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samsung smart camera app download


FIOS Smart TV App no longer available on Samsung UN50ES6100 model TV. What happened?

I had to reinstall all my SAMSUNG Smart TV apps.  The Verizon FIOS TV app was one I had previously downloaded and was working.  It's no longer in the list of SAMSUNG Smart TV applicaitons.  Was it removed for any special reason?  Will it be returned?

How can I watch itunes purchases on my samsung smart tv?

I received a nice Samsung Smart TV as a Christmas gift and I have a couple unwatched movies I purchased on iTunes that I'd like to be able to watch on my TV as I do with the HBO Go, NetFlix, Amazon apps on my Samsung TV, etc. Is there an app I can do

I have an ipod nano, and an HP laptop. I've purchased music from the itunes store, as well as down loaded most of my cd's to the library. My question is: how do I get all this music into my Samsung smart phone?

I've spent the last 6 months purchasing from the istore and downloading CD's to my library, in preparation for a 6000km cruiser trip on my motorcycle this summer. Only to find out that I cannot download from itunes to my Samsung smart phone. Does any

Can I sync macbook to samsung smart tv

We recently purchased a samsung smart tv. I would like to sync it with my macbook is there an app to do this or do I need to get AppleTV ?I had your same problem, Install this software and then u will be able to stream movies on your TV http://eyecon

How can I stream web content wirelessly from iphone5 to Samsung smart TV?

I have an iPhone5 and a Samsung Smart TV with ALLSHARE PLAY, so here are the questions; 1. Does this allshare app exist in Apple store? 2. How can I connect iphone5 content to samsung smart tv wirelessly? 3. How can I connect web content from iphone5

Connecting Samsung Smart Tv to play Live TV on Mac

I have a new Un60HU8550 Samsung Smart Tv, it has the capability to broadcast live TV, or whatever is playing on the screen wirelessly within the network to samsung smartphones, windows phones and iPhones. Does anyone know if there is some work around