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samsung sch-i500 firmware download


Samsung SCH-LC11 4G MIFI mobile hotspot - First Impressions #2

Yesterday, I received two Samsung 4G MIFIs to add to our corporate plan.  These are also to serve as test units for evaluation for a possible upgrade of our 14 other 3G data lines (PCMCIA). Here are my first thoughts and impressions regarding this de

The service provided by the Samsung SCH-LC11 Mi-Fi device, and/or the 4G LTE service, is unusable.

I got the Samsung SCH-LC11 Mi-Fi device and 4G LTE service from Verizon about one week ago here in the Chicago area. (Note: the first thing I did was update to the latest firmware (EF07) per the Samsung website.) I am using it with my AT&T iPhone 4 w