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Difference between SAP CRM Security and SAP ECC 6.0 security

Hi I have extensively worked on SAP ECC security but haven't have chance to work on CRM Security. Can anyone please let me know the difference between CRM security compared to  ECC security. Thanks...I am sorry to say, but instead of giving the guy a

SAP XI Security Roles

Hi I am looking forward for the complete list of SAP XI standard roles and their details and description. Is there any document or link where I can get this information?Security Guide for XI does not contain this list. ThanksHi, The following is the

Sap CRM 2007 Security related issue

Hi All, I am working on SAP CRM 2007 security. I have scenario, which we are trying to fix. There are two users A and B. A is assigned to role X B is assigned to role y Business Partner 123 is created for user A Business Partner 456 is created for us

CTI - SAP CRM & SAP BCM: ANI does not work in SAP standard

Hello Experts, our customer wants to work with a CTI in SAP CRM WebUI Role (Non IC; CEBP). For the CTI the SAP CRM 7.0 (on HANA) and SAP BCM where itegrated. We are using the Slim Communication Toolbar as recommended by SAP. The Problem ist that the

Needed SAP CRM Data model with Object, Entity and Attribute level details

Hello all,              We are working on a huge IS-U / CRM implementation and we are still in the data gathering phase. The client has a whole load of legacy systems that will be replaced with IS-U and CRM. Right now we are in the process of develop

Need Security Roles Material

Hi Guys, Can anybody tell how to create & maintain security roles in SAP BW & security role administration in Business Objects 3.x. Some material with screen shots describing step by step process of creation & maitainence will be helpful. Than

Sync CRM Security with Sharepoint

I am a CRM Developer. We had a requirement to sync security roles of CRM with groups of sharepoint. For that I have create a mapping table where I have mapped CRM security roles with Sharepoint Groups. I am creating a plugin for CRM. We want when a u

CRM 2011: Can you control which form is used based not security roles, but on a field value?

I see that you can control which form is used based on security roles, but can you control it based on other field values?  I'd like a new record to use a different form until a given status is updated.  I have a status of draft and active. So it wou

Set default role for Account in SAP CRM 7.0

We are using SAP CRM 7.0 When an end user creates a new account there is a section called "Role" sub assignment block with entries like "Competitor", "Account", Contact Person, etc. I want by default when you create an accoun

BP Role in SAP CRM 7.0

Hi Gurus, As i am new to SAP CRM, not able to understand from where to start the config can anybody help in this regards. Which are the steps to follow for BP-LEAD-OPPORTUNITY-QUOTATION and also give your ideas regarding How to create BP Role in SAP

Advice needed: what does your company log for SAP security role changes?

My client has a situation where for many years, they never logged changes to SAP security roles.  By that I mean, they never logged even basic details, like who requested a change, tested it, approved it, and what changed!!  Sadly their ticketing sys

SAP CRM Service - Global role out

Hi Yaa, We have implemented SAP CRM Service currently and the client want me to assist in roll out of SAP CRM service into other country. Could some one tell me what are the neccessary steps that needs to be taken into consideration . What is the met

Roles in BP for SAP CRM 4.0 6.2.2.

I have imported the business package for SAP CRM 4.0 6.2.2 in the portal (EP 6.0 SP2). After the import of other business packages the roles provided with the BP could be connected to a group or user by user administration > roles. I cannot find the

Role of SAP CRM functional

I would like to know the role played by the SAP CRM functional. What is the scope of this role in future.Greetings, Firstly, fantastic work that you are carrying on in the forum. Secondly, I would appreciate if you could advise me my next step. I hav

SAP CRM Role assignment block - Customer cc

hi there, can anyone please tell me what the Customer CC refers to in the SAP CRM Role assignment block Thanks, Suehi ahmedi khan, the role key what you have created that will be assign to your business role. go to CRMC_UI_PROFILE or SPRO >> Custome

Secure hash function with salt to create a not spoofable PRC (SAP CRM)

Hello SAP Security Community, SAP CRM Marketing provides a functionality called Personalized Response Code (PRC, 10 characters). This code can be used in mail, fax, sms or letters to customers. When the customer returns the PRC to the communication i

HR tables in SAP CRM

Hi I wrote a programme for removing and adding roles on mass in ECC6, our security team would now like to have this programme avialble in SAP CRM, where I have come across a bit of a snag. The FM and everything are there ok, but I get an error on the

Issue with generating a security role in program CRMD_UI_ROLE_PREPARE

Hello -   We have recently upgrade from CRM 2007 from CRM 4.0. We are working with the Business Roles and generating the security role from the business role using CRMD_UI_ROLE_PREPARE. We first create a simple test Business Role, a Z* copying from T

Concept behind CRM Security

Hi,    I have read about variuos objects and roles to be made in CRM , but could anyone help me to understand the basic concept and difference between CRM security and SAP r/3 security. the technical details required for implementing CRM security. Re

SAP CRM - no confidence in UI by SAP?

After reading this blog and looking at the article attached to the blog.  I had an interesting question: Can Rich Internet Applications finally be accepted as a credible application development platform for SAP? Does SAP have any confidence in its ow