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Sample Word Document Download


Sample Functional document

Hi Guys, I have been working on the technical side of BWw mostly datamodeling, dataloading and reporting. I want to know how to prepare a functional document, which is moslty done by analysts or architects, involving requirements gathering, gap analy

I have Adobe Reader XI and I tried to open a document download and a box appeared stating it was a password protected document ant requested a password. Were and how do I one?

I have Adobe Reader XI and I tried to open a document download and a box appeared stating it was a password protected document ant requested a password. Were and how do I one?Hi noswam123, If a PDF file is password protected, the only way to open tha

Set default Documents & Downloads folder to external USB Drive?

I use both a MacPro and MBP and would like to have the system folders Documents & Downloads defaulted to my USB external drive. How do I go about changing the location? Thanks.Plug the drive in Copy your folder to the external drive Before you procee

Changing documents downloaded from CRM into ECC, in ECC

Hi Our requirement is to change documents downloaded from CRM into ECC, in ECC. I was refering to note 541113, but it is not of much use as we are using CRM 5.0. Also parameter that it says should be set I have set but ...obviously it didin't work. P

Sample Design Documents for Sales Planning

Hi Gurus, Any One having Sample Design Documents and High Level Design Documents. If you have please mail me [email protected] Thanks, BhimaBhima, Did you get a sample of the design docs. Pls send to me. MilindRead other 2 answers

Documents download from CRM systems

Hello friends, In our prj requirement, we have to download data from CRM systems. where even we have to download documents for each item level. we identified some tables which stores those attachments. but my doubt is how to put these attachments in

Gnome predefined places like Documents, Downloads, Videos, etc

Hi, In distributions like openSuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora there are some predefined places in you home forlder ( Documents, Download, Music, Videos ) with cool icons. How can I easily do that in Arch? I know that I can create those directories, drag them in

HT4059 I purchased a book, not a sample, and the download only gave me the first 60 pages. What's wrong? JohNny

I purchased a book, not a sample, and the download only gave me the first 60 pages? JohnnyIf I was you I would do a reset ie hold the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. If that didn't help I would then delete and

How do you Save a document downloaded to adobe reader in win 8?

How do you Save a document downloaded to adobe reader in win 8?We have just released Adobe Reader Touch version 1.2 that includes the Commenting and Save features. Please see the Announcement (the yellow strip) shown near the top of this forum. FAQ:

Documents, Downloads, Pictures, etc Folders Invisible for Mobile Accounts

For some reason, when any user navigates to their home directory, most of the subfolders (Applications, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Library, Movies, Music, Pictures, & Public) are invisible. It's not consistent which ones can be seen: one user can

Intercept Sharepoint Document Download Event

Hi all the good people here, I need to intercept the action of download/view for all the documnets in a Document Library. According to certain security policy, I need to modify the document headers so that, when it is downloaded, the dowcument is pro

ADF BC Sample Design Documents

Anyone out there using design documents for ADF BC, before starting the development? In the OTN there are lots of samples that start directly with the BC Wizard, but I have seen no recommendation of how to do a detailed design of the business logic l

IPhone SDK - Sample code to download a file in a thread

I am looking for a starting point to implement a download manager. My requirements are simple. I want to show a UIProgressView in a view controller and update it as i download file(s) from the internet. The view will have a cancel button, so the view

Documents downloaded cannot be opened by Microsoft Office 2013

Hi,  I've downloaded Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 recently. However, I cannot open downloaded files (be it excel, word, ppt etc) from the internet and a notification appears telling me to look for an app in the appstore. I am currently usin

BSP & DMS Document Download

Hi All, I'm developing a BSP which can download a folder with documents present in SAP's DMS, to c:\temp. At the moment I use the EasyDMS function "Z_EASYDMS_FOLDER_EXPORT". During development, it worked fine because I was going through the prog

Document download folder is appearing each time we print and would like to change that setting so it does not default to that.

We are running a software application and using Firefox as the default browser. For printing we have set the default to Adobe PDF due to some printing requirements for the documents we use. We print a lot of documents and each time we have to the Dow

DMS Display Original Document download in Temp

Hi, I have the requirement in SAP DMS (GUI), whenever i display the document from CV03N tcode, the original file is download in to my Temp folder in the background in EAI viewer as well as separate WSapplication options. Whether it is possible to con

Excel documents downloading as CSV

During the past week, I downloaded some files from websites using Firefox. (i.e., a list of bank account info & list of insurance claims) For some reason, they have started saving as csv documents instead of Excel. They open in Excel but when I try t

Can't see files in document / downloads folder on dmg disk image

So my last update OSX 10.6.8 crapped out and i couldnt boot the system anymore... So i decided to install a new system, before i did that i backed up my whole HDD with disk utility into a compressed DMG file. I went ahead and installed OSX 10.7 new m

Documents downloaded via Firefox won't print or appear in preview

Documents opened with Firefox won't print or even appear in preview. The document can be viewed but won't print. When trying to print (or see in preview) only a blank page appears. This happens even when the document is saved or made a PDF file. This