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Error while creating a report in BI publisher

Hi all , I am getting an error while creating a new report in BI publisher . the error shown in console is -- java.lang.SecurityException: / In the front end - i am getting Operation failed: d:/OracleBI/xmlp/XMLP/Users/~administrator/annapurna/test/t

View the .rtf file not display the data in BI Publisher Enterprise.

Hi, Platform: OBIEE 10g in NT XPsp2 View the .rtf file not display the data in BI Publisher Enterprise. Step 1, I created Answer-request, create .rtf file with Word and add the request name, Add bar chart and table, preview PDF is working fine with d

BI publishing report issue on HP-UX cluster

Dear All, I have a problem about BW publish report . Our customer has three BI systems (PRD, QAS, DEV) and three BOE system (XIR3.1). Those systems are installed on HP-UX. BOE QAS and DEV system used Tomcat, BOE PRD system deployed on SAP WAS. SAP QA

Error publishing reports from BW

Hi, I am facing some issues while publishing reports from BW system. I have taken care of all the settings mentioned in Integration Kit guide. We are using BOXI 3.1 SP3  OS:windows 2008 (64-bit) The error that we are getting is: "0000000001 An error

Multiple publishing pionts / text options for Interactive Server

: Flash Media Interactive Server. Hi, Im curious if we can publish on multiple sites, I have 5 websites all password protected for members, and I want all 5 members areas to be able to view my live video as I publish it. So can I embed the flash play

Published GIF Problems!  Please help

I've created a flash animation and published it as a GIF animation that continuously loops. After previewing my GIF there are black blocks wherever there is TEXT. Anyone know how to fix this? I've never encountered this problem before so I have no id

Template Builder (XML Publisher Report) for Open Office

Hi, Do any body has any idea, if can have template builder for Open Office also, My company has un installed MS Office from my machine, and they dont have license now. Thanks and Regards, Nidhi GuptaHi All, I think Oracle can provide a BI Publisher S

Scheduling is not working in BI Publisher

Hi all, I am trying to schedule the report on BI publisher it's giving the following error: oracle.apps.xdo.servlet.scheduler.ProcessingException: java.sql.SQLException: Listener refused the connection with the following error: ORA-12519, TNS:no appr

VO Extension Error in modifying the query of XML Publisher Report Template

Hi Friends, I have one requirement related to calling XML Publisher Reports Template from OAF Page. When clicking on the submit button the XML Publisher template is calling and displaying the data. Our requirement is to display some more columns in t

Embedded BI publisher in 8.98 tools -  Not able to generate a BIP report

Hi gurus, I'm using JdE stand-alone with tools 8.98 I'm trying to use the embedded reporting solution of BI publisher on tools 8.98. I follow all the steps below, but when I submit I'm not getting any error, but I'm not getting any result. I'm not ab

Open BI Publisher Report After Submit

I have a page with 2 date fields, which are parameters for a report. I also have a button called RUN_REPORT. What I need to do is that the user puts the parameters in, then clicks RUN_REPORT. The page should submit (putting parameters into session st

XML Publisher Report Error

Hi All, I am trying to create an xml report from a standard oracle report. For that, I have copied the standard report's concurrent program and created a custom concurrent program by changing the output from 'Text' to 'XML'. When I run the custom rep

XML PUBLISHER report in Excel out put problem

Hi Experts, I have developed one XML report which output type is EXCEL in Oracle Application. I am getting some -ve value in the report so I need to do the trailing sign Menace for example I got a value -8645 I need to display the value like (8645).

XML Publisher Report Issues

Hi, We have customized a report (XML Publisher) in which our template is in XSL format.When using this stylesheet (.XSL) to print out PO's, there are some problems with the page layout, more specifically regarding the page breaks: 1) Extra empty page

XML publisher report not generating output for huge XML files

Changed Depreciation Projections Report output type to XML. Defined a Data Definition and a new Data Template (RTF) for this report. Ran the Depreciation Projection Report to generate the XML output. Ran the XML Report Publisher report to generate te

XML Publisher Report (where do we store Logos or Pics)

Hi there, Based up on the input parameter(lets say Org_id), i want to choose the company logo and print the report. My intention is that i want to print the same report with different logo and send it to different companies. How is it done in XML Pub

XML Publisher report giving XML tag output

Dear All, Please note that we need to convert the standard report 'Bill of Material Comparison Report' to XML Publisher report. But we were not able to get the desired PDF output instead it shows only XML output. This report is not a direct concurren

XML Publisher Report Bursting Program (XDOBURSTREP) is failing after ATG7

Hello After upgrading ATG RUP7, we have issue related to the XML Bursting Program. XML Publisher Report Bursting Program (XDOBURSTREP Short Name) is failing with error when there is no output is generated by the Oracle Report, this was working fine b

XML publisher report works fine in English environment but NOT in Dutch

We are using Oracle Reports to generate XML file which will be input for XML Publisher report . Our requirement is to generate report in Dutch (Netherlands) language. We developed a report which is working fine in English. Then we copied this RDF fil

XML Publisher Report Output from OAF Page

Hi, I created a button in a OAF page, and called the XML publisher Report program on click of this button. The concurrent request was ran when check from View Requests. When I click on viewout, the pdf document was open with the option, open, save, c