLEXT

Hi Gurus,      we are stay in ECC 5.00. The new g/l have activated but we have not assigned the relevant scenario to the ledger (Refer note no 990612)      now we have assinged following field:      FIN_CCA: RCNTR (Cost center), SCNTR (Sender cost ce

Read from database (Access) and update fields using MS ADODB

Hello, I am trying to get records from database using MS ADODB._connection & ADODB._Recordset objects (from LabVIEW 6) I can: 1. open connection (with ADODB._connection) 2. write into tables (with ADODB._command) I can not: gets records and update fi

Update field LSMNG in MIGO transaction using bapi bapi_goodsmvt_create

Hi ,    I am using bapi bapi_goodsmvt_create  for creating goods receipt against purchase order in which I have to update field LSMNG i.e. Del. Note Qty. But this field is not there in BAPI input parameters/table fields. How i can update this field u

Updating field ELIKZ EKPO on a CONTRACT(me33k) - how ?

I am updating field ELIKZ EKPO on a CONTRACT(me33k) using BAPI: BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE in my report program. This BAPi give a message  'Change ELIKZ could not be effected' MEssage ID of this message is I ME 664. So, Is there any otherbapi or other solu

Update field of an Append Structure

Hi! I need help!! I made an extension using Append Structure  (I Added a owner field) of a standart table ( EBAN ) about "purchase requisition". I want to update this field when a new purcahse requisitions is created , using the bapi BAPI_REQUIS

Login to itunes - field name: null.java.lang.exception

everytime i try to login into my account on itunes today it wont let me in and says the following statment. Field name: null.java.lang.exception. does anyone know what i'm doing wrong. Thank youFirst, try just quitting iTunes (you may want to restart

BAPI for update field marc-profil (backfl.profile, mrp4)

G'day! What bapi will update field marc-profil (backfl.profile, mrp4)? Thank you!Anupam Sharma wrote: You can use the T code MM17/ MASS for your requirement . BAPI need for transfer data from non SAP PLM system.Read other 4 answers

Update table, exclude NULL rows...

Hi all, I have 2 tables. TABLE_A SRNO VARCHAR2(10) FLAG VARCHAR2(20) TABLE_B SNO VARCHAR2(10) IND VARCHAR2(20) I wan to update the FLAG in TABLE_A with IND from TABLE_B where SRNO from both table matches. here i have written UPDATE TABLE_A A SET A.FL

Profit center field is null /blank Not picking from responsible cost center

Hi 1) Does anyone know if it is possible to change the profit center on a PM order after transactions have occurred? I get an error that says: You want to change the profit center for the maintenance order. System Response: The system does not let yo

Buying songs...logging in .....Field Name: null. java. lang . exception.

whenever i try to log in or buy a song...itunes says"Field Name: null. java. lang . exception." what is wrong?First, try just quitting iTunes (you may want to restart your system) and try again. If that doesn't fix the problem. click on your acc

Buying songs...Field Name: null. java. lang . exception!!

when i try to buy a song it says "Field Name: null. java. lang . exception." what is wrong? pc   Windows 2000  See if Dave Sawyer's answer on the following link helps. http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=4761941&#4761941Read o