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samsung sch-i500 firmware download


Samsung SCH-LC11 4G MIFI mobile hotspot - First Impressions #2

Yesterday, I received two Samsung 4G MIFIs to add to our corporate plan.  These are also to serve as test units for evaluation for a possible upgrade of our 14 other 3G data lines (PCMCIA). Here are my first thoughts and impressions regarding this de

The service provided by the Samsung SCH-LC11 Mi-Fi device, and/or the 4G LTE service, is unusable.

I got the Samsung SCH-LC11 Mi-Fi device and 4G LTE service from Verizon about one week ago here in the Chicago area. (Note: the first thing I did was update to the latest firmware (EF07) per the Samsung website.) I am using it with my AT&T iPhone 4 w

Samsung SCH-LC11 4G WIFI Standby

I know this is a result of the awful firmware with the device and want to see if anyone has figured out a fix. My Samsung SCH-LC11 unit locks up and Green Light under the WIFI button stays constantly lit. In the manual it says that it is in Standby m

Samsung SCH-LC11 getting very hot

My Samsung SCH-LC11 is getting extremely hot to the touch.  I'm also having the powering off issue.  I updated the firmware and turned power off when idle to never. I have to say that I'm disappointed with this device!!!Not showing this is a known is

Samsung SCH-LC11 constantly turns-off

Has anyone had any luck keeping this device on and running for more than a few minutes?  I have three people connected to the network and the device constantly shuts off.  This is extremely aggrevating having to reboot the device every few minutes. 

Samsung sch-u370 Backup Assistant help?

I am trying to do a backup using the backup assistant for basic phone. It shows up on my phone but when I press it nothing happens. It won't download or anything. I am trying to get some help to figure out how to backup my contacts, etc so I can acti

.rmt file missing from firmware download

The readme file included with the firmware download zip file states to look for a .rmt file. There are only .txt files and a .bin file in the zip file. Are the instruction wrong/obsolete or should there be a .rmt file in the .zip file or is the .bin

"Notepad" is Not Listed as a Choice for a ShortCut on Alias 2 (Samsung Sch u750)

Can't SetUp a ShortCut for "NotePad" on Alias 2 (Samsung  Sch u750). When I select "Settings & Tools" then  6.Phone Settings, 2.Set ShortCuts,  Then I discover that "NotePad" is not among the 44 menu choices - there's a g

Samsung SCH-u370 vs. Kin TWOm ; Which would be better for the texter?

So my plan is going to end in about two months so I decided to research some new feature phones online. Since I text often, I wanted a phone with a full keyboard, having a touch screen would be nice as well. The Samsung SCH-u370 isn't offered on at V

Very hard to implement a long process dll or applicatio​n in TestStand such as firmware download task.

Hi All In my daily projects there are many firmware download tasks on mass production for kinds of products sucha s phone, mp3, game box and so on. The common download is performed via USB or serial port. Firmware download is often a long process wha

Where is the firmware downloads for WRV54G

Where is the firmware downloads for WRV54G?  I am looking for 2.39.2.eHi Steven, You can download the latest firmware for your WRV54G at the following link: http://www.cisco.com/cisco/software/release.html?mdfid=282526489&softwareid=282487380&rele

My computer recognizes my player but the firmware download wont (micropho

its a zen microphoto and i erased the firmware accidentaly (Do'h) and now the firmware download says my player is not connected <SPAN class=time_text>p.s. zen microphoto media explorer wont recognize it ethier Message Edited by dkajake on 09-29-2006

Samsung SCH-LC11 4G Hotspot  4g LED not lit

Just got the Samsung SCH-LC11 4G Hotspot today. I live in an area where 4g is not available. The 3G LED is green and I have no issue accessing the internet but the 4G led is not lit at all. The manual gives no reason for the led to be dark. Any ideas

Here is the message my Iphone 4 is stating "Error no successful firmware download after 60000 ms!! Giving up..."Itunes will not even recognize it, any ideas?

Here is the message my IPhone 4 is stating, "Error no successful firmware download after 60000 ms!! Giving up..."ITunes will not even recognize it, any ideas?No, it has something to do with the firmware on the phone itself. The phone won't do an

Samsung SCH-LC11 edit settings file

Does anyone know how to edit the settings file on a Samsung SCH-LC11.  Specifically I want to allow it to still operate as a hotspot while charging.  I've seen a post on Cnet for a different Samsung hotspot for this.  When I export the settings file

P1006 "Firmware Download Error" for non-administrator accounts

Hello all, I have a problem with a HP LaserJet P1006 when printing from a user account that does not have administrator rights on a new Windows Vista 64-bit machine.  The error message reads: "Firmware Download Error.  The printer was unable to commu

Firmware download for Zen Micro is Fau

The firmware download found here: http://ie.europe.creative.com/support/downloads/download.asp?sOSName=Windows+XP&region=3&Product_N ame=Zen+Micro&Product_ID=0795&modelnumber=&driverl ang=033&OS=0&drivertype=0&x=26&y=9

Anyone successfully syncing a Samsung SCH A-870 via bluetooth?

I've managed to pair my Samsung SCH A-870 with my MacBook Pro via blue tooth with no problems. However, I cannot send any v-card info from the addressbook to the phone, and the Mac is not connected to the phone via the Bluetooth preference pane in th

Can't Get (But Still Charged) Mobile Web on Samsung sch-u410 prepaid

Hi, I have a prepaid samsung sch-u410 which I used to use to access the internet for an extra 99 cents a day. The last time I used it was the monday before Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey shore. That same day I was hit with about 15 "picture" mes

WRT160N v3 Incomplete Firmware Download Issue

Using a wired connection I ran the firmware upgrade process.  Downloaded firmware Ver.3.0.03 Build 3  07/12/2010 from cisco/linksys site.  Mid way through the download, the process halted and exited.  Only way to access the router was via the setup C