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samsung smart tv wont download apps


My iphone 4 wont download apps, says my storage is full, but when i delete photos/apps, its still says my storage is full. whenever i try to backup my phone, it doesnt work. anything i can do?

my iphone 4 wont download apps, says my storage is full, but when i delete photos/apps, its still says my storage is full. whenever i try to backup my phone, it doesnt work. anything i can do?Go to Settings - General - Usage and see which apps are ta

My imac wont download apps from the app store

my imac wont download apps from the app storeThere seems to be a common problem about some people not being able to download the Mavericks install from App Store but only if they have OS X 10.6.8 - seems to be a problem with the Apple servers. So you

TS1424 My iPod wont download apps it tells me "cannot connect to iTunes " what should I do?

my ipod wont let me download apps it tells me its bot connected to itunes what should i do?The Complete Guide to Using the iTunes Store http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/the-complete-guide-to-using-t he-itunes-store/ Can't connect to

TS1398 my phone when connected to wifi wont download apps and internet but will when using 3G

my iphone wont download my apps or internet when using wifi but will with 3GIf you do not use cellular data then you can't be charged for something you don't use. You could turn airplane mode on and then turn wifi back on when you have wifi available

HT1222 My i pad 1 wont download apps, reset it all as i brought of my niece so had to get rid of all her apps, photos etc. What do i need to do??

So i brought my nieces i pad 1 of her and reset it all as it still had her photos, apps etc on it. Went to download myself some apps and it wont download any of them. What do i need to do???did you log out from her appleID (don in settings ->Store) ?

Ipod 2g wont download apps

Well, ive been in a bit of a tough situation lately, i have an ipod touch, 2g, it will not download apps, latest firmware, everything, hard reset, same thing, restore to factory defaults, twice, same thing, now heres the strange part, on my OTHER 2g

Phone wont download apps

my iphone 4 will not download apps and has alot of memory on the phoneWhat is the error you are receiving when you try to download apps?Read other 2 answers

Lumia 520 wont download apps

Just got a Lumia 520 yesterday and have spent 24 hours unsuccessfully trying to download apps from the store, always gettingthe message that "can't connect to Store at the moment - check data connection or try later" Phone is connecting to inter

Phone wont download apps from bb apps store

Can anyone plz help my bb 8520 won't download apps from the bb apps store. I have the latest software and have cleared the cache but when I download apps all I get is this app is unavailable???? Plz help me anyone??How are you downloading the apps? I

FAPMAN wont download Apps

Hey guys, I recently had to remove CSSU as i had hildon modified desktop and it caused a few issues. I used xterm remove command and now when I use FAPMAN to download Apps the Log tells me "hmmm auto remove destroyed something which shouldnt really h

My ipod touch 5th generation wont download apps and let m e use them!!! Plz Help me fast!

I have an i pod touch 5 and I try to download a new app from the app store so i goto the app store and click download then click it again to install it and it installs but it dont leave an app icon on the home page so i go back to the app store and i

My Apple devices wont download apps anymore. Please help!

I have the iPod Touch 5th generation and iPad 2nd generation. Since about a week ago, I haven't been able to download any apps on either device. In the app store, I'll tap 'Install', it'll ask for my apple ID, the usual. It loads untill it say 'Open'

ITunes wont download apps

I updated my phone to ios8 last night and this morning when I try to download a app it acts like it's going to and then just goes back to the Get button. I tried restarting my phone and still nothing.As per the Apple iCloud status page, they are havi

Wont download apps

I just recently got a Telstra tempo and I set my default storage to SD card but when I go to download an app off google play it says not enough space on the device. But I still have 12GB of space left on my SD Card. Please help.I'd also add this, you

HT1689 error 8003, wont download apps

cant downlaod any apps. tried everything.lost for actions.please help.even on devices and gives message saying cant download until signed in to itunes on the computer.Have you tried to sign out and then sign back in? I know I had an issue, the only w

My 2nd gen. ipod touch wont download apps

Whenever I try to download a game on my ipod touch (its uploaded to the newest version) the icon pops up and the loading bar is on the icon but it never fills up and after a couple seconds it just disappears! I've already turned it off and back on to

Mac app store wont download apps

Please Help!! Running snow lepord (v. 10.6.8 on my imac) When I try to download anything from the app store it shows the icon in the dock but all it says is "waiting". Its driving me nuts! Anybody got any idea? Thanks StuartWhat exactly are you

Ipad 2, has internet but wont download apps

Just purchased an Ipad 2 16GB WI-Fi Safari and maps etc all work fine and at speed but i cannot downlaod any apps or media from itunes store or app store. I have done a soft reset, reset the router etc but am now lost Any advice anyone as this hasnt

Xfinity TV App on Samsung Smart TV

Did this ever happen?? https://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/xfinity-apps/xfinity-tv-samsung-smart-tv/ I just purchased a new Samsung Smart Tv and the app isn't in their app store as far as I can tell. Just curious if Comcast/xfinity had a fa

Apps wont download/software update

my iPod wont download apps because it says it update required but I go on my computer and it says that it currently has the newest software. How can I make is so I can dowload apps? It has iso 4.2.1 but it wont let me update it. I going on a trip and