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Windows 8.1 Group Policy to Force Domain Logon as Default?

I recently purchased a new Windows 8.1 computer for use in our organization.  The default logon option for the device is for a Microsoft Account (the default username field prompt is for an e-mail address, rather than for a username.)  However, I wou

Business Management Error: You are attempting to create a user with a domain logon that does not exist. Select another domain logon and try again.

Hello, Suddenly the working CRM is being stopped for some group of users. I drilled down to the issue and have checked that the users from Domain in which CRM is installed are having CRM access. But for other domain user having problem to access CRM.

Leap and windows domain logon

I'm doing some test with an Air 1200 and some 352 Pc card for one of our customers. With ACU ver. 4.25.23, I enabled LEAP authentication using the windows user name and password. Leap authentication is successful, while windows domain logon not. Not

Slow window domain logon over ezvpn netw ext mode tunnel

I have 4 branch offices connected to a central EZVPN server in network extension mode. tunnels are working correctly but domain logon is extremely low (often more than 10 minutes). Do you think it could be a fragmentation issue? If it is, do you know

Configure Windows Domain Logon on Airport Express

The question is... How can I configure Windows Domain Logon data on an Airport Express so it connects automatically without asking each of my other devices for login credentials? I use my Airport Express at work connecting it through ethernet, and th

Domain Logon fails using wireless LAN

Hi Sir, I am setting up an ACS server to authenticate the wireless LAN users using PEAP MS-CHAPv2for one of my existing customer. They need to login to domain whenever they need to access to the network On the wireless client's end, the OS is Xp and

Kerberos - Multiple Domain logon using MS Acitve Directory (AS JAVA 7.0)

I tried to find document/steps to configure the UME LDAP data source in AS JAVA 7.0 to support multi-domains in a domain forest. Our multiple domains have bi-directionaly trust. Based on note 994791, the video/demo only shows you how to configure thi

10.4.11 = 10.5.6 migration: preserving samba domain

Hi, I'm trying to follow OSX server migration path from tiger to leopard as described in document "Upgrading and Migrating v10.5 2nd ed" and to preserve as much data as possible in OpenDirectory and Windows services (samba). OpenDirectory migrat

Why can the users in one child domain logon to computers in a different child domain in Server 2012 R2?

I have setup a test system. It has a domain with 2 child domains.  DomainA.xyz.com has users and workstations. DomainB.xyz.com is a resource domain and has servers.  wyx.com is for IT administration. Users in domainA can logon to the domainB computer

Inconsistent domain logon times

I have logon times that vary from 5 to 90 seconds for a domain login. If the user logs on for the first time it takes about 90 seconds; this appears fair due to the work that is do with preparing the desktop and copying profiles... etc. The next time

CiscoSecure Services Client and Domain Logon

I'm attempting to get CSSC to perform an authentication against our ACS database using Single Sign On. However, I need the username to be passed to ACS as DOMAIN\USERNAME whereas CSSC appears to pass just the USERNAME portion. ACU/ADU have the abilit

No domain logon?

After installing 9879 and joining the machine to a domain, I don't have any option to log on to the domain. I only get the option for logging on with a Live account. I've had the machine on the domain with a previous build and have been able to log o

WMS2011 Domain Logon / Network Issues

We have recently installed 3 MS6200 Series HP MultiPoint Servers for a school and we are having a sporadic problem with one or more of the servers losing connectivity with the domain, preventing users from loggin on to the clients (t150 zero clients)

Domain Logon and Networks

I am wondering if u would answer my question about Domains for the logon for windows 7. I would like to know the paied options for this .Hi KombatPvP, If you want to join the machine to a domain ,here is a link for reference : Connect your computer t

Domain Logon status - not authenticated

I am starting here. Win8.1 pro client. It is a domain client and fully goes through logon validation. Server 2012R2 AD On Domain client PC, active network panel responds as Private Network, FQDN mydomain.local (Unauthenticated) I can access all serve

How can you add a new connection to SAP GUI using a domain logon script?

We have two new SAP connections and over 1100 computers to add it to.  The computers are on a domain, and using logon scripts. Can someone help me create a script to add connections to the SAP Logon.Hello, please make the neccessary entries in your o

Win 8.1 domain logon issue

Hi, we're having an issue that is affecting logons in windows 8.1 only. It seems that after the user accounts password is changed in any way the user can no longer logon to any windows 8.1 machine with a pre-existing profile, logon halts at the welco

SQL Service with Domain Logon fails to Auto Start but starts Manually

I have set the SQL Service Logon to a Domain account. SQL Starts manually just fine, but it fails to start on reboot. I see these four errors in the Windows System Log: Event 1014 (Warning), DNS Client Events: Name resolution for the name .... timed

Join linux client to samba domain

I've followed instructions regarding integration with Active Directory on wiki and successfully joined to the domain. wbinfo gives the list of users and groups and everything works as expected. Users can login but nm-applet dont work. My log is: Feb

Transparent single sign on domain logon / wireless

Hello, I recently found out about the "single sign on" option in combination with "perform immediatly before user logon" which allows a user to enter wifi credentials and so be able to log on to a domain computer without cached credent